Different wire connections with Plasma tools

Whether the connections inside plasma tools, like the Magrav or the different cups, be nano coated or not depends on the purpose. Generally speaking with all wired connections we determine the plasma flow with our will. If we don’t make wired connections, the Plasma Unit will decide the plasma flow.

Then there are purely plasmatic connections and connections that still have a matter state component: when we use nano coated wires, the core of the wire is still in the matter state.

But when we cut the connection wires and twist them together, only the nano coated parts meet and therefore the connection is purely plasmatic. We have taken the matter state current out of the equation.

This applies also to the fabrication of the Magrav stacks. The best way to ensure purely plasmatic connection is achieved when we nano coat the wires before we twist them into coils and then nano coat them again after this process.

When the connections and parts are purely plasmatic, we work on the super conductor level and not on the level of electron vibration.