Perfect Garden Plasma Mix

By Giani

This recipe has been shared by MT Keshe; be blessed with the knowledge of the perfect mix for watering your garden:

  1. Use the leftovers of your caustic liquid from the nano coating process and place it in a large container
  2. Add all your garden land food leftovers into this soup; especially add parts of the plants you had problems with in the past.
  3. Leave it standing for at least 21 days. You can keep adding leftover roots, etc.
  4. After 21 days add 30% of the volume unwashed LP-CO2, -ZnO, -CH3 and -MgO; mix well
  5. Wash the mix 3x and it’S ready for use: use it to water the plants and expect amazing results: no more mushrooms, no more rotting, etc; and doubling the harvest
  6. Keep the soup on the bottom and keep filling with water as you use only the clear liquid plasma on top – this is your unlimited supply


Do not use LP-CuO or LP-ZnO in your garden and do not consume it personally every day – unless you know exactly what it is used for.

Plasma Protection from Hurricane Dorian

By Richard Presser

Cynthia Rose decided to use the same protections that Tom Salas used with much success for the hurricane Maria. Here’s what she shared:

“Hi Richard, everyone needs to know about the amazing protective properties of the Keshe GaNS Plasma Water. After watching the video of the protection afforded in the Caribbean during hurricane Maria, I decided to give this a try to protect both my mother’s house (with LP-CO2 and LP-ZnO) and her 4 heavily laden pecan trees (with LP-CuO and LP-CH3).

It worked!!! I could hear the force of the hurricane, but is sounded far off. There was NO sound of either wind (over 100mph) or rain pummelling the house. The hurricane passed by our area at 1:30am on Friday, September 6th,, but the roar of the wind sounded distant.

The next door neighbour also has a pecan tree which was denuded by the winds. No pecan crop for him this year! Other neighbours have significant limb damage from the trees on their property, but our pecan trees really didn’t shed anything but the smallest branches (1.5ft or less).

You are welcome to share this info as needed in order that many may learn how to better protect property against the potentially destructive forces of nature by taking advantage of the Keshe GaNS waters.

Thanks, Cynthia Rose

Paint your house with GaNS

By Mark House

Paint for a house can have GANS waters added to it; so your house is covered with the plasma.

1. Evaporate paint to thicken it.
2. Add GANS waters that conduct plasma to a nice paint consistency.
3. Apply to workshop, home, etc.

Swimming pool sanitation

by Fréderique, France

Frédérique has performed tests with GaNS in four swimming pools in France. She used LP+GaNS-CO2, -ZnO,- MgO and -CuO and a special GaNS made by her friend Barbenchon: a GaNS-ZnO made with 10% salt of the Guérande (natural unrefined grey sea salt). The LP+GaNS has been suspended in closed containers hanging in the pool water or placed in the skimmer boxes.

In all cases, the water became and remained clearer even though the usual addition of chemicals (chlorine salt) had been greatly diminished or suspended. The pH value of the water did also rise into the alkaline level. The most important change was on the emotional level, the water felt soft and people wanted to go in.

The application of different GaNS could, however, not prevent algae formation. Maybe we could make a GaNS of a natural anti-algae product.

Roland Pool

An indoor swimming pool (basement) of 15m³; since 2015 only sand filter (10min/2hrs at 34º). LP+GaNS-ZnO 12V/2A, 10% Guérande salt + hydrogen peroxide, air bubbler. Heated by a washing machine resistor, connected to a MaGrav: consumption has decreased from 3.4kWh to 2.4kWh.

Magravs and Cats

Yesterday i finished a perpendicular coil Magrav on a painting my Gustav Klimt: Emilie … our cat Liesel enjoyed very much the Magrav’s presence 








GaNS music

By Plasma Palace

The mysterious substance called GANS is a transmitter between the physical and the spiritual world. It is a living thing which interact with our thoughts, emotions and expectations. It can be created by various means, including specially prepared metals, but also with your own hands, or your thoughts. With the help of a device called “music of the plants” we enabled it to communicate with music. Click here to get to the video.

GaNS rescue tubes

by Peggy

Peggy reported that she had a beautiful chocolate pepper plant. The plant had been invaded by caterpillars that ate all (!) the leafs (1). Peggy did not give up on the plant, but made 3 bracelets with a mix of: 5p LP-CO2; 2p LP-CH3; 3p LP-ZnO; 2 drops LP-CuO (3). The 3 bracelets have different length (= field strength differential) and are filled with the mix.

She used the same mix in the watering water at a ratio of ¼ cup into 1 gal of water.

Miraculously the plant regrew all the leafs (2) and (4). At the time of the picture number 4 there was a over 20 minutes long hail storm with ice peaces big as cherries…. There was a lot of damage to plant life – except her plama rescued pepper plant!

Laundry with LP

By Kerry Kirastar Ellis

She replaced all detergents with mostly GaNS-seawater+CO2+ZnO+very little CuO and her laundry is not only clean but also plasmatically charged.

Regenerations of leafs

This year we put our trees out of the house too early – the strong sun and the night colds made the fig tree and a ficus loose a lot of their leafs.

So we put LP balls in the branches and twigs : 1x 100% LP-CO2+ZnO, 1x 50% of the same mix and 1x 25% of the same mix. We placed also a tubular ring around the bottom of the stem filled with 100% of the mix.

Two weeks later lots and lots of new leafs show up and fill our hearts with joy!

The gratefulness of our fig tree

By Plasma-Laurentides

You remember how we saved our fig tree with GaNS-balls (LP-CO2+ZnO in concentrations of 100%, 50% and 25%) because he had lost all his leafs in spring when we put him outside (too early!)… now we took him back into the house and he is starting giving us ripe and delicious figs! More than 70!!! We are really grateful about his gratefulness!
Viva la GaNSeria!