Table of Contents


  1. Fabricate the central pin 9cm long, AWG14. Then make a double coil, AWG14 around a rod of 1/4” (7mm): 18 rounds cw and then 18 tours ccw. Both ends of the coil need to be looped unto themselves. Nano-coat them.
  2. Wet a paper towl with borax solution; this makes the paper inflammable. Once dry paint the paper with a GaNS mix: Brass, CuO, CO2, CH3, ZnO. Let dry. Roll nano-coated aluminium paper around it.
  3. Slide the double coil over the central pin with paper and aluminum.
  4. Slide all into a 1/2” (14mm) clear tube
  5. Use hot glue to keep the central pin away from the coil on both ends; seal both ends with hot glue as well.
  6. For a wall plug, the central pin is connected to the neutral (-) and the coil to the phase (+). For a car application, the central pin goes to (-) and the coil to the (+).


Here are the steps to assemble de capacitor into a cigarette lighter plug or a wall socket plug:

  1. Solder the (+, red) on the spring in the center of the plug; and the (-, black) on one of the side contacts
  2. Put the connectors back into the housing and close it
  3. Use hot glue to fix the capacitor firmly into the housing
  4. To connect the capacitor into a wall socket plug, screw the (+, red) to the phase terminal and the (-, red) to the neutral.