Testing 4 magrav generators in infinity loop

By Jon Bliven on youtube

We connected 4 MaGravs together:

  1. Wall outlet with power meter and power bar
  2. First infinite loop (Magrav1 and Magrav2)
    Connect the Magrav1 input to the Magrav2 output; and the Magrav1 output to the Magrav2 input; this creates the infinite loop
  3. The output of Magrav 1 is connected to the second infinite loop between Magrav3 and Magrav4
  4. The Magrav 3 output is connected to another load power bar


  • When a portable air filter was switched on, the indicated consumption of 120W decreased to 97W
  • Then we added Fan at the highest speed and the announced consumption of 290W drops to 0.3W
  • Connecting a hair dryer reduces the indicated consumption from 530W to 86.3W
  • When increasing a resistive load, the Magrav’s thermal protection cut off the current
  • The energy in the room is very strong (the heartbeat rises)


In this model we used 2 identical Magravs, who were installed mirrored and connected in an infinity loop

The components:

  1. The connection to the grid: to the phase (+) and the neutral (-)
  2. 3x simple battery capacitors:
    1. 1x center pin in copper AWHG14, nano-coated
    2. Around it the GaNS paper: the paper is made non-inflammable by a borax solution; on the paper is a mix of GaNS-CuO+Pb+CO2+CH3+Laiton+Bronze
    3. Around the paper is a sheet of nano-coated aluminium foil
    4. the secondary coil in nano-coated copper AWG14, 18x ccw
    5. the central pins are connected in parallel to the neutral (-) and the secondary coils are in parallel connected to the phase (+)
  3. 2x conventional Magravs, 3 stages

    1. each stack has a sun (GaNS-ball)
    2. The entry of the magrav is connected to the phase
    3. The exit if the magrav is connected to the center pins of the split capacitors
  4. 4x split-capacitors
    1. these capacitors are made the same way as the battery capacitors (point 1); except that there are 2 secondary coils instead of only one
    2. the feedback coil is connected back to the entry of the magrav to nourish him
    3. The forward coil is the exit; the exit of the first magrav is connected to the entry of the second, and the exist of the second to the entry of the first; this makes an infinity loop
  5. The Load
    1. The exist of the first magrav is chosen to be connected to the load; it delivers the phase
    2. the neutral is directly connected from the wall plug to the load

The Results

  • Plasma-Laurentides:
    • In a first test we have connected the system to a dehydrator whose initial
    • Dans un premier test, nous avons branché un déshydrateur aux Magravs. La consommation initial était de 408W. Dans le temps de quelques minutes cette consommation est déscendue à 33.4W.
    • Dans un deuxième test nous avons branché notre frigidaire qui devrait selon le manufacturier consommer 940W; branché sur le secteur il a tiré 800W et branché dans les Magravs il n’a consommé que de 120W.
    • Nous ne savons pas dans quel degré les fils dans notre maison sont nanoplaqués.