GaNS in Pisciculture

by Chespy Martinez in Keshe Plasma Times, April 2019

The processing was conducted in a small pond of a fish hatchery (trout and salmon) with 1000 trouts about 4cm long. In one basin, the young trouts got infected by a parasite called White Spot. Ichthyophthirius multifiliis, a freshwater fish ectoparasite, which causes a disease commonly known as white spot disease.

It is one of the most common and persistent diseases in fish. It appears on the body, fins and gills of fish as white nodules of up to 1 mm diameter; they look like white grains of salt. The spots are actually cysts formed over the parasite itself, which isn’t visible to the naked eye. The infected fish show nervous behaviour and move a lot trying to remove the discomfort from their skin. If left untreated, white spot can quickly kill a fish and spread to others in the tank.

As a result of this contamination, in the course of 4 days, 50 to 65 trout died daily, accounting for approximately 240 fishes, until the processing with the plasma water started.


  1. 3 jars with the capacity of 2 litres were filled with 50% LP-CO2 + 50% LP-ZnO.
  2. 2 of the jars were submerged at the bottom and the third floating at the surface.


Rapid decrease in fish mortality from the 2nd day onward as shown in the table below:

In the month after the processing, the fish were seen as more healthy, vigorous and gaining rapidly weight.

Fish tank remedy

Most often ammonia is the main problem in fish tanks. Carolina is using charcoal/biochar to remedy this. The easiest way is to get charcoal for barbecues and crush them into very small peaces, not powder.

To inoculate the charcoal pieces with the PlasmÔtotal mix: place the dry charcoal in a container with the PlasmÔtotal LP mix and close the lid forcing the charcoal in the water, shake it and leave the charcoal to absorb the plasma water.

Then she used a cartridge filter and replaced the cartridge with a socking full of charcoal in such a way that the water has to go through the charcoal. The water became clean within 1 hour.

Ammonia can cause black spots on fish; here is a remedy: mix half tank water with half fresh water, add 1/2 tsp of normal table salt. Place the fish with the spots for 5 min once a week into this mix. Add 50ml of the mix into the fish tank water.

KF Victory over viruses

This KF scientific paper is about the efficient treatment of the Africa Swine fever virus (ASF) by plasma water; the infos have been taken from the KSW252.

The main purpose of the space plasma technology developed by Iranian nuclear Cet article scientifique de la Fondation porte sur le virus de la peste porcine africaine (PPA).

This was never understood by the present science and that has been the reason why we could find no solutions for viruses. With this new understanding that viruses are mere energy packs, now we can solve all problems with viruses, regardless of their strand or it’s strength. This is the major breakthrough which brings a new horizon to the life of man on this planet and in space. The treatment of AFS in one pig confirms the efficiency of M.Keshe’s plasma technology.

Wikipedia says: The virus causes a hemorrhagic fever with high mortality rates in pigs, but persistently infects its natural hosts, warthogs, bush-pigs, and soft ticks of the genus Ornithodoros, with no disease signs.

ASFV is a large, double-stranded DNA virus which replicates in the cytoplasm of infected cells. ASFV infects domestic pigs, warthogs, and bush-pigs, as well as soft ticks (Ornithodoros), which likely act as a vector.

Typical symptoms after infection are the reddening of the skin of the ears and extensive visceral bleeding. ASF has three strains: virulent, medium and attenuated strain. Pigs infected with the virulent strains have obvious clinical symptoms with a mortality rate of around 100%. If infected by medium or attenuated strains, pigs may be resistant to the infection or only show very weak clinical symptoms but they test positive to anti-body serum.

ASF has been a global threat since it was first discovered in Kenya in 1921. Since it’s arrival on the Iberian Peninsula in the 1950ies, the ASF epidemic has maintained a trend of eastward expansion from the European continent. It’s spread has been more alarming since 2007.

Since about a decade ago, the ASF has spread rapidly in Russia, Ukraine, Poland and other East European countries, with more than 5000 outbreaks in a decade. This has resulted in significant losses in the livestock industry of all countries. In Russia alone in 2017 2M pigs have been lost (nearly 10% of all raised meat pigs across the country or 70 M US$ direct loss without calculating the losses of downstream industries.

Since august 2018, AFS has been introduced into China from Russia and has spread rapidly in China from the northeast. At present, there has been full scale outbreaks in more than 20 provinces and cities throughout the country, and more than 500 000 pigs had to be slaughtered. As there are no vaccines the epidemic is completely out of control.

The newly developed plasma technology by M.Keshe of the Keshe Foundation has originally been tested by scientists of the South Sierra Leone University on the Ebola virus. It showed 100% effectiveness. Now this technology has been applied to the swine fever virus in China. The new space plasma technology uses plasma water to rapidly deplete the energy of the virus, thus eliminating it within a short time. According to tests in Austria, the plasma water showed 10x more germicidal power than any antibiotic available today.

As AFS invaded China, any outbreak area of AFS has been put under martial law and all pigs were slaughtered. Therefore it has been difficult to find sick pigs for field testing. By request of M.Keshe the followers of the KF China started to look for small farmers with animals which had been infected by the virus in order to test the technology.

A farmer with infected pigs could be located in mid-November. The farmer reported that AFS broke out inhis village in mid-august, with more than half of the pigs in his area being infected; most of them died or had to be killed.

The farmer only had 2 pigs, both of them had shown the symptoms of fever: no eating, black and dry hard stool. One died and has been buried. The other pig did not eat food, just drank some water. Occasionally ate a little raw cabbage or radish. 3 months later it was still alive but it’s weight went down from more than 200 lbs to less than 120lbs; it seemed dying.

  • The plasma water was shipped to the location on November 22, 2018.

  • November 23, the first plasma water was administered to the pig. Within the first 12 hours, the pig shows the first signs of recovery.

  • November 24, it ate for the first time cooked food which she had refused to eat since the infection. In the evening, the pig began to gather the grass to make its own nest for the first time.

  • November 25 , the ears of the pig went up.

  • November 26, the pig produced the first excrement since 3 months. The production of normal excrements is the indication that the virus has cleared out of the body if the pig. This proves that the application of the new plasma water against the virus has been successful. The farmer was instructed to disinfect the stool with plasma water and bury it.

After the farmer had received the plasma product sent from the KF, he diluted the plasma material with demineralized water at a ratio of 1:10. He then used only the clear water on the surface of the multiplication mix. He used the water to clean and disinfect the pigsty, gave it to the pig to drink and sprayed its body. As the pig was kept in open pigsty, the ambient temperature was as low as -7ºC during the night, and the pig was very weak. At first, they only sprayed plasma water on the pig’s stomach. The next day, the pig’s back was sprayed, too; and the 3rd day, the pig’s head was sprayed with the plasma water. Subsequently the pig gained some force to better cope with the cold.

The cost of the treatment is very low, only 10 Yuan ($ 2.00) per pig to save an animal. From now on this treatment can be used for all types of virus infection for birds, animals and humans as it is a natural product – not chemically produced.

The pigs treated by plasma water are immune to another infection. Even the meat of the contaminated animals can be treated with the same plasma water to remove the virus from the meat before it is made available for consumption.

Victory over viruses 2

Did you already notice that we get infected by viruses mostly in winter; this has to do with the changed position of the sun towards us. But this swine flu has spread into China in summer – that indicates a new strand of virus.

That’s why we don’t contact the virus because our spirits are up and our physical body is stronger in summer. Only the pigs get infected. Besides viruses are not totally ‘bad’, sometimes they provoke reactions in our systems, they supply that critical addition of energy on a cellular or plasmatic level that enable us to move up in our evolution.

A virus is an energy pack that attaches itself to amino acids from which all our body is made (1, 2). In Plasma Science we treat viruses is by depleting them of their energy. We introduce a new element, the plasma water, which is of a similar strength of the virus by much weaker. So the virus has to feed the weaker element, thus depleting itself (3).

The energy taken from the virus is now becoming beneficial (4):

The same energy, that was harmful before, is available to the body in a positive way: the amino acids of the body to which the virus has been attaching itself, are being ‘upgraded’ or nourished with the virus’ energy. They become food to the body cells that have been weakened by the virus.

All excess plasma water that is not used by the body, eliminated off the body via the natural pathways (feces and urine).

Pig flu – 728+ pigs saved

From Plasma Times April 2019

For the first time, we understand the mechanism of viruses and how they link to proteins and human and animal cells. Through the Ebola trials in Sierra Leone and now the African swine flu trials in China, it is evident that a new breakthrough in knowledge has been achieved.

Mr. Keshe believes, that using the new plasma field systems, which are CE certified by the Keshe Foundation in Europe, can be the next step in the overall eradication of the virus from the environment, human body and animals, what can be introduced in further trials and thus making the application of the new technology much easier and more affordable.

The agricultural test trials in the central Mongolia, demonstrated that the environmental change using the GANS plasma water can be highly effective, and financially affordable for the farming community worldwide.

These trials not only demonstrated that the virus can be reversed but at the same time it can be controlled not to spread to the rest of the animals in the farm – prevention. The discovery of the new GANS plasma technology and its application in health and farming is considered to be as important as the discovery of penicillin in the last century.

It is important to notice that immediately after applying the GANS plasma water, all the blood samples and pathological analysis did not detect any African swine fever virus in the pig farm. This fact demonstrates the rapid effectiveness of the fields of the GANS plasma water, as within hours of application in the farm, the virus was no longer detectable in the blood samples.

The agricultural test in China, has demonstrated that the GANS plasma water does not bring or cause any genetic change or modification, and the same applies to the effects of the virus on animals upon application of the GANS plasma technology. The Keshe Foundation plasma technology is safe as it is based on naturally produced materials that are not derived from any chemical substances that can be hazardous to the environment. Therefore, there is no need for an FDA approval of such natural products, developed as part of the Keshe Foundation new space technology.

First trial

The first trial with one pig, suffering for 3 months of African Swine Fever (ASF), had been published earlier; you can read the report in this article.

Second trial

Done with a 30 pigs’ farm. The Plasma technology had been administered within 2 days of appearance of the symptoms (vomiting and lack of appetite). LP was applied orally and by washing the pigs with it. The protocol prescribed by the Keshe Foundation was to spray the GaNS water on the pigsty, corridors and the body of pigs, three times a day; also to feed the pigs in with GaNS water, three times a day and to fed pigs in the sick bay with the GaNS water all the times.

The farmer observed immediate stopping of transmission of the virus and 2 weeks later all the symptoms had disappeared.

Third trial

Done on a pig farm with 829 heads. The company had already lost thousands of pigs having a yearly sales volume of 2+ million pigs in 2018. Again after 14 days of applying the plasma water, the epidemic was under control.

African Swine Virus (ASF)

It’s a double stranded DNA virus, transmitted by soft ticks. The virulence ranges from subclinical to highly lethal. African swine fever, before carrying out these three trials, was not considered to be reversible or preventable.

The Porcine Blue Ear Disease (PBED)

It’s scientific name is Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome (PRRS); it is a hightly contagious virus disease. The symptoms are lower reproductivity, difficult breathing and blue to purple ears; it is causing other infectious diseases. it’s a single stranded RNA virus with a high mutation rate in the offspring virus (1000x higher than the DNA viruses).

Plasma Science Technology

Plasma Science educates us that we have to look at viruses as energy packages which link and attach themselves to organic cells and until all the energy of this energy pack is used, the sign of the virus will be present in that cell in the human or animal body.

The GaNS (Gas in a Nano Solid state) material developed by the Keshe Foundation has the ability to deplete the virus of it’s energy thus making the virus disappear from the cell. Once the virus is gone, the damaged cell is open to other infections and the energy that remains in the cell becomes a weaker RNA virus. Thus the ASF double stranded DNA virus can become a blue ear RNA virus. The renewed application of weaker strength GaNS water eradicated the blue ear virus, too.

After the eradication of the blue ear virus, again damaged cells will be present, which will lead to a secondary infection of ASF. This one is eliminated with a GaNS formula of the strength of antibiotics which put a final end to all the cycles of infections.

The solution is to find the strength of the virus and simply develop a weaker strand of the same strength. So that, as the virus delivers its energy to new GANS plasma water it losses its strength/energy and leaves no signs of the virus. This is a major breakthrough in the world of science and a new understanding of the work of viruses

It has to be understood that in plasma technology when we use the term ‘GANS plasma water’, this water is not plain water, but it carries plasmatic magnetic fields potential. This means that when we use

GANS Plasma water as feeding water or spraying water, it affects the entire environment even several meters around the application area by covering it with the magnetic fields of plasma, and not only the area that is in direct contact with it.

The article then shares all the conversations that had been going on between all participants of the interventions and the Keshe Foundation.

Then follows the timeline and detailed description of the 14 days of intervention to control the virus infection in the pig farm.

Plasma Bees

Shared by Jim Triplett

Plasma Water and Bees: Using the Plasma Water Feeding Station in Indiantown, Florida.
Bob and Helen are now putting “plasma feeding station water” in sugar water that the bees drink.
Before, they were using Miracle II Neutralizer; now he has added the plasma water to it and “charged” the water overnight. In the morning after the water has charged he adds a tablespoon of Miracle II neutralizer.
It’s ‘winter’ for Florida bees so they are feeding the ‘sugar’ water. Now the bees are in ‘full gear’ with the plasma water, sugar and miracle II. The sugar water is put in a
upside-down 64-ounce mason jar with a lid with holes. The bees suck the jar empty in 3½ to 4 days.
uses the miracle II neutralizer, after having lost 10 hives last year, against hive mites. They lay their larvae within the bees, when they hatch, it kills the bees. For almost 2
years he has had no mites in the beehives. So that helps.
Now since they added the plasma water to the water he uses for the bees with the neutralizer in
the same amount and he sees even more improvement and the worker bees are all busier, more active.
This link explains the plasma energy station.

A beekeeper from northern New Mexico uses an environmental mix for the hives against mites:

LP-CO2 40% + LP-ZnO 40% + LP-CuO 20% + amino acids of each and 3 drops of CH3; mixed with distilled water at the ratio of 1:10

He sprayed the boxes with the mix on the top, the sides and bottoms and around the bee yards. We found there is no mite infiltration.

He did have 4 very weak hives so he placed corked bottles of 250 ml in each end of the boxes to give extra potency and strength. In one bottle, I added more CH3 so I had the differential of the CuO in one bottle and I put the CH3 towards the entry and the CuO at the back end. I figured the application of the bottles is like the patches and it draws the energy towards the entry where they build their broods and honey stashes to the back end.
Dr. RV
placed a CO2 bottle on one side and ZnO on one side of the hives. Most beekeepers had 60 to 70% reduction. I was the only one who had 100% of production of honey was me.
I was concerned using the CuO as we don’t use it on the brain. We have to be careful it doesn’t
affect the brain of the bees. I had rings of 80%CO2 and 20% ZnO in every fruit tree that I have.