Choice of salt

For health applications it is better to take a refined salt – NaCL without other elements as these may trigger an avalanche of interactions that are not controllable. For technical applications or for food gans we can still take natural salts, like Himalayan salt or Gironde salt.

The different types of GaNS

Type of GaNS Color Electrode A Electrode B
CO2 white Zn Cu-nc (copper nanocoated)
CO2 dry white dry CO2 in the air
Nanogans white 1p CO2dry + 2p NaOH + boiling water
CuO blue-green Cu Cu-nc (copper nanocoated)
CH3 orange Fe Cu-nc (copper nanocoated)
Ni green Ni Cu-nc (copper nanocoated)
Pb dark gray Pb Cu-nc (copper nanocoated)
Ti Ti Cu-nc (copper nanocoated)
CuZn Brass Cu-nc (copper nanocoated)
CuSn bronze Cu-nc (copper nanocoated)
Sn Tin Cu-nc (copper nanocoated)
Ag Ag Cu-nc (copper nanocoated)
Tomatina orange Zn + tomato cooked with skin Cu-nc (copper nanocoated)

GaNS-anti algae

Suggested by Evelyn Leerden

  1. Mix a small amount (20g) of a pool algicide (40%+) with 20g NaOH in a heatproof container.
  2. Add boiling distilled water and close the lid.
  3. Wait one day for the whole thing to settle to the bottom.
  4. Decant the liquid after sedimentation and refill the container with distilled water to rinse. Let sediment settle, decant the liquid over the sedimentation and refill with distilled water. epeat washing (point 4) 6x.
  5. Use PL-ZnO+CO2 for the last wash (#7).

The product is now ready to be used in your pool.

Aviram : Many algicides are made from Cu – so a treatment with PL-GaNS-CuO in 4 bottles (of different concentrations : 1p:2p:4 p:8p) attached to the 4 corners of the pool should also do the trick.


Put H3 (rose) in a vessel floating on salt water (Mg or K salt); put a carbon rod on one side and on the other side a Zn plate. This set-up will create a gray accumulation of matter, which is GaNS-C, plasmatic carbon (C) crystals. These crystals are the connection between the systems we build and our emotion, our wishes; in other words, they are the means of direct control, direct communication between man and system.

As we already know, C is the connector, the communicator of amino-acid based systems; they are also the key element in micro-chips. So the plasma C crystals can change any micro chip from a conductive to a resistive state – just by your wish. In a resistive mode the microchip will not work and the weapon it controls cannot be controlled and work either. This is the end of all high tech weapons and the end of the star wars fairy tale as well.

GaNS-Ca_egg shell

Calcium GaNS made from egg shells and almonds.

  1. Grind shells and almonds in a heated blender.
  2. Add water and 23% hydrochloric acid.
  3. <Heat for several hours at about 30 or 40 degrees. Mix regularly. Preparation should have a ph of 12.
  4. Transfer to a bowl, add water and 35 grams of salt per litre of water.
  5. Install a carbon plate and a zinc plate. An electric current wire connected to the plates by clamps, alternating 15 minutes stop and 15 minutes on; amperage at 0.01 or 0.02 amperes. Add an oxygen emitter that bubbles continuously to increase GaNS making.


  1. Burn bones to get ashes
  2. add NaOH and boiling water; leave to work
  3. wash 6x and let the field evolve for 3 days.


25mA and 9VDC ; color is dark blue ; may be good for adding to fuel?

Composite GaNS

You can also install all kinds of plates (Cu, Zn, Ti, Pb etc) in the same container and connect them in series.

GaNS made with a HSS drill bit (means High Velocity Steel), a nano plated copper plate and 1l distilled water with 10% Halit salt. A current of 1V/0.1A was applied

The HSS material contains wolfram, titanium, vanadium, cobalt, nickel and molybdenum.

GaNS of GaNS-CO2

By Wkpherman from KSW

In our conventional CO-2 production we produced the field of Carbon (C); in interaction with the saltwater (NaCl) we absorbed some Oxygen and GaNS-CO2 settled on the bottom. This GaNS-CO2 is of Calcium (Ca) strength.

Now if you change the saline solution from NaCl to a Magnesium salt (MgSO4) and replace the plates by : 1 test tube with 2p GaNS-CO2 and 1 test tube with 1p GaNS-CO2; connect the two test tubes with a nano coated copper wire to a plasma capacitor as a load. Now you create a GaNS-CO2 with the strength of both: Ca and Mg. This is the version of GaNS-CO2, which matches the brain of the man and it will work on any system; it will have an immediate effect on all cancers. The GaNS you have produced carries the amino acid strength of the NaCL and Mg.

If you put the GaNS-of-GaNS into dynamic reactors you only have to stand in between them. The field will interact with all the cells of the human body because it can link to any and all of the essential salts.

Homoeopathy teaches us that the human body contains only 12 salts:

  1. Calcium Fluoride
  2. Calcium Phosphate
  3. Calcium Sulfate
  4. Ferrous Phosphate
  5. Potassium Chloride
  6. Potassium Phosphate
  7. Potassium Sulfate
  8. Magnesium Phosphate
  9. Sodium Chloride
  10. Sodium Phosphate
  11. Sodium Sulfate
  12. Silicon Dioxide

We could consequently create a GaNS that links up to every part of the human body by using these 12 salts. Most probably these 12 salts are already in the waters of the oceans?

GaNS of self

By Alekz

You can make a GaNS of yourself:

  1. Take a foot bath and add a little salt and a cup of PL-CO2.
  2. Place both feet in the liquid for one hour each day. Make sure that the feet do not touch because the feet in this arrangement work like the two plates in conventional GaNS production.
  3. From the 2nd or 3rd day you should see the GaNS and amino acids on the surface.

GaNS of GaNS

By KFRumania in KSW177 @2:15 :00

The yellow specimen contains GaNS (produced according to method 2: Zn-np+Zn-simple) with Fe. Red contains GaNS (produced according to method 1 : Cu-np+Zn-simple) with Fe.

This facility produces a lot of COHN and a thin layer of almost transparent sediment at the bottom.

Variation: do not put nails in the test tubes and make sure that the PL of the two test tubes can mix; also remove the capacitor. At this point we have no hardware in the installation and this is what can produce GaNSdeGaNS.

The salt concentration should be 0.5-1.5% in PL-80%CO2+20%CH3. At this moment we create the GaNS-soul!


Tin GaNS is produced in salt water (rainwater with4 or 5% salt), just like conventional GaNS. By putting a tin plate and a carbon plate inside the boiling salted water at 90C° we produce Gans.


by Evelyn Leerden

  1. Nanoplaquer a bottle of Coke and a Masson pot
  2. Fill the Coke bottle with 90% distilled water+10%NaOH, close and place in the masson jar.
  3. Install a Cu-np coil and a Zn-simple plate in the Masson pot, connect them with a Cu-np wire
  4. fill the masson jar with a 10% saline solution; hermetically seal


Deuterium production.

In order to produce Deuterium instead of CH3, the CH3 arrangement is used but instead of using an iron plate, galvanized iron (chicken brooch) is used; GaNS-CO2 is also added in the production or salt water of the CO2 production after GaNS harvesting.

More current (0.5V) is applied in the CH3 manufacturing facility (Cu-np + chickenwire); then a black and not orange GaNS is obtained.


Mr.Keshe KSW177 @2:31 :00

  1. 6% salt solution in distilled water in a masson-np jar
  2. Cu-np (or Cu-np sponge) connected with a single Zn plate by a LED
  3. install a small glass bottle-np, 5ml with GaNS-CH3; it is surrounded by a nanocoated copper wire (to attach it); the container is not closed
  4. Close the glass masson jar tightly and leave to process for 3 weeks.

Jon Bliven (Keshe Manufacturing Arizona) bubbles HHO into the CH3 container before.
GaNS-H3 behaves like tritium. Tritium is 3 neutrons, 3 protons, 3 electrons. It is produced from the same arrangement to make GaNS-CO2; except that one introduces an open container CH3 which floats on salt water. The large container is hermetically sealed.

In the process the C that is created by the two plates attracts the C from CH3; what remains is H3.

H, H2, H3

Hydrogen is alkaline, Deuterium is crystalline, Tritium is acidic. You don’t need anything more than the tritium, deuterium and hydrogen to create every element in the Universe, in a plasma energy level, not in the matter state. Because then you have to try another thing to convert the energy from a plasma- to a matter-state.

In the production of CH3 we have a galvanized iron plate and a nano-coated copper plate. The plasmatic field of the interaction of these two is Zn (65) – Cu-nc (59) = 6 ce qui est la force du Carbone (C).

But the presence of the iron (Fe, 58) is interacting as well even though it is under the Zn coating : 59-58=1. The interaction creates different isotopes of H, namely hydrogen, deuterium and tritium. Each one has a connection with the iron. This iron connection makes it that they can be transmuted by the presence of magnets.

If, in a similar setup, you put an aluminium plate together with a Zn plate and a Cu-nc plate. In this case you will create the same three isotopes of H but they are now aluminium connected.

Along the same line of thinking we can produce many more different H-isotope GaNSes. This is important for medical and agricultural applications : for example we can make a Mg+Zn Cu-nc installation to create the isotopes for plant life. We have learned that the sap of plants is Mg based as the blood of warm-blooded animals, like us, is Fe based. As another example we can make a GaNS-H1,2,3 based on the seed metal that has been detected in the blood of the cancer patient.

We can transform the 3 isotopes of H into each other by using magnets. The principle is simple :

We know that when we place two magnets with equal poles facing each other, we create a magnetic environment, repulsion, we create a magnetic field with deploys energy. If we have Deuterium in between those magnets, the additional energy then transforms the deuterium (H2) into tritium (H3).

In the opposite case : two magnets with one N-pole facing the S-pole of the other, creates a gravitational environment which pulls energy : now the deuterium (H2) will be reduced to hydrogen (H).

GaNS Hemoglobin

When GaNS-CO2 is created, amino acids form on the surface of salt water (seawater). Amino acids have an atomic mass of 16+14+12+1=43; if Fe (56) is added, the difference is great and a plasma flow (the stronger one wants to feed the weaker one) is installed.
To do this a piece of nano plated iron is introduced behind the Zn plate; it touches the amino acids floating on the surface but also the GaNS-CO2 which sediments at the bottom. What will form then is hemoglobin. Then the same thing is done in a pure ZnO production (single Zn plate + nano plated Zn plate). We wash them properly and mix the 2 GaNS 50:50.
With this preparation you can communicate with any emotionality directly. It must be added to all GaNSes and all systems.
Injections can be replaced with a system of Hemoglobin CO2 and Hemoglobin ZnO – just a container placed on an artery; the remedies placed in this container will immediately transfer through the blood into the body and the emotional center.

This kind of GaNS-hemoglobin-cohn with an addition of CH3 in a patch placed on the stomach is enough to feed the human being – feed without going through physicality.

By adding this GaNS-hémo-cohn to the coils, we can control the systems by our emotionality. So it also has an impact on the intention and elevation of the soul.

CH3 added to the GaNS-hémo-cohn and carried in an amoulette will greatly accelerate the introduction of Peace on the planet.

By adding Ca in the GaNS-hemo-cohn one can accelerate the replacement of limbs or organs.

If we replace Zn by Mg, we obtain another hemoglobin that will “talk” with vertical people (plants).

Back are the production containers of these GaNS. The close-up photo shows that hemoglobin only forms on the nail. If the nail is placed next to the Cu-np a stronger GaNS-hemo is created; both can be used to create a plasma force differential. Hemoglobin made on the Zn-simple side creates a GaNS on the emotional level; that made on the Cu-np side has the strength of the physical-emotional. The nail can also be placed between the two plates;)

Jalal proposed a small modification: install a coke bottle neck with lid on the nail to harvest the GaNS-hemoglobin. The nail needs to be long enough to touch the GaNS-CO2.

You can further strengthen the field of GaNS-CO2 when you use a 5% NaCl solution with 1% Mg salt (Epsom); adding a trace of MSM (or the GaNS of it).


Mr. Keshe advised us not to make GaNS from substances already homeopathic.


HCL (pH≤) is generally used to treat hydrophobic particles (oils and fats); consequently, hydrophilic particles (amino acids, sugars, alcohols) are processed with NaOH (pH≤.0).

NaOH method

  1. Heat 7p of oil at 40ºC
  2. Dissolve 2p water + 1p NaOH
  3. Pour the caustic soda drop by drop into the oil
  4. Let act (as in the recipe for a soap)
  5. Add organic citric acid (lemon juice) to neutralize pH; this produces sodium citrates (preservative)
  6. Dissolve the product in salt water, leave to settle and wash with distilled water.

Electrolytic method

  1. Add a little oil in PL-CO2 and blender the mixture.
  2. then add the mixture to a container to make GaNS-CO2


Also called “Honey GaNS” is made like an ordinary CO2 glove by adding Iboga (the bark of an African tree, psychedelic, used by shamans and which is used to counter “cold turkey” and addictions in general.

Introduce a small quantity of this powder into two coffee filters (one in the other) and suspend it in the container where the gloves are proved. Leave to cool for 4 hours.

Then wash between 3 and 6 times: syphon the gloves with a syringe, and place it in another container. Add distilled water, let settle for 1? days and remove the water from the surface with a syringe. Repeat.

If you place a substance (such as spirulina) near or in the container where the GaNS is created, the properties of the substance will be transferred into the GaNS. So you can make a cut of life that nourishes you by adding sprouted sunflower seeds, dehydrated and reduced to powder with a little pollen/propolis in the production of CO2 GaNS.

GaNS-Iod (seaweed)

Seaweed contains many minerals and trace elements as well as iodine in organic form.

By Evelyn Leerden

  1. Grind the seaweed in a blender
  2. Add the same amount of caustic soda
  3. Add boiling distilled water
  4. Leave on for 3 days
  5. Decant and discard anything above the sediment
  6. Wash sediment 6-9x with distilled water
  7. Add 5ml of PL-CO2+ZnO


By Patrick Kehoe

It works EXACTLY as Mr. Keshe proposes. You can smell and taste GaNS exactly like the plant. I made nanoparticles of it using a blowtorch – incinerate the marijuana -, and then added the ashes to a GaNS production. I’ll do the same with green tea and other foods. It works perfectly!

GaNS-Mg production

From Keshe Plasma Times, january 2019, by John Bliven

  1. Nano-coat an object made from magnesium (Mg), Mg rods are used as sacrificial anodes in domestic water heaters.
  2. Install a plate Mg-np and a plate of Mg in a plastic container; make sure the plates are 1-2’’ (2.5-5cm) above the bottom of the container
  3. Connect a LED between the two plates with the + to the Mg-np and the – to the Mg
  4. Fill the container with a 3.5-5% salt solution in distilled or demineralized water
  5. Leave the installation for 1-2 weeks; you will see the formation of white and black sediments on the bottom of the container
  6. Collect the amino acids with a plastic broom into a separate glass container with a lid
  7. With a syringe collect the two different sediments in different glass containers with lid; they are two different isotopes of Mg. You need to pass both GaNS through a coffee filter to separate the GaNS from Mg metal parts.
  8. Do not wash the GaNS which will be used in energy or agriculture applications; wash the GaNS only to reduce the salt content to 1%, which is the salt content of the human organism for all medical applications.


  • Mg is the 11th most abundant mineral in the human body; it is essential for the building of cells and enzymes
  • reduces premenstrual syndrome (PMS)
  • essential to build the skeleton as it helps the assimilation of calcium (Ca) and Vitamin D
  • part of the process of treating diabetes
  • important for muscles functioning as it helps the transfer of electrical signals; especially in the heart
  • reduces cholesterol
  • helps with migraine and anxiety

The most common way to apply GaNS-Mg is via patches, in which you can use water beads that enhance the field effect of the LP or the GaNS.

Links Zn (emotionality) to the muscle system (Cu).

GaNS – mix

always start with the lighter GaNS, leave room for both to regain their balance before adding the next heavier one relative to their atomic weight.

The strongest elements in terms of volume will dominate.

For all PL applications related to the human body/system, PL-COHN and PL haemoglobin should always be added.


If you place a substance/object on the container that produces gloves, the object information will be encoded in the gloves. So you can make a gloves anti-inflammatory, or vitamin or contraceptive or… The active agent of the substance will then act on the plasma level and no longer needs to go through the material state.


GaNS-N (nitrogen) can be made with horn flour: mix this flour with NaOH (1:2). According to Wikipedia horns contain 12-15% N; the content of organic substances is 85%. Also with nitrogen globules in the root ball of nitrogen fixers (beans, weight, etc.). Or with ammonia (NH3)


When we look at the isotopes of Hydrogen, we see that the difference between these three atoms is a neutron; the tranfer from H3 to H2 and from H2 to H sets one neutron free.

To make the GaNS-neutron, you put in one container filled with salt water, small bottles with the GaNS-tritium, -deuterium, -hydrogen.

With all the GaNS you have diminishing ratios, not so with the neutron GaNS because it is the mother, the source. The neutron GaNS cannot oxidize, link up with oxygen (like in CO2); so you have to find a way to hold it. The GaNS-neutron is the fuel of the univers.

Méthode alternative

Make a dynamic reactor triple core : in the center you have deuterium and in the outer ball you have tritium; the ball in the middle has only salt water – and therein will be captured the neutron.


green, Ni+Cu-np

Ocean GaNS

from the 95th KSW

When you make the GaNS of seawater, you’ll have the GaNS of every element on the planet because the seawater contains all of them. You’ll have a lot of COHN (amino acids), you’ll have mostly GaNS-CO2 and GaNS-ZnO; but also the GaNS-H2O and GaNS-H… you can use that mixture for most of the things you want to do. Added to the capacitor batteries for example you have everything you need in space, or for feeding yourself: “Everything that the man needs is in the ocean”.

By Cary Kirastar Ellis

  1. Take a gal of sea water or make your own by dissolving 1/2-1 tsp of sea salt without fluoride or any other add-ons into 1 gal glass jar almost full with demineralized water; you can use warm water to help salt dissolve.
  2. MIx 1 cup of demineralized water with 4 Tsp SODIUM HYDROXIDE (NaOH). Stir or shake gently. Let sit 5-10 min. till clear
  3. Slowly add the lye-water mix while slowly stirring into the salt water with wood or plastic spoon. You can use a pH meter until you reach a pH of 10.7.
  4. After 48 hrs when fully settled, begin to ‘rinse’ it for 6-7 times.
  5. put the sea gans into a CO2 kit – connect to 1.5VDC/7.5mA and leave for 48hrs;
    the NaOH makes it into nano-particles – the CO2 kit converts it to Nano Gans


  • fill into ping pong balls hung with string in garden or yard to develop a home Oasis
  • spray on plants for greater vitality and production
  • put in health patches
  • put in spinning plasma reactors
  • put into plastic tubes and wrap around the water pipes coming into home to raise frequency of the water
  • add to Magrav units

You may use Dead Sea Salt – as it contains higher concentrations of gold.

  1. 1gal of sea-water or 3.5% solution from naural sea salt (132g for 1 gal of distilled water)
  2. add 4 tsp NaOH/KOH into the solution (pH should go higher than 10)
  3. connect to 1.5VDC/7.5mA and leave for 48hrs; in a normal installation to produce GaNS-CO2


By François Legault edited by aviram

The manufacture of alkaline GaNS from sea salt is the same method as the extraction of “Ormus” contained in sea water. To precipitate GaNS, we use caustic soda (NaOH) to raise the pH to a maximum of 10.87.
This GaNS can be consumed as long as we use small doses and gradually. It is reputed to purify the body.

Use a glass, HDPE or stainless steel bowl or container

Sea water must be taken from a place where it can be certain that it is not polluted. If sea water is not available, sea water can be reconstituted by adding salt to distilled water. Good sources of salt are raw, unpurified salts without additives, such as: Himalayan salt, salt from the Celtic Sea, Dead Sea, Guérande, etc. If you have access to spring water that is very low in minerals (like some spring water from the Laurentians) this is also good because it also contains Ormus.
Make sea water from 132 g of salt for one gallon of water (3,785 L).
Heat water slightly to facilitate salt dissolution. Once completely
dissolves, filter water to remove undissolved particles.

Make a 15% caustic soda solution (568 g of caustic soda in one gallon of water). CAUTION; caustic soda is extremely corrosive!

Fix the ph-meter on the rim of the container to free us a hand for other manipulations. To gradually raise the pH, allow the caustic solution to drip into the saline solution so that the target pH of 10.87 is not exceeded.
Stir the solution while adding the caustic solution with a plastic or silicone stirring spatula. You will begin to see whiteness with every drop of caustic soda that falls into the saline solution. This whiteness is the GaNS that precipitates into the water and this is what you will recover in the end. Note that there will be a pH plateau where it will take a lot of soda to raise the pH by very little. But beyond that plateau, the pH will rise quite quickly. If you use pH paper for measurement, you can stop at about pH 10.4. In any case, it is wise to stop this measurement and wait some time, as it is not uncommon for the pH to continue to rise at the end of the operation.

Wash the salt as soon as the GaNS is completely deposited in the bottom of the container (± 24 hrs). Decant the water from above and replace it with demineralized water. Repeat this process 3 to 6 times. Once cleaned of its salt, the GaNS is ready to be put into service, and the water that floats over it is alkaline seawater GaNS plasma water.
(All rights reserved – .François :Legault. 2017)


This is a dynamic GaNS system that helps to elevate the soul (ours and those of the people around us :

95% PL-ZnO

5% PL-CO2

a little PL-Mg

The individual GaNS are not mixed but arranged in a dynamic system – in a double core reactor. The inner core contains CO2 while the ZnO is in the outer core; Mg is added to both.


You make the arrangement to make GaNS-CO2 and you add 1ml of the person’s urine (take the urine from the middle of the stream – discard the beginning stream as well as the end stream).
The GaNS-CO2 that is produced already contains all its DNA information, i.e. the plasma “already knows the condition” and it is targeted.

This GaNS is the major component of a life cup (25ml of 60ml) are introduced into the double wall space; then the other PLs are added as desired to fill the 60ml (this is the volume of the double wall our life cups).


dark grey

It is made with a nano plated copper plate, a Pb plate (weight for tires for example) in salt water 3.5%-10%; the two plates are connected by a copper wire.

When making GaNS-Pb it is very important to wear gloves and wrap your wrists with Patch-de-GaNS-CO2 (these will prevent the Pb from siphoning your energy! If you don’t have a patch you can also stay connected to a ground while working with the Pb; this way the Pb takes energy from the earth and not from you.
It is advised not to use GaNS-Pb for health applications! GaNS-Pb can be replaced by GaNS-S (Suffer with NaOH and boiling water; leave to work for a few hours/days. Then wash with GaNS-CO2 water).

This is an alert to be very cautious with the use of Lead GaNS. GaNS-Pb is a very gravitational GaNS, which is good for energy applications, BUT Pb has an affinity to Zn and by this affinity it will touch your emotions in the sense that it drains us emotionally. This may result – depending on the emotional state of the person – in simple fatigue or worse in depression.


To create GaNS with different pH values you can do :

pH14 : 1c to salt + 1c to NaOH + hot water
leave on for a few hours
wash with PL-CO2 until there is no more salt taste
pH1 : 1c to c sugar + HCL; let act a few hours
wash with PL-CO2 until there is no more acid taste; wash with PL-CH3

The amazing thing now is, when measuring the pH of them, the sugar gans had a ph about 1 and the salt gans a ph about 14. So now with adding only the water of these two ganses i can start to play with the pH in my reactors and a door opened to many interesting experiments.

Then we make a double core: with alkaline in the center and acidic around (a little alkaline in the acidic); this alkaline outside wants to join the alkaline inside, by doing that the field inside becomes so strong that it expands and projects the water outside. Moreover one gives to the gravitational (alkaline) of stronger one makes the magnetic!


GaNS made from red phosphorus, mixed with GaNS-CO2 can interfere adversely with our DNA/RDN. Because bones contain a lot of P, GaNS-P can be replaced by GaNS-Os.

Use the Plasma Transfer Cup to make the PL-P.


GaNS of sulfur is powerful anti-bacterial


the sugar (C12H22O11) is mixed with caustic soda and hot water is added thus transferring the structure of the sugar into the water (GaNS).