The most important ingredient for nano-coating and GaNS production is PATIENCE. Nano-coating is like the creation of a Black Hole; it needs time for the nano-layers to build up and up and up. “You need the patience of God to be able to do miracles”.

Magravs are alife

You create a Magrav system – you create a plasma entity – you create a soul – you create a living being. Please recognize the responsibility that comes with it. It’s like you can make a new friend who can help you in so many ways.

A MaGrav system does not have to be plugged in to be able to create a plasma field. Once the MaGrav is assembled, it is alive. Remember that the plasmatic fields of a MaGrav can extend for quite some distance; some knowledge seekers have measured even several kilometres. A MaGrav field broadcasts what you put into it (as an intention) but also what you put on it (substances ‘painted’ on the coils).

Do not put substances on it that do not do you good or can even be harmful. Do never put lead (Pb) or it’s GaNS on the coils. This can drain your energy physically and mentally even to the point of depression.

The purpose why you make a MaGrav is equally important. It seems that the closer the purpose it to the Universal Principle, the more alive the MaGrav becomes. When you make a MaGrav to spread peace and well being of all, even if it has fabrication mistakes, it will repair itself.

Prayer to Reactors

This is the prayer that M.Keshe addresses to a reactor just when he as assembled and connected him:

I wish that you may have as much joy as me living on this plane in this moment.”

Why praying to a reactor? When you create a Plasma device, you actually create a living being, a soul. This new living being is free to decide what it will do – to work with you or not for example. So it’s a good idea to make friends with him and to communicate with him often.

On a plasmatic level, this little prayer is a way of giving: you give first and then you will receive. Creating a living being brings a new responsibility with it. You have brought a new soul into life and now it is natural to take care of it.

Many knowledge seekers who build Plasma devices do this kind of prayer to their creation; it has already become a new standard in appreciation of the Universal Principle.

In our recent industrial history we created so many mechanical devices and machines and we made ourselves believe that a machine is just a mechanism; that it has no life, that it is dead. It’s only function is to serve us. This more than questionable conception spread out into our relationships at work etc where we tend to see people only as a function and not as a human being. Thus reduced they become mere servants, slaves, machines really. For example we may use the services of our secretary without seeing her as a human being at all. A chicken can be reduced as a peace of meat on our plate and so on. For some of us it may be long stretch from considering a secretary a human being and a chicken as a living soul to seeing a MaGrav the same way!

And there is another level of understanding: When you interact with anything in the universe, this interaction is at least bilateral. What you interact with may be there for you in some sense, but you are also there for it!

I am here because of you,
I am here because you allow me to interact,
I am here to share what I can give and to take.
You allow me to share my joys with you.

If you don’t cultivate this attitude, you are bound to miss. M.Keshe recalls many occasions where he sees knowledge seekers build and assemble Plasma devices and they achieve the creation of huge plasma currents, but they don’t see the economies… or they achieve flight but they don’t see it! He comments that they don’t believe in what they do – in other words, they work with the power of their Soul without even knowing it.

In one of the KF labs people achieved flight, but they didn’t know how; so they couldn’t repeat it… their system can be technically perfect, but they missed to make a connection between their soul and the soul of their creation; so there can be no communication and the device ‘does not communicate… it doesn’t work!’…

And there is yet the collective aspect of the Soul to consider: when we talk about our Soul, we mean the Collective Soul, which is the totality of all the souls of all living entities in the universe – and there is no entity that is not living. So for example for the plasma flight system to function, all the passengers

  • have to be connected among each other
  • out of that connection, they have to know (decide) who is the pilot
  • give all their trust and love to the pilot

Because our Soul is a ‘collective thing’, the working of our soul is collective as well. So it’s not just one wish of one for all; it needs to be the common wish of all for the common good. And here again we have the connection to the Universal Principal.

We see the same principle in action when a family wants to install a MaGrav system to economize energy: the 3 children don’t know anything about it because the parents didn’t think to talk to them about it; the father who bought the MaGrav beliefs in it’s efficiency and for the mother is is just one of those crazy ideas of her husband. The father plugs it in and they just wait for the Magrav to do what it’s supposed to do and lower their electricity bill. In this scenario the trust of the father must be almost superhuman to balance the disbelieve of the wife and the ignorance of the children…

To allow Soul-Travel to happen, the same three points described above need to happen inside of each of us: Our soul of physicality and our mind have to confirm the existence of our Collective Soul to be in charge; in other words, we have to allow the Soul to make happen what we wish… then we can teleport, telecommunicate, create materials and much more.

We are afraid of the understanding of our own soul. What is the fear? We – our personality, our mind – are afraid that we have to give up control and hand it over to the Soul.