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The BioReSys Technology is built on the  Paradigm Change:
“From Waste to Resource“. On this page you get a rough overview of this technology employing nature’s ways of doing it proven for millions of years.

The Technology

BioReSys = Bionic Regeneration Systems0-beforeafter . BioReSys provides solutions for residential, industrial and agricultural waste water treatment. We also take care of gray water treatment and regeneration of natural water bodies and habitats.

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How it works0-howitworks

Raw sewage is separated into solids and liquids. Solids are digested to produce methane, killing 98% of pathogens. The spent digestate is fermented into organic fertilizer. The supernatant is first used in algae farming to produce feedstock, raw material for cosmetics or bio-diesel. After that it is biologically purified by “living machines”, water revitalizers and Nanobio filters up to high quality drinking water standards.

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 1615--3a-copy-of-don-mills-4-131Combining Functionality & Aesthetics

As you can see on the project pages, we match efficiency with aesthetics – the international water feature specialist KARAJAAL DESIGN AQUATIQUE is our strategic partner in this.

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0-economicCost-Efficiency & Scalability

  • Permitting for around 40% less capital costs and 90% less operating costs than a standard waste water treatment systems.
  • It is fully adaptable to projects from 25 residencies up to large cities
  • The BioReSys solution has a smaller footprint than standard wastewater treatment systems treating.
  • To match functionality with aesthetics, we collaborate with Karajaal Design Aquatique, an international water feature specialist.

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  • 0-recycleBiogas, syngas for cooking, heating, fuel for cars, generation of electricity
  • Algae for feedstock, cosmetics, bio-diesel, fertilizers
  • Pathogene-free irrigation water for crop production (Permaculture)
  • Technical waters for reuse.
  • High quality drinking water
  • Educational and touristic venue

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