Playing with plasma energy

By Caroline Keshe

This little exercise was designed by Carolina Keshe to make us play and enjoy with plasma energy. Not only can we absorb plasma fields directly to balance and nourish ourselves, but we can also use the fields to connect with others around us. Perhaps this exercise helps us to feel better about other humans, animals, plants or even beings in the Universe?

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Get 3 spray bottles. Fill 1 bottle with LP+GaNS-CO2; 1 bottle with LP+GaNS-ZnO and 1 bottle with LP+GaNS-CH3; each with a little bit of GaNS.
  2. Stir the bottle of LP+GaNS-CH3 and sprinkle a little bit on each hand.
  3. Stir the bottle of LP+GaNS-CO2 and sprinkle a little bit on each hand.
  4. Stir the bottle of LP+GaNS- ZnO and sprinkle a little bit on each hand.
  5. Put your hands gently together and let the LP dry without rubbing.
  6. Go outside and hold the palms of your hands towards the universe. Allow yourself to absorb all the fields in which the universe is bathed. Want the energy to balance and nourish you; feel the warmth. Send the balance to all other beings. Balance is Peace. Connect to all the other plasmas around you; share the connection and the joy.

Now you have received so much that you can give more in order to receive more.