1. Lentilles plasmiques
    par #nanovision by Mark House

Seeing the infrared spectrum with this nanotechnology is one of our goals and may be possible with a very light and thin atom layer thick nano coat on glass. Vapor deposition in a controlled plastic container.
Here the experimental method:

  1. Take an old prescription pair of glasses and cover the entirety except the lenses with protective tape.
  2. Allow the vapors of your cold nano bath to vaporize the carbon atoms obtained from the plastic container on to the glass lenses.
  3. Allow only a transparent layer (atom thick or more) to form on the lenses.
  4. Remove with gloves cutting away the tape.Allow the lenses to dry.

This method while a bit on the low tech side of testing this out may provide us with a means to see other beings in our environment which go for now unseen.