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Objectification of Plasma fields

By the Jacques Gaffet group

We could have been satisfied with the many testimonies corroborated by our own results and the direct feedback from those around us. However, we have sought to objectify the physical effects of the different GaNS by going beyond the testimonies which are often accused of too much subjectivity. We have therefore looked for ways to make observations on water and blood. That is what we now share with you.

Methodology of observation on micro droplets of water

The method of evaporation of droplets under a dark field microscope reveals the phenomenon of self-organization of particles suspended in fluids into nano- and micro-structures during the evaporation of the droplet. As the water changes from liquid to vapour, it then leaves the imprint of the particles on its support.

This method reveals crystalline structures with varying degrees of complexity, ranging from simple points or structures with few branches, crosses, to more or less complex dendrites, elaborate structures, straight or curved lines, hexagonal shapes…

The first experience and publication on the analysis of agricultural product quality using this method dates back about 10 years. It was created in Italy to determine the quality of wheat seeds. Hence the idea of transposing this method to observe not an organic substance, plant, food or other, immersed in pure water, but to observe the water itself in the form of micro droplets of 0.3 micro litre. The process is therefore the opposite: observe the solution, the water, not the solute.

Four people have been involved in this adventure for more than four years now, experimenting at length with waters of diverse or informed origins. The first results, which were particularly unstable, led us to create an environment that allowed us to control all environmental parameters, thus offering a more rigorous approach. To ensure a constant and reliable study, the control of observation and experimental parameters as well as physio-chemical parameters became essential. To meet these requirements we have created a bio-crystallization cabin.

The small cabin, made of natural materials, is protected from electromagnetic fields by several systems. The design is also based on the rules of geo-biology. Temperature and humidity are controlled as well.

The picture shows the examples of aqueous signatures from different waters, including Fatima water, Lake Titicaca water, Amma water, Evian (bottled) water.

As can be seen, water signatures present a multitude of varieties. With a proven and safe experimental protocol, the challenge now is to read and understand what water can express and show us from its most intimate structure. However, by letting your intuition speak for itself, in the light of these few examples, it is easy to guess which water has the best qualities.

After studying waters from multiple sources (see examples above), we came up with the idea of observing GaNS waters. These images speak for themselves. They highlight the exceptional “signature” of plasma water.


Observation of plasma water:

In 5 ml solutions of lambda spring water, 3 drops of plasma water (CUO2, CH3 CO2/ZNO) were added. The first image relating to this spring water, not containing Liquid Plasma, shows us a poorly structured signature, while the other three images, obtained with the same water, show the exceptional transformation obtained by adding three drops of each of the three GaNS. The overall structure of the three plasma waters tested is comparable: it resembles the shape of a bell.

On the other hand, the micro structures within the global form are fundamentally different. When we compare the signature of plasma water with a quality spring water (see photos above) we have the feeling of moving from 2D to a 3D form.


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