Feeding on plasma is easy for the body – and very difficult for the mind.

You can find the article on the introduction to GaNS-food here.

Exercise to recycle energy in case of hunger or fatigue:

  1. Hold your hands in front of you; palms face each other, fingertips touch slightly.
  2. Keep your hands away and close together without your fingers touching each other.
  3. Over time you will feel a ball of warm energy forming in your hands.
  4. Inhale this ball; you recycle your energy.

The quality of your food

If you want to eat material food or if you want to make GaNS food, it is important that your food is of good quality. But there are people who do not have access to organic food; for those we have developed the Plasma Pristin Food System following the teachings of Mr. Keshe.

We have learned that we can suppress the effects of genetic modifications in a seed by allowing the seed to soak in a bowl of PL-CO2 floating inside another container with PL-CuO. Genetic modifications are like layers superimposed on the original seed; thus the treatment removes layer after layer until the original seed is reached. On this basis, we used the same configuration to find out if we could “remodify” non-organic food products to obtain high vitality products. We have named our version: Plasma Pristin Foods.

The installation:

  • the outer bowl contains Plasma-CuO
  • the inner bowl contains liquid Plasma-CO2; this bowl floats in the liquid of the outer bowl
  • the food is placed in the inner bowl

The results:

The different elements in their different states have been verified by a Lecher antenna; the measurements are in Angstrom (Å).

  • Organic egg from an organic grocery store = 6,000 Å
  • Non-organic egg from a supermarket = 3 000 Å
  • Non-organic egg treated with PLasma Pristin Foods vitalising agent for 12 hours = 7,500 Å
  • Organic tomato from our own garden on its plant = 12 000 Å
  • Organic tomato from our own garden just after harvest = 10,000 Å (which means that the disconnection of the fruit from the plant already represents a loss of vitality of 17%).
  • Organic tomato from our own garden (about 1 week after harvest) = 6 000 Å
  • Non-organic tomato from the supermarket = 1,500 Å
  • Non-organic tomatoes stored for 2 days next to organic tomatoes from our garden = 8,500 Å; without thinking about it we placed the non-organic tomatoes with the organic tomatoes that we pick in our garden every day.
  • Non-organic tomato treated with vitalising agent (15min) = 30 000 Å
  • The Plasma PristinFood itself = 55 000 Å

The conclusions:

Plasma PristinFoods even brings non-organic foods to a higher energy level than organic foods (which are harvested from a distance and within a certain time period with a long transport path). Storage time (and of course shipping time) always plays an important role – harvested food is disconnected from its source and slowly and constantly loses its vitality.

You can order a PristinFood Plasma Kit here.

Methods – Base GaNS

Cup of Life that nourishes

Add GaNS-CH3 and GaNS-COHN to a Life Cup. You can achieve the same result with the antenna – add the same GaNS on the tips and put it in a glass of water and it can feed you.

Basic GaNS for drinking

Prepare a mixture of the following GaNS: 1ml PL-CO2 + 10ml PL-CH3 + 0.5ml PL-ZnO + 0.5ml PL-CuO + 1 drop of PL-amino acids. Drink some mixture whenever you feel like it.

CH3 gives you energy, ZnO gives you the connection with the nervous system and CO2 gives you the connection between the muscles and the nervous system. In addition, H in CH3 and O in CO2 create moisture, which the body needs. And the excess energy of H becomes food. Always add a drop of amino acids, so that the absorption will be immediate.


By Carolina Keshe

Feeding yourself without eating material food is sometimes psychologically difficult – you can’t resist. The GaNS ZnO-based food can help in this case.

You can nourish man’s physical body with soul and emotion; that is when man does not need physical food. This is the secret between those who pass to the stage of not eating physical food and those who have tried it and say that sometimes they can do without it and sometimes not. If you use liquid plasma to nourish man’s emotion and soul, then the physical no longer needs food.

Here is the process:

make a GaNS-ZnO with a nano plated copper plating / coil and a simple zinc plate
make another GaNS-ZnO with one electrode using the unplated battery shell and the other electrode made of the nanoplated battery shell. The battery casings are made of Zn.

Then you can use this PL instead of the power supply. You make two patches with each a version of GaNS-ZnO and the interaction of the two will feed you with emotions.

Methods – GaNS from food


by Jackie Benzuos

Our body needs these essential elements:

  • 8 essential amino acids
  • Omega, 3, 6, 12
  • Sugar
  • Fiber
  • Vitamin A, B1,B2, B3, B5, B6, B8, B9, B12, C, D, E, K
  • K, Ca, Mg, Fe, Zn, Se, P, Na, Cr, Cu, Mn, I, Si
  • PlasmaLiquids: 3p CH3 + 1p ZnO + 1p CO2 + 1drop COHN

The foods that contain these substances are: Moringa, Spirulina, Nettle, Rosehip, Kombu (kelp: saccharina japonica), Hemp, Lentils, Lemon, Pepper, Sugar, Olive oil, Coconut oil

Simply mix these substances with Eau-de-GaNS-CO2+CH3+CuO mixed in a blender. Then sediment is allowed to settle (foam at the top and sediment at the bottom); and the liquid part is transferred to a spray bottle. Then the coils of the portable health unit (USP) are sprayed.

After the coils and capacitors will take and amplify the energy of the GaNS and project it into the body through the hand that is placed between the two coils. We immediately feel the energy that revitalizes the body for a very long time (could not sleep until 4am in the morning;).

You can also use the GaNS-food to put it in reactors – and you feed yourself in 2 seconds.

Food-GaNS-copy of our digestion

  1. Mix small amounts of what you like to eat in a mason jar
  2. Add 2 tbsp sugar
  3. Add 100 ml HCL (hydrochloric acid = major component of our gastric acid) and mix it all together with a mixer (magic stick). When everything is crushed, wash the disposer immediately.
  4. Fill the masson jar with Eau-de-GaNS-CO2; then cover it with a saran-wrap and a lid and keep it for 2 hours at a temperature of 37ºC (human body temperature).
  5. When the solution has turned brown/black, decant the water and transfer your massage pot to a bowl with cold water (reverse water bath)
  6. Gradually add 50-100g NaOH and a pinch of salt
  7. Close the lid and shake; let stand on a stove for 2-3 hrs.
  8. Filter the solution through a fine plastic filter.
  9. Wash the liquid with GaNS-CO2 Water 3 to 6 times.

GaNS-shaped foods have much more energy than material foods; the body must adapt to this new energy level. The mind could learn that it can just take energy and less matter… over time the body may learn to feed itself in a plasma way. For the body it is not difficult to feed on plasma alone; it is the mind that must be satisfied.

Food-GaNS-baking soda

By Arvis Liepa – his website

The methods of preparing GaNS-food with NaOH+enema with PL-CO2 contains a lot of NaOH that is difficult to wash; the other method made with NaOH+HCl, washed with PL-CO2 the GaNS was too carbonized… so we developed the method that uses NaOH + HCl + NaHCO3 (sodium bicarbonate)

Procedure :

  1. Cut 2 fruits with the skin and seeds into small cubes; place them in a mason’s pot and crush them with a blender (magic stick).
  2. Add ≤100ml HCl (23%) and mix well; the pH would be 0
  3. Place the mason’s pot in a water bath (also made with PL-ZnO) at a temperature of 37-38ºC for 1 hour; mix as often as possible
  4. The pH changes as the mixture becomes more liquid. Remove the mason’s pot from the water bath. Then add NaHCO3 gradually (1/4 tbsp each time). Once the pH is around 7.5 there is not much reaction left.
  5. put the pot back in the water bath
  6. Prepare a NaOH solution by adding crystals in distilled water gradually; when the solution is no longer very hot, proceed to the next step.
  7. Place the mason’s pot in a mayor’s bath with cold water and gradually add the NaOH solution (150-200 ml). Be careful that the temperature does not rise above 40ºC!
    The pH changes as the mixture becomes more liquid.
  8. Remove the mason’s pot from the water bath. Then add NaHCO3 gradually (1/4 tbsp each time). Once the pH is around 7.5 there is not much reaction left. Put the pot back in the water bath.
  9. Allow the solution to settle for 30 minutes; separate layers will appear.
  10. add a lot of PL-ZnO to the solution and divide into different other pots. add PL-ZnO to each pot. Allow to settle and pass the contents of each jar through a strainer. Repeat by adding PL-ZnO, sediment and filter.
  11. Collect the floating layer = amino acids (Omega3 in the case of GaNs-avocado).
  12. Do several more wash cycles with the PL-ZnO; each wash increases the connections between the nano-particles. Follow your intentions for the number of wash cycles.
  13. The final solution should have a pH=8; keep it in a cool, dark place (occasionally GaNS may be exposed to the sun to charge them)


by Alekz Ekbaran

I have observed that many people still have trouble doing GaNS-food. So here’s my version:

  1. Crush the food you want to integrate (one at a time)
  2. Put the dough in a bottle, add the same amount of NaOH and hot water (not required to be boiling). Let it work for 24 hours
  3. Separate the water and add the paste to your installation to make GaNS-CO2 (3.5% salt) for 24 hours to form GaNS.
  4. Transfer the solution again into a plastic bottle, add a small amount of two alternative salts (empsom-Mg, or sodium-free salt), stir the bottle and allow to settle for 24 hours.
  5. Wash the solution to remove the salt
  6. Replace the solution in the reactor to make GaNS-CO2 until amino acids are formed.

Note: To make a GaNS of medications/supplements, Alekz uses as many variations of edible salts as possible.


Suggested by Armen

  1. Take a small amount of your favourite foods and break them down into small particles.
  2. Place each of them in a small separate plastic container. Add caustic soda to each container with hot water; close the lid. Let stand a few days.
  3. Collect the nanoparticles at the bottom of the containers. In this process, you have created the nano material for fruits, vegetables and meats. Add them each in their own CO2 box to convert them from nano to GaNS.
  4. After a few days, collect the GaNS-CO2 from the bottom of the CO2 box and wash it several times.

As I said, this process mimics what is happening in your stomach. The food is reduced to small particles in the mouth, then in the stomach, the energy (plasma) is separated from the material. In your intestines, you only absorb the plasma fields in the lymph. Plasma fields are converted back into GaNS by bone, bone marrow and blood. Our body is a perfect plasma field conversion machine!

Food-GaNS -Filtered

by Arvis Liepa – his website

The aim is to preserve as much as possible the emotional, energetic and physical properties of foods (in their raw state). Sedimentation in other techniques described above may have the disadvantage that the magnetic charge of the particles is low and the qualities by consequence are less accessible. Filtration removes fibres as well as large particles (clusters, clusters) and increases the percentage of real nano particles.


  1. finely grind 50g of fresh raw material
  2. make a low solution 23-37% HCL: 1-5ml HCL + 100ml distilled water. If your plants are already acidic, use a lower concentration; if your material is hard, use a higher concentration.
  3. mix the HCL solution with the material and let it work for 30 minutes.
  4. Process to mix well and reduce particles as much as possible (magic stick); the pH should be between 2-3.
  5. Place in the sun or water bath ≤40°C for 2-3 hours; mix occasionally.
  6. Prepare a solution of sodium bicarbonate (NaHCO3): dissolve 2c to c NaHCO3 in 100ml of distilled water.
  7. Neutralize the HCL with sodium bicarbonate to a pH between 7-7.5; incorporate slowly while mixing the liquid. The neutralization process is completed when there is no further reaction by adding bicarbonate.
  1. arvisfood5

If your solution still contains a lot of fibres (image bottom part), add NaOH (2c to c NaOH in 100ml of distilled water) to dissolve them. Leave to work for 2-3 hours, mix occasionally. Reduce the pH to 7.5 by adding citric acid (1/2 tbsp citric acid in 100ml distilled water).


  1. Use a graphite stick and a plate of Zn, Mg or Fe.
  2. Connect the (+) to the Zn and the (-) to the graphite.
  3. Add 20ml of vegetable glycol or sugar; this forms an envelope around the particles and thus prevents the formation of clusters. Apply a current of 500mA for 30-60min. Add an air diffuser.


  1. Pass the whole thing through a kitchen sieve several times to remove as many solid particles (material) as possible. You can add the solids to the compost or make small balls of them to use them as fertilizer.
  2. Pass through a reusable coffee filter at least twice.
  3. Go through a tea filler at least twice. After this last step the liquid must be clear without solids and without opacities


  • use PL-CO2+CuO (a few drops) or citric acid, lemon juice or vinegar; the final pH should be around 4.5-5.2.
  • keep in a closed container in a dark and cool place.


  • Patch with the PL of different concentration and wear them in a belt. For the belt, it is also possible to fill a pipe attached to the belt which is divided into two halves to have two different concentrations.
  • One patch with PL-GaNS-food in front of the stomach and another with PL-CO2 in the back
  • Then we can make patches with the PL of this GaNS. Place the patch can be placed around a glass of water to transfer energy from the food to the water.
  • This same patch can be put on the stomach or inside a pocket so that our body can draw energy at any time.
  • Add 1-2 ml of PL-food to a glass of water; let it work for 30 minutes and drink regularly.
  • The same 4 reactors with different concentrations of the same GaNS-food: 1p, 2p, 4p, 8p; the reactors do not need to be in motion – it is the GaNS differentials that rotate the fields. Maybe in vials around a belt?
  • These GaNS can be added to cosmetic products such as toothpaste, pomades and bath preparations. Can also be added in electric cigarettes!

Methods-free Plasma

TransPlasma Cup Feeding Station

By Carolina de Roose

Making a plasma feeding system is simple:

1. You take a TransPlasmaCup, a container and place the 4 basic GaNS with the 4 amino acids around the container.
2. In and on the container, you can place an apple or any other fruit, vegetable, supplement…..
3. Then you put water bottles around the container. Apple and other fruit fields are transferred into the bottles
4. Even just stay around the feeding station, you receive the fields of what you have placed inside the 4 GaNS.

Food from all over the Universe

By Carolina Keshe on courier

  1. Prepare 3x bottles, one with PL-CH3, another with PL-CO2 and the third with PL-ZnO; there is a little GaNS in each bottle.
  2. Shake the bottle and place a few drops on the palms of your hands. Let it dry; don’t go too fast, take your time… just a few drops. Put your hands together and let the GaNS dry.

You may already be feeling something. No need to ask for anything in particular; get closer to yourself. Then, when your hands are dry, go out and open your hands to the Universe. Just want to receive everything you need to balance yourself. This is your feeding station. From now on, you can feed this way.

Try it and enjoy it!

Food by the Soul

In a way, these billions of stars or suns from multiple Universes are feeding stations for Universal beings. We need to know how to connect to it so that these stars can feed us as well. They will feed us in the plasma state. To access it, we must interact with a star; the interaction of giving and receiving:

I love you. I love you.
I’ll give you what I don’t need right now.
I’m going to get from you what I need

In fact, every star has a soul like us. Thus, food will be provided at the level of communion, whose door is love.

Then, as a next step, we can become a sun that takes what others don’t need and gives them what they need… we become like universal bankers.

By remembering that when we dream we are already at this level… and by also remembering that drinking a glass of water requires little action on our part, that of desiring to drink… perhaps Soul Feeding is already happening, without us knowing it.