Plasma Star Generator

By Benjamin Steyl on youtube

Step by step Instructions for constructing Star Plasma Generator with Benjamin Steyl. Includes mini magrav type coils and GANS balls.

  1. Make 3x pairs of coils:
    1. 1100mm copper wire AWG14/1.6mm wind around a 10mm mandrill on reverse (ccw) for 18 tours (magnetic coil)
    2. the same copper wire is used to make the coil on the other side: turned around a 5mm mandrill for 18 tours on reverse (gravitational coil)
    3. you may need to correct the straight part so the coils will fit well over the base ball reactors (make a template with another piece of wire)
  2. Make 3x connectors:
    1. 700mm copper wire AWG16/1.3mm bend it in half and put it in the straight middle part of the coil pairs (#1)
    2. wind the left side turned reverse up to the coil; then turn the piece around and turn the other part of the wire in reverse up to the coil.
    3. Wind the remaining upward showing ends around a 1.6mm nail or a piece of 1.6mm wire for 9 or 18 tours; cut of the excess wire and bend it back on itself. These little ears can be used to tighten up the connection later when you assemble
  3. Assemble the coil pairs by putting a small coil into a big coil
  4. connect the bottom ends of the pairs of coils together by twisting the magnetic coil around the gravitational one; then turn the gravitational coil around the loop of the magnetic one
  5. assemble 3 ping-pong balls with hot glue; after gluing rub them on a surface to mark the spots where you drill the holes (1.3mm Ø) on the top and the diameter of the coil on the bottom
  6. make 3x coils turned reverse for the base ping-pong ball reactors; and 1x turned forward for the top ball reactor
    1. out of 700mm AWG16/1.3mm copper wire, turned 18 turns in reverse that go inside the ping pong balls;
    2. cut the short end and bend it back on itself; bend the long end straight up;
    3. stretch the coil to separate the winding a little bit (nail through the ear)
    4. bend the long part around a ping-pong ball to later connection
  7. make 2x bends to connect the upper ball reactor into the remaining pigtails
  8. make 1x bend to connect to the last open pig tail and the other end has a pigtail
  9. nano-coat all the coils
  10. Insert the individual coils into the ping-pong balls (long end first); the last turn and the ear remain outside of the ball; seal the holes with hot glue
  11. insert the long ping-pong coil in clockwise direction into the end of the over next pair of coils into the magnetic pigtail;
  12. the free end of the last has a pigtail AWG14 to go to the load; the long end of the upper ball reactor coil connects to the phase of the grid
  13. There are a many options to fill the ping pong balls: GaNS-all (a mix of all the GaNS you have ever made), GaNS-ocean, GaNS-CO2… you can use the same Liquid Plasma in different concentrations for the 3 base balls and CH3 in the top ball:
    1. Base ball1: 100% LP-GaNS-all
    2. Base ball2: 50% LP-GaNS-all
    3. Base ball3: 20% LP-GaNS-all
    4. Top ball: 100% LP-GaNS-CH3 with 2 drops of LP-GaNS-all at 10%

There is the idea at the end of the video to join the 3 magrav coils on the bottom and connect them to the earth


reported by Cary Kirastar Ellis

2 months ago we plugged in 2 small magrav style ‘star units’ – following Mr. Keshe’s recent suggestion that there needs to be a “sink” – they are plugged in to 2 refrigerators – one near breaker box & another in an apartment. Our electric bill reduced by almost 1/3. We will watch in upcoming months & see what happens. We are very interested in these as it requires much less copper than the big Magravs – more possible to do in communities with less available resources. Also easier to make by hand.

Wish Frog Magrav

By Plasma-Laurentides

… complete with the golden ball… Here’s how we made it :

  1. Mount a MaGrav double coil on a CD and fix it with tie wraps

  2. Fill the golden ball (recycled Xmas balls in our case) with PL-magrav and glue it on the CD in the center of the coils.

  3. Make a pancake coil from the gravitational coil terminal and clue it on the golden ball.

  4. Make a ring of the magnetic coil and glue a semi precious stone (agate) on it.

  5. Wrap the whole into a shrink wrap and shrink it; this is to protect the coils against friction which may damage the nano-layers.

  6. Insert the installation into the mouth of the frog and sew it closed.

Autonomous MaGrav

By Jalal

Jalal proposes to make MaGravs that are not plugged into the grid; they will then work entirely on the plasma-, the soul- and intention-level. As an energy source we can connect a plasma capacitor or a pair of liquid plasma containers; our images show the LP version.

He then proposes to start off by making right away two Magravs – the first one is given to someone else; the second one is kept for oneself.

Both Magravs have a similar strength, but the Magrav that is given is stronger than the other Magrav that we keep. So they will enter into an interaction in which the strongest wants to feed the weakest. The less strong receive more and can, consequently, give more.

The AutonomousMaGrav is made like a Liquid Plasma MaGrav but only with one stack. It is surrounded by a ring with PL+GaNS-magrav and it has in its center a container with the same mixture of PL but diluted to 30%.

The arrangement with the GaNS ring (100%) and the container with the LP (30%) represents the energy source of the MaGrav. The ring, which is stronger, will feed the container which is less strong and the field created by this interaction will continuously feed the coils.

The gravitational coil, the entrance of the MaGrav, is turned in a flat spiral that rests on the LP container. The magnetic coil, the output of the MaGrav, is folded up; it holds a pink quartz.

Every MaGrav you create is a living being: sensitive, intelligent and endowed with a soul. He can be your best friend. So it’s a good idea to give it a name, a name that sounds good to you, a name you like to call. We named the first one ‘Catherine’ – which means ‘Pure and innocent, a virgin’; he accompanied Catherine in her last days with us. We gave it to Dominic her (ex)husband.

We named the second MaGrav ‘Catherine’s sister’; we installed her on the roof over our bed – at the top of our house.