The definitions of most of the terms come from Mr. Keshe’s three publications: ‘The Universal Order of Creation of Matter’, ‘The Structure of Light’ and ‘The Origin of the Universe’.

Alekz Beads

Type of capacitor or multi-layer GaNS/PL battery. Read more.

Emotional Center

A ‘sphere’ around the soul, which can also be called ‘mind’. It is the transition between the soul and the body.


A magnetic field in motion, that has an intensity and strength related to other fields in a given environment.


Copper-nano-coated. It is simple copper to which are layers of nano material are added. These nano-layers are an electrical insulator and a plasma superconductor at the same time. Nano-layers turn the copper black. The nano coating process is described here.


Everything is plasma, everything in the Universe is made of fields interaction even matter. How can plasma be a state of matter if matter is just one strength of the plasma fields and not the plasma is one strength of matter?

Matter is a state that plasma, when the fields loose strength, they appear as matter, they become matter. Therefore Plasma is not a state of matter, quite the opposite, matter is a state of plasma!

Principle Star

This is the entity that was mistakenly called ‘black hole’ by conventional physics. A black hole is an astronomical entity that has such a high mass density that this mass creates a gravity that lets nothing escape that comes near its field – not even light. It is a form of silence or emptiness from which everything is born and in which everything will be resorbed at the ‘end’. The main stars, the galaxy centers are ‘made’ of Principals and Mafs.
Nano layers are an example of the main star: they are black because they absorb the whole spectrum of light.

Star Formation

Is a structure in which 4 elements are arranged in the shape of a triangular pyramid whose points are equidistant.

This formation is widely used in assemblies of multiple reactors for example. Each of the reactors is in interaction with all the others and the assembly creates a free plasma field in it’s center.


GaNS = Gas in a Nano-Solid state. GaNS is a new state of matter. The word ‘gas’ indicates that particles are not bound (as in a solid or liquid) but ‘free’ as a gas. ‘Nano’ refers to particle size (10-9) which is roughly the size of an atom; so ‘nano’ can also mean ‘monoatomic’. ‘Solid’ refers to the state of particles; they are solid, but are not physically bound as with ordinary solids. It is a new, the fourth state of matter. Gas, liquid, solid and GANS.

We need nanoparticles to create GANS. For example, if we put a nano plated copper plate and a plain zinc plate in a salt water solution, we create the necessary condition to create CO2 GANS. We have created the condition between the plates to act like a magnet that attracts the magnetic fields of carbon from the environment. The carbon manifests itself in the salt solution and combines with oxygen to create GANS CO 2.
Think of each of these little GaNS-balls as a small sun that constantly radiates energy outwards and receives energy inwards. Only one GANS has magnetic fields at a time and gravitational fields, the fields that go out and the fields that come in. Each GaNS particle contains millions and millions of fields that interact and rotate.

CAUTION: You should never touch GANS with your bare hands or skin, or drink it. It is very powerful and can be very dangerous because it holds and emits so much energy that its interaction with your bodies fields can cause you harm.
GaNS can be dried for energy applications. Never drink the water of dried GANS.

The GaNS production processes are described here.


It is the ensemble of all the fields created by the three components of the plasma (Principal, Transition and Matter). Gravity is the gravitational field minus the magnetic field.


Is a tendency not to change, not to do anything, not to react. This is a quality of any material component of Plasma or its effect.

Inertia is the gravitational-magnetic field of the matter state. When the fields of anything are in the strength of matter, we call it inertia.

Gravitational-magnetic fields coming from the centre of any entity of the planetary system. When the inertia interacts with these gravitational-magnetic fields, they lead to the creation of the matter state. We see, for example, the sun, because the inertia, the gravitational-magnetic field of hydrogen, interacts with the gravitational-magnetic field of the center of the sun. The shining of the stars is produced in the same way. The only reason they shine is because the gravitational-magnetic field of their centre interacts with the inertia.

We can liken the inertia to the Soul of physicality of the planet. When it is interacting with the gravitational-magnetic field from the centre of the planet, things become visible. Does that mean that the interaction between the gravitational-magnetic field from the centre of the planet with our mind/soul of the physicality (powered by our Soul) would also be able to produce materialization and visibility?


Abbreviation for magnetic fields

Principle Mafs

The magnetic fields that are emitted from the Principal; they have the strength of the Principal which is a few hundred times stronger than the magnetic fields of matter.

Transition Mafs

These are the magnetic fields that are emitted from the Transition phase; they are less strong than the Principal’s fields and stronger than those of tangible matter. They represent the transit between the forces of the principle Mafs and the matter Mafs.


In capital letters = The plasma of a magnetic field created by a dynamic entity (like the Earth) in an interaction with similar but unequal fields


Small letters = a magnetic field emitted by an entity (like a magnet) without considering it’s interactions with other fields.

Magnetic and gravitational

Everything, including magnets, have magnetic/gravitational fields that are invisible to the eye. The strength of the fields of two magnets dictates the strength of attraction (gravitational) and repulsion (magnetical) between them. But magnets are not the only things in our world that have fields. Everything, from the smallest particle within an atom to the universe itself, emits magnetic/gravitational fields. Plants, animals, rocks, everything, including our bodies, emits these fields.
They flow out of the top of objects and flow back in through the bottom of objects. The strength of the flow of the fields dictates the gap, the distance two or more objects stay apart from each other. For example the Earth is a larger entity than the moon; so it emits stronger fields and it’s pull on the moon is greater than the pull the moon on the earth. The pull between the earth and moon, caused by interaction between their magnetic and gravitational fields, finds its balance. The balance determines the gap between them. If you slightly increased the field strength of either they would reposition themselves until they find a new balance; and the gap would change.

The fields that an entity emits are divided into ‘magnetic fields or rays’ and ‘gravitational fields or rays’. The magnetic ray comes out of the North Pole; the gravitational ray enters the plasma through the South Pole.

This is only a concept: the field which leaves the N pole is called ‘magnetic’ but below the equator it is called ‘gravitational’ because it enters the S pole. The same change occurs inside the plasma: the field that enters the S pole is called ‘gravitational’  but when it emerges again from the N pole becomes ‘magnetic’. The same occurs when a ray emitted out of the North of one entity into the South pole of another entity.


a neonym composed of the word “Magnetic” and the word “Gravitational”. Magnetic-gravitational fields result from interaction between dynamic entities (such as two plasmas or two magnets). Read more in this article.


Matter is composed of 3 parts: PM (Principal matter, formerly antimatter), TM (transition matter, formerly dark matter) and M (tangible matter).

Transition Matter

Transition matter is one of the 3 aspects of matter; it was formerly called ‘dark matter’. This is the phase in which magnetic fields are in transition between the Principal (source) and the Tangible Matter. When we think of Transition, we often refer to it as ’empty space’; but this’empty space’ represents 99.999999999996% of all what we call matter. So the space between the proton and electron, of a hydrogen atom, as the space between the Earth and the Sun, is much bigger than the celestial bodies.

On the level of living beings: the Principal corresponds to the soul, the Transition to the mind (emotional center) and the Matter to the physical body.


see ‘Emotional Centre’, it is the Transition between the soul and the body


They are tiny entities (1 billionth = 10-9 of a meter), unlike atoms within a molecular structure, that are independent and dynamic. They are independent of temperature changes or pressure changes due to their individuality. All nano- materials are mono-atomic.

Nano particles are extremely small individual particles like atoms. In the physical world, changes in the environment, like temperature and pressure, result in different states of matter. For example, water as a gas, liquid or solid. However,if you manipulate the magnetic/gravitational field environment of atoms, you can create nano particles. For example, when we make a caustic processing, we utilize a mixture of heat, distilled water and sodium hydroxide (NaOH). The interaction between the caustic environment and a metal such as copper creates a gap for mono atomic nano particles to form.
To explain by example, if we place a copper plate into a caustic environment, the bonds between the copper atoms that reside on the surface area of the copper plate are affected by the caustic environment; they are loosened. We define bonds as the field force that holds atoms together. The affected atoms are still attached, bonded, to the unaffected copper atoms by the magnetic/gravitation field interaction between the atoms. But the affected atoms, which we call mono-atomic or nano-particles, will have changed their positioning as a result of their greater magnetic charge. The greater charge results in larger gaps between these atoms; and the larger gaps manifest in loosened bonds.All of the affected nano atoms, of which there will be thousands, form what we refer to as nano layers, which sit on the surface area of the unaffected copper atoms of the copper plate.
A successful nano coating process will result in the surface of the copper turning black due to field absorption of the full light spectrum. This is the same for any nano coated metal. The magnetic fields of the surrounding environment are absorbed by the nano layers due to the increased size of gaps between the nano particles.
The gaps between the nano particles are not uniform. Some gaps are bigger and some are smaller. The magnetic field gaps between each nano atom holds capacitance and contain a spectrum of fields. Therefore the gaps contain the energy of the magnetic and gravitational fields. It is important to understand that nano layers are not two dimensional. They operate in three dimensions, as do the magnetic/gravitation fields within the gaps. The nano layer gaps contain plasma energy and information. Fields of identical strength within the gaps are attracted to one another and they link together.


They enable us to interface and interact with the fields around us in our environment. When we loosen the bonds between atoms we create larger gaps between atoms. Larger gaps means more fields can enter, fill and pass through the gaps. Nano layers are also filters because different types of nano layers will only allow certain types of fields to enter, fill and pass through the gaps.
This is dependent upon the type of metal that has been nano coated. Different types of nano layers, that of different metals, can be used for different purposes. For example, the nano layers on the copper wire of the Foundations pain pen allow interaction between the fields of your body and the fields of the environment. The interaction is enabled in part by the nano particles of the pen.
Nano layers are highly conductive and insulating at the same time.


Abbreviation of the term: Plasmatic-magnetic fields


Everything within our universe is a plasma, from the smallest atom to grains of sand, a flower, a bird, a tree, the earth, the moon, our sun, our solar system, the galaxies and the universe. Plasma is at the center of all matter without being matter itself. Plasma is invisible to our eyes, we cannot see plasma, but we can feel it.
A plasma consists of millions of magnetic gravitational fields that come together and interact in a dynamic way. Interaction of different magnetic fields of different strengths create the initial seed of the plasma, where the outward flowing fields of the plasma are known as magnetic fields and the inward flowing fields are knows as gravitational fields.
A plasma constantly gives out fields freely. They flow into the environment. The fields that are not needed by the environment flow back into the plasma from which they came. Plasma interaction is a continuous play of giving and receiving unconditionally; giving what is needed, taking back what is not needed. Our three dimensional physical reality is the manifestation that results when magnetic fields come together under certain conditions and interact.
The magnetic gravitational fields of the earth create the earths environment which influences how fields will interact to create life on earth. The physical objects on earth are unique to earth because of earths unique position in respect to the sun, the center of our solar system. Life on other planets will not be identical to that of earth because the conditions of field interaction on that planet are different. Plasmas manifest themselves in different physical forms because of different environmental conditions. Will they combine to make a body, a rock, a tree, a planet?
Our body is also a collection of millions of fields that have come together and are interacting to form a plasma that we define as the human body. Amino acids, proteins, muscles, bones, skin, blood are all collections of fields; individual plasmas that combine to create the body plasma. The magnetic fields that make up your body originate from the fields of our solar systems sun, our galaxy and our universe. Nothing in the world or universe can exist without magnetic fields. This has been the mystery of creation. The universe is simply magnetic gravitational fields constantly in motion and interacting, moving at different speeds and strengths.

One can imagine a plasma as a sphere composed of multiple layers (like an onion); these layers are arranged in a spiral. The sphere is in perpetual dynamic rotation.Every plasma is like a wound up spring. The strongest fields are at the centre of the spring. The weakest fields are in the outermost parts of the plasma.

Liquid Plasma

Liquid Plasma (LP), also called “GaNS Water” is the clear liquid on top of the sedimented GaNS.


Abbreviation for ‘Plasmatic-magnetic-fields’


The Principal is called by conventional physics ‘antimatter’. In Plasma Science it is called ‘original matter’ or ‘Principal’; it is the source of all matter. In the example of the ring magnet it is the empty centre; in the example of the egg it is the yolk; in the example of our being, it is the soul.


The transition is between the Principal and matter; it is the moving plasma magnetic field (Pmf); it is the process or the space of creation. In the example of the ring magnet, it is the space between the center and the material magnet; in the example of the egg, it is the white; in the example of our being, it is the mental/emotional center.