Magrav-plasma libre 12-2o16

My Magrav economizes 99.99% electricity!

By Plasma Libre, 19.décembre 2016

He is connected since mid-october (2 months)

Construction stack by stack:

Generally all copper elements are cleaned by the torch and 3x nanocaoted with caustic solution. The supporting structure is also nano-coated.

  1. 5x simple capacitors, in parrallel mounted on a plastic box; they contain the same GaNS mix as the coils (CuO, AlO, ZnO, Brass, Au, CO2, CH3)

  2. 4x csimple capacitors in parrallel, connected to the exit of the magrav coils
  3. 3x split capacitors with GaNS-CuO on the paper inside and the same GaNS mix as the coils on the nanocoated aluminum foil (2 windings)
    The connections of the split capacitors
  1. Capacitor1 (left): feedback coil connected to is own entry; giving coil connected to the entry of the first magrav
  2. Capacitor2 : feedback coil to the entry of the first magrav; giving coil to the entry of the second magrav
  3. Capacitor3: feedback coil to the entry of the second magrav; giving coil to the entry of the third magrav

The Magravs

4. Magrav1 with a GaNS-Sun in the center (25% GaNS-CuO and 75% PL); same GaNS on the coils

5. Magrav2 with GaNS-Sun (25% GaNS-CO2 and 75% PL); same GaNS on the coils

6.Magrav3 with GaNS-Sun (25% GaNS-CH3 and 75% PL); same GaNS on the coils

Die idea was to create the constellation of the GaNSes in a way so the plasmic Energy rises from the bottom to the top (from the CUO to the CH3).

The charges

They are connected to the exit of the Magrav. It is preferable to take the switch out of the power bar, because it has a tendency to prevent the nano-coating downstream; and it contains oftentimes a fuse which may be too low for us 😉
On this power bar are plugged non-inductive resistances with a combined value of 124W (ventilators and LEDs); he added a heating ventilator adding another 1000W (first speed), giving a total of 1124W.

He installed a watt-meter at the entrance of the magrav which showed a use of 12W which signifies an economy of 99.99%! Still more surprising, the readings of the amperage show 0 as do the readings of the tension! According to Ohm’s Law we should have a reading of 0.054A with 220V…

Capacitors added:

On another wall outlet in the same room he plugged an array of 4 simple capacitors in parallel between the phase and the neutral. He confirmes that the economies really happened after the installation of this capacitor bank.

LP-Magrav added:

The ring of exterior bottles contain the 3 standard GaNSes: CuO-CO2-CH3with a little bit of alcalinity; the center bottle has LP-Pb with a little acidity.

He installed another LP-Magrav not far from the first one; but inversing the pH values: alcalinity in the periphery bottles and acidity in the center bottle – again to create a plasma gradient.


What may happen next

He expects to disconnect the magrav from the wall outlet in the near future; leaving only the ground connection.

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