Magnetic and gravitational GaNS

There are two categories of GaNS: The gravitational GaNS and the magnetic GaNS. The gravitational GaNS are connected to the physical realm and mainly used for medical and food applications. The most common of these are GaNS-CO2, -CuO and ZnO. The magnetic GaNS is used for energy and motion mostly in the form of H, H2 and H3. We could say that the basic GaNS are to be used for all applications inside the atmosphere of this planet, while the magnetic GaNS are to be used for the space technology. The simple reason for this is that in space hydrogen, deuterium and tritium are ubiquitous while the elements of copper, carbon, oxygen and zinc are confined to planet Earth.

That’s why for energy applications we better use the H, H2, H3 GaNS to cover the Magrav coils for example.

The energy release from the H-group can also lead to the creation of the gravitational GaNS or of matter. That is actually the way the elements are created anywhere in the Universe: cosmic, plasmatic energies (the H-group) are constantly coming in; when they meet with the inertia field of Cu, then material copper is created, when they meet with the inertia field of Au, Gold is created.

Natural dynamic field flow in GaNS

By Joël Ricard, article in the Plasma Times february 2019

Test set-up

  • To test the field interactions of 5 basic PL+GaNS ( CO2, CH3, ZnO, CuO and H2 GaNS), Joël filled acrylic spheres, 30mmØ, each one with one GaNS. The spheres were electrostatically discharged before the test

  • Two control spheres were filled with demineralized water without any GaNS

  • There were placed, two by two in a large glass container standing on a 10mm line grid; the container was big enough to eliminate the attraction of the floating spheres by too near edges

  • A digital camera took photos at 30s intervals to measure trajectory and time

To correlate the test, he has chosen the atomic weight, which correlates to the plasmatic force and the electro-negativity, which correlates to the force of an atom to attract electrons. Copper for example has the atomic mass is 64 and the electro-negativity is 1.9.



Atomic mass




2 (2)




15 (12+3)




44 (12+32)




80 (64+16)




81 (65+16)


We will therefore work for each test with two GaNS, regardless of their gravitational or magnetic origin, trying to simply associate those with a large difference in their atomic mass, and/or a large difference in their electro-negativity levels.

  • Two magnetic / gravitational pairs (CH3 / ZnO and CuO / CO2) are the most efficient in bringing the spheres into contact with each other (20 minutes maximum). Each GaNS of these pairs has a large difference in atomic mass and electro-negativity level in respect to each other.

  • The other “mixed couples” magnetic/gravitational are not so effective in bringing the spheres into contact with each other – their two criteria have small deviations (the smallest being the couple CuO / ZnO with atomic masses difference = 1,83 ; electro-negativity difference = 0,3)

  • Gravitational/gravitational couples do not work.

  • All magnetic/magnetic couples work, they allow the spheres to touch, in less than 30 minutes. It should be noted that their parameters have significant differences in values.

  • On the other hand, the results show that if we had to work solely with the criterion of the difference between atomic masses, it would not have been possible to discern which couples are suitable for the function and which ones are not. Indeed, to reveal the existence of a “natural dynamic flow”, the criterion of electro-negativity is essential, as the presented results support this conclusion.

  • To conclude on this first part, we only consider the GaNS couples that allow the spheres to come into contact in less than 30 minutes. These couples are: CH3/H2, CuO/H2, CH3/CuO, CuO/CO2 and ZnO/CH3.

  • Here is the table documenting the pathways of different GaNS pairs:

Final conclusions

This study shows that:

  1. A natural dynamic flow exists between several suitably selected GaNS

  2. The electro-negativity criterion is essential to determine which GaNS has the force to attract

  3. Gravitational/gravitational GaNS couples do not attract quickly, they are not efficient in this function

  4. Magnetic/magnetic GaNS couples attract quickly

  5. Mixed GaNS couples operate under certain conditions (if there are large differences in atomic mass as well as in their electro-negativity level).

  6. This study contributes to the understanding of phenomena that are very well explained in the Foundation’s courses, through a visual and globally quantifiable approach. Beyond these observations, it seems interesting to me to transpose these results into health device technology, MaGrav technology and disc technology.

GaNS and Magnets

By Alyce Plasma Lab

By putting GANS material in the centre of ring magnet, you can amplify the magrav field of GANS, it’s simple and effective. I wondering why nobody tried this yet. You can even combine this with your health cup to pin point the way of energy transfer, to relief, strengthen or weaken specified part of the body.


By Marc (Golden Age of GaNS)

d-Limonene + GaNS = plastic

  • You can buy from MG Chemicals D-Limonene Industrial Strength, 945ml, Clear at
  • mix your dried GaNS into it
  • pour everyting into a form and let it dry

We still have to find out the optimal proportions of the GaNS:d-Limonene mix in respect to the speed of drying.

What GaNS really is

When we produce GaNS-CO2 for example, we think wed’ll only the elements of carbon (C) and oxygen (O) in the GaNS at the end of the process. But when we analyse the product by spectroscopy*, we will suddenly detect the presence of many elements : Fe, Cu, C isotopes, amino acids…
*Spectroscopy, primarily in the electromagnetic spectrum, is a fundamental exploratory tool in the fields of physics, chemistry, and astronomy, allowing the composition and structure of matter to be investigated at molecular scale, macro scale, and over astronomical distances. Important applications arise from biomedical spectroscopy in the areas of tissue analysis and medical imaging.

On the graph we see a curve with a multitude of peaks. The x and y value of every peak confirms the presence of a specific element. So if we know the magnetic and gravitational field strength of any element that shows up on the graph, we should be able to replicate it within the field ranges of GaNS-CO2 by tweaking a certain field strength that corresponds to element we want.

In the same way we can create the conditions for muscle tissue (to repair a heart valve) or nerve tissue (to repair paralysis). And as there really are no limits, we can also create portals which match the condition in which other beings of the Universe are living, thus attract them. And we can alter the structure/appearance of our own body to match theirs, so we can get to know them and communicate with them. The same portals can be used to get us to any place or people we wish to reach. These portals make spaceships already obsolete…

It appears that other species of the Universe are already using the portal technique since a long time… so we don’t have to reinvent the wheel, we can learn from the ones who are already using it.

What does that all this mean?

By wanting to create one new matter (GaNS-CO2) we have actually created a multiple-matter. So we can use this new mulitiple matter to create any material that has it’s field strength contained in it. If we imagine the GaNS-CO2 as a multi-potential material, we can materialize any matter out of it according to what we need.

It is possible to use magnets to create a dynamic system that is able to influence or determine the force, structure or rotation of other fields. For example say we need oxygen insde the spaceship; how can we create this element out of the spectrum of our GaNS-CO2?

The production of GaNS proved already that we can create a magnet for anything : in the CO2 production, the field created by the Zn plate and the Cu-np plate (65-59=6) created the field force of C (6); that field force works like a magnet for C.

This is were the space technology stops being matter dependent and becomes field dependent. This demands an new definition of what matter is. Therefore we can better understand the creation of the universe on the field level. Leaving the material plane and understanding everything on the plasmatic field level seems to be the entrance ticket into the Universal Community 🙂

If we look into the functioning of our body, we see that it uses this knowledge since ever. For example there may be a lot of potassium (K, 39) available in our food, but our body is in need of zinc (Zn, 65) for the nervous system, so it creates a more magnetic environment to charge the K up to the Zn, which it needs. With the new field technology we can not only feed ourselves but also repair all deficiencies etc in the medical domaine; we can add Fe for iron deficiency for example or take away the excessive cholesterol. So our body really is a huge storehouse of all the information that we can use in order to understand and work with the new plasma field technology!

Transmutation of GaNS

A proposal made by Jalal :

    • take a small amount of LP+GaNS-CO2 inside a container and put it between your hands.
    • Use your hand and/or your mind to change it into another GaNS, one which has a different color; for example GaNS-H2 (black) or GaNS-H3 (orange) or GaNS-CuO (blue-green).
  • This experiment is base on the knowledge that our body is a much much more powerful reactor than the two metal plates with which we do make GaNS in the normal way.

Amplified GaNS

By KF Arizona

If you heat CH3 GaNS it becomes magnetized; when you expose a magnet to regular CH3 there is no such a reaction. When you then put a magnet under the heat treated GaNS-CH3, the centre shows a light field; this field is surrounded by magnetized CH3 particles. This happens because by heating the GaNS becomes stronger, emits stronger magnetic rays that interact with the inertia of the magnet to create light and heat.

The same should happen if we transfer the information of our soul into the water using the Transplasma Cup. Then we make a GaNS-oursoul of it and put it in front of our soul… then the same light should appear as an aura. If you use different salts to create the GaNS-oursoul, you will see the soul in different dimensions.

By putting the CH3 through fire, the CH3 particles have been reduced to CH3 nano-particles in a matter condition. At KF Arizona, they did the same with H, H2, H3 GaNS. Subsequently these particles are mixed with regular GaNS particles and put through the blender to multiply the field strengths.

So you can create a plasma strength differential when you put the amplified GaNS opposite the regular GaNS.