How we feed ourselves

In the context of the quality – or rather the absence of it – in our food, do we look at individual ways how staple food is produced? Or do we look at agriculture in general? Or do we look at how we nourish ourselves?

Agriculture is our culture of growing what we need to build our physical body and to maintain it in a healthy state. Nature produces our food as plants or meat; as animals feed off plants, we only have to look at how plants grow and how we extract the energy to use it in our body:

  1. Plants convert the energy of the sun into protein
    There is a special protein called Adenosin-x-phosphate which does this job: solar energy is stored by changing ADP to ATP (Adenosin 2 Phosphate into Adenosin 3 Phosphate).
  2. Proteins stock solar energy in their biomass
  3. When we eat plants or meat we change the food into nano-particles in our mouth
  4. Then with the help of gastric acids we separate the food into it’s matter- and energy-component, plasma fields.
  5. The material parts are composted and leave the body as feces. The plasma fields go through the walls of the intestines into the lymph and then to the regions of the body where they are needed.
  6. At the point of inception the plasma fields are retransformed into the material particles that are needed.

With our digestion we are reversing the accumulation process of the plants to make the same solar energy or plasma fields available for the body; we basically feed on solar energy.

Naturally the question arises: do we need to go through this complicated ordeal or can we just make a shortcut and feed ourself by energy directly?


You will find the description of digestion by following this link.

How to eat well

anastasiaYes, it is very good to eat organic and even better to eat organic-local… but “eating” is not limited to the choice of foods, it also involves the way we eat. In our culture of (over)consumption we do not wait to be hungry, we eat because it is 9 a.m., noon or 6 p.m. for supper… Often, we do not stop eating as soon as the point of satiety is reached – we follow our greed… In fact it is rather the mind that eats and not the body!

Anastasia, a wise woman from Russia who lives on the tundra – her teachings fill 9 volumes – has addressed the theme of nutrition; she has developed a way to help us let the body eat, not ‘the eyes’. Here is a brief description of what she proposes:

  1. As a preparation, fast for a day, drink only enough water. For dinner, have a glass of beet juice to cleanse your digestive system.
  2. Every morning, place 100 to 200g of vegetables and fruit in a dish, on the table or on your counter. Preferably choose products from your own garden; second choice: organic products from your region; third choice: organic products from elsewhere. Put honey, pollen, cedar oil (Anastasia) and good spring water in it too. If you have only ‘industrial food’, you can use the Food Naturalizer to clean and energize it.
  3. fruit&vg
  4. Wait until you’re hungry. Approach the table where the dish is located and choose ONE fruit or vegetable and place it on a small plate. Look at it, feel it, contemplate it. After a while, eat it quietly.
  5. When you are hungry again, come back to the table and choose another fruit or vegetable. Follow the same ritual. At the end of the day you will have tasted all kinds of food from the dish.
  6. Things you didn’t want to eat, don’t place them the next day; wait a few days before putting it back on to see if your taste or the need for your body has changed.

Your body will be very happy to eat like this; but your mind probably needs time to get used to the change… keep going, it’s worth it!

GaNS-food – the emotions around

Food is a highly personal subject; a certain method of producing GaNS-food may work well for one person, but not for another. What’s more, our digestive problems start with emotions – so you have to investigate the emotional environment around your diet before deciding on one or the other GaNS-food. Here is a questionnaire that can help in this direction:

  • What do you want to get emotionally from food (compensation for a lack of attention, substitute for love, relaxation, safety, tradition, the pleasure of eating, tasting, smelling…?)
  • What physical sensations do you look for when eating (a full stomach, feeling more grounded, stress relaxation, more energy, satisfaction, baby’s safety close to the mother’s breasts…?)
  • What are your eating habits (do you eat all day or at specific times, irregular or regular, eat large amounts or little…?).
  • Remember your childhood, the taste of your childhood? Were you free of worries, filled with joy, what absorbed your attention most easily? How can you bring back the spirit of your childhood? Share all this with your friends.

Do not neglect your own work with your intentions, thoughts, beliefs! Either you imagine what you want to eat, or you tell the plasma to feed you with whatever you need. And remember to give thanks for receiving everything you need. Plasma gives you what you need and takes what you no longer need.

How to make GaNS-food

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