Ocean GaNS for cars

  1. Do the GaNS-eau-de-mer as follows:
    1. 1gal seawater or 3.5% natural sea salt solution (132g for 1 gal distilled water)
    2. add 4 teaspoons of NaOH/KOH to the solution (pH must be higher than 10)
    3. let settle for 24 hours
    4. you can put the sea gans into a CO2 kit – connect to 1.5VDC/7.5mA and leave for 48hrs
  2. Decant the too much water to retain only the GaNS with a double amount of water. Do not wash the GaNS
  3. Fill a clear tube 6mm Ø (1/4”ID) about 1.10m long with the PL+GaNS you have just made (=100%)
  4. Fill the other clear tube (3mm) (1/8”ID) 1m long with the same PL diluted at 5%)
  5. Close both tube openings; secure the cap with a cable tie