The Soul of the Plant

By Lisa Mac Donald

The soul of the plant sits exactly between the connection to the earth and environment. The exact point between the matter part of the planet and the gaseous part. The soul of the plant has decided to connect close to the earth so it can grow down first to gain the fields it needs to survive through the roots and then also connect to the gaseous part with its stem and leaves. This connection creates a different strength of amino acid structure to animals which, are more connected to the gaseous part of the planet.

The central line of the soul of the plant sits at the point between roots and stem, creating the flow of fields up and down

The seed of the plant contains the soul and the energy pack needed to grow the physicality of the plant to the stage of being able to pull the energies needed to carry on its existence from the environment around it. As the plant germinates and grows, it creates its physicality in ways to pull what it needs from the earth and the energies of the amino acids from the gaseous environment above it. The magnesium in the amino acid structure of the plant creates the sap of the plant which carries the emotion of the plant, just as the blood carries the emotion of the man.

Plants communicate through their soul. They give and share and are in constant communication with the rest of nature. We can connect to the soul of the plant just as easily as we can connect to the soul of another human or animal.

The plants have a simple soul, which has been created from a less diverse range of fields, the cells composing the plant. Humans, on the other hand, are created from a very diverse range of fields, and so we have a composite soul (the souls of our body cells and the fields from the solar system, galaxy and universe). When we consume the body of a plant, we also consume the soul of it; this means that the soul of the plant has become part of the composite, which is the human.

Create a loving connection with the souls of the plants and they will reward you with their beauty.