Plasma Science Dictionary

The Plasma Dictionary introduces the new terms of the Plasma Science and their meaning

Plasma101 – Basic Knowledge

Working your way through this series of articles you’ll get the basic knowledge needed to understand the current Knowledge Seeker Workshops (public and private). They enable you as well to experiment the basic technologies for yourself.

What is Plasma?

  1. About us
  2. Introduction
  3. The Starting Point
  4. What is Plasma?

  5. Atoms and Plasma
  6. Plasma – that’s us
  7. Understanding the conventional in a new way
  8. Plasma and the 3 states of matter
  9. Nano Technology and GaNS
  10. Plasma Fields
  11. Magnetic Rays
  12. Plasma and Matter 2
  13. Principal, Transition & Matter
  14. Plasma Play


  1. General Description
  2. Nano Coating, the process
  3. How to interact with plasma fields?
  4. Preparations for the Nano Coating Process
  5. Hot Caustic Nano Coating
  6. Nano Coating by Fire


  1. GaNS, general description
  2. Basic setup for GaNS production
  3. Production of the 4 basic GaNS
  4. Use of GaNS

Plasma Uses

  1. Plasma and Health




Plasma Science, basic course

for now this series is in french only

Exploring Plasma Science

for now this series is in french only

The Real Life

There is a life beyond the matrix, beyond hypnosis, beyond nightmare. The illuminated of all times tell us this: the recluse of Siberia Anastasia (documented by Vladimir Megré) + the nuclear engineer M.Keshe (documented in the Knowledge Seeker Workshops) + the Masters of the Far East (documented by Baird Spalding + also our own experiences;) + The Law of Attraction by Abraham Hicks. We found more than obvious parallels. So we had the idea to write a book that tries to synthesize us sources.

We hope you enjoy reading and that our contributions will help raise all souls!

List of chapters:

  1. Foreword
  2. Happiness & Peace
  3. The Universal Principle
  4. Living the Universal Principle
  5. The White Brotherhood