The starting point

Plasma Science doesn’t want to be understood as a new science, but rather an addition of knowledge to what we already know.

In the last century, we have mainly dealt with the material state of what is. Then we developed our knowledge in the atomic and nuclear fields. Now we are moving towards the Fields, the entities that create electrons, protons and all other matter.

We have fought with matter for thousands of years and we have not achieved much. In terms of creating new materials, at most we were able to create alloys. We have only managed to mix elements that already exist, that’s all… And we have always remained stuck with tangibility, materiality, the need to see something with our eyes to confirm its existence.

We have accepted the new discoveries of nuclear science because of the Hiroshima bomb; it is in a context of fear and not curiosity or knowledge. Now we have the opportunity to move on to the science of Plasma – a peaceful science that unveils its powers and benefits without creating fear!

Mr. Keshe

If we want to understand the universe, its creation and functioning, we are going to use the science of Plasma. It teaches us that everything that exists is created in the same way – the infinitely big and the infinitely small – the universe, the sun, our body, a plant, a stone, a bacterium, a virus, an electron…