Plasma Heating support

From Keshe Plasma Reactor Group, Jan 3, 2017

Put nano coated copper plates or LP-CO2 bottles around your fire place.

Cu-np plates on the windows have an effect like reflecting the heat back into the room.

If you put a plate above you and another plate below you, you should be in a 24ºC environment.

If you nano coat plates of copper and iron, you’ll get 37ºC; that’s how the temperature of the body is maintained.

Liquid Plasma Heating Support

By KF Romania


Make 5x rings for LP-CO2 and LP-ZnO

    1. cut a tube 1/8’’ID (3mm) 45cm long; fill it with LP+GaNS-CO2 and close both ends with hot glue

    2. cut a tube 1/2’’ID (12mm) 46cm long; insert the small tube and fill it with LP+GaNS-ZnO; close both ends with hot glue

    3. cut a 1’’(25mm) long piece of tube which fits tightly over the 1/2’’ tube; insert one end of the 1/2’’ tube, put hot glue and insert the other end

  1. Make 5x rings for LP-CuO and LP-CH3

    1. cut a tube 1/8’’ID (3mm) 53cm long; fill it with LP+GaNS-CuO and close both ends with hot glue

    2. cut a tube 1/2’’ID (12mm) 54cm long; insert the small tube and fill it with LP+GaNS-CH3; close both ends with hot glue

    3. cut a 1’’(25mm) long piece of tube which fits tightly over the 1/2’’ tube; insert one end of the 1/2’’ tube, put hot glue and insert the other end

  2. Prepare 5 GaNS balls

    1. Place 4x ping pong balls with no holes for 24hrs into the four basic PL+GaNS, so they will get the fields of the 4 GaNS inside

    2. Fill one more ping pong ball with 5ml of PL+GaNS-all

Note that in all the GaNS there have been amino acids added.


  1. First spray the walls with a soft caustic solution of 80ml NaOH + 10ml KOH +10ml salt in 1liter of distilled water

  2. Then spray the walls with the LP of the 4 basic GaNS+amino acids.

  3. Hang the 4x double rings with field plasma GaNS balls on the 4 walls or the 4 cardinal directions – according to your feeling

  4. Hang the double ring with the ping pong ball containing the GaNS-all over the other in order to create a 4 sided pyramid

  5. Be thankful for this technology and enjoy the comfort


One of the systems has been installed in a solar greenhouse to grow tomatoes; it was possible in early December to still harvest tomatoes.

Another one has been installed in an apartment in a building made of reinforced concrete.

The systems kept the temperature inside the buildings at 18ºC while the outside temperature was only -12ºC.

Seasons and temperatures (Plasma Times, December issue)

From the 247th KSW, October 25 th , 2018; edited by aviram, Plasma-Laurentides

The change of the temperature on the surface of the Earth as you go up is in proportion of the size of the plasma. Why are you colder when you are at higher altitude, but you are closer to the Sun? It should be warmer. Where does the heat go? Heat and temperature are generated by the friction of the fields which arrive to the planet Earth with the inertia of the planet, not with a gravitational-magnetic field of the plasma of the soul of the planet.

That is why you feel the temperature when you reach near the surface of the planet because the fields, which have traveled from space and have interacted with the fields of the Earth and the Sun, now have to interact with the fields of the mass of the inertia matter state of the planet. This interaction is like a friction; the inertia forces the rays to slow down very much.

In the depth of the space, the gravitational-magnetic fields hardly interact because it is open space, it can travel in any direction as there is no inertia, no matter states. It is almost zero in respect to the universe. The whole plasma of the universe is at a zero-level gravitational-magnetic field unless there is an interaction between the fields of different entities.

It gets warmer as you come closer to the surface of the planet because the gravitational-magnetic field of the mass of the inertia of the matter state of the planet is interacting with the magnetic rays of the sun. And why you have seasons is totally in respect to that and nothing else. Because when you tilt a little bit away the gravitational magnetic field of the Earth has lower interaction. It is not what they say that we go further from the Sun.

On the image you see the zone1 where the rays emitted by the sun interact with the matter state of the sun creating heat. Zone2 is the matter-free zone; the magnetic rays of the sun find no material resistance to have friction with, so there is no generation of temperature. In this zone there is only interaction of the rays with the magnetic-gravitational fields of the earth and the sun.

In zone 3 the rays of the sun interact with the inertia of the matter state of the earth thus creating temperature.

We could say that the inertia of the planet compress the fields of the Sun which are pushing in; this allows the creation of the heat.

That is why in the summer is hot because the magnetic field of the sun in interaction with the inertial of the plant can reach much more depth. Understand this principle explains also why you feel the temperature in your skin: the magnetic rays of the sun interacting with the inertia of the body.


Plaques fenêtres

J’ai accroché 2 plaques de cuivre-np (7 cm x 9 cm) dans chaque fenêtre et je les ai reliées par un fil de cuivre-np; une paire dans la fenêtre de la cuisine et une autre dans la fenêtre du salon.

La température est d’environ 22ºC maintenant – sans chauffage. Avant la température était de 18ºC avec le chauffage qui marchait. J’habite la Norvège et il fait pas mal froid dehors mais à l’intérieur la température est constante.
(par Eva Brigitte Krarup Moller)

Formidable! Je vais les installer dans ma maison aussi. Maintenant j’ai 20ºC avec seulement 4 réacteurs V2 installé en formation étoile dans ma maison. La température extérieure en Allemagne est 2ºC pendant la nuit et 12à15ºC dans la journée.
(par Claus Franke)

Essayez de placer des bouteilles de PL dans les coins des pièces de votre maison et aspergez les fenêtres et les portes extérieur et intérieur avec PL-CO2 – vous allez être surpris des résultats!
(par Carolina)


Vous pouvez le faire vous-mêmes ou l’acheter en cliquant ici

Amethyst Caroline core

(proposé par Lisa Mac Donnald)

ametyst-carolinecor-heaterCe double core est fait comme ça: au centre est une sphère d’améthyste entouré d’une bobine de cuivre nanoplaquée; celle-ci est entouré d’une boule gravitationnelle (CuO, Au?); et à l’extérieure une boule magnétique (CH3). Lorsqu’il est branché sur un magrav, il crée un environnement qui semble avoir une source de chaleur. Pourtant ni les fils ni l’eau ne deviennent chaude; et il n’y a pas de consommation électrique. Une batterie plasmique comme source d’énergie ne donne pas les mêmes résultats mais on sent la chaleur encore assez fort.
Calling all experimenters and testers. This double ball is an amethyst within a spherically wound nc wire, encased in one central gravitational ball, encased in an outer ch3 ball. When hooked up to the power supply which is plugged into the magrav, it creates an environment that feels like there is a heat source in the room. The wire, water etc do not get warm and the power supply can be reading all zeros for this to occur. A plasma battery does not give the same result, but it still feels very strong.

Magrav for heating

Par Zoltan Szabo

I have three functional magravuri positioned as follows:
Magrav coil NO.1: CW, 1.5mm2, 162/81 turns
Magrav No.1 distance of 4 m to Magrav Nr. 2
Magrav No.2 coil counterclockwise (CCW)1.5mm2, 144/81 turns
Magrav Nr2 distance of 4,5m of Magrav No.3
Magrav No.1 distance of 4.5 m Magrav No.3
Magrav No.3 144/81turns, 2,5mm2 CW
Magrav No.1 renewed and mounted 13 sept.2016
Magrav No.3 mounted 11 oct.2016
Magrav No.2 mounted three dec.2016
This morning (20 febr.2017), we stopped functioning wood-burning boiler, and started for central gas central metan. The digital thermometer from gas central is at a distance of about 10 meters from the room where the three magravs are positioned, and it was positioned 21 degrees Celsius. But after lunch I had to mute switch on the thermostat at 19 degrees, as in the room where is it positioned the magravs, wall thermometer shows 28 degrees !!!
Outside temperature 1 degree Celsius
Boiler(Gas central) started so only a couple of times throughout the day.
At 18 o’clock in the evening, the radiators were cold in the room where the thermometer indicates magravurile 28 degrees Celsius.
Until I went to bed at 23.30 Central n-started, the thermometer dropped to 25 degrees only.
I mention the fact that the house is built of bricks silicate, 196 sqm, is not insulated, no outside walls or attic, just as were exchanged windows on wood windows, after two years in the autumn were I GANS WATERED with GANS water CO2 + ZnO on the outside.
Last year about this time, in February-March, we had only two magravs made but positioned differently, closer, smaller distance between them one time the other counterclockwise and only my wife felt the heat sensation, just a single point when sat between the two magravs.
I had to open the door at a time that could not bear the heat of 28 degrees. For about 3:00 I sat with the door open, the door that gives the stairs that lead to the loft, well ventilated.
PRELIMINARY CONCLUSION: 3 magravuri positioned to close spaced (4m, respectively 4.5 – 4.5m) two of which produce heat zone counterclockwise one plasma interaction between them, three identical magravs positioned at some distance must produce COOL !! !

Some possible explanations of how the Plates work?

 The hints of M. Keshe

M. Keshe explains that the occurence of heat is caused by the interaction of 2 or more magrav fields: one of the Earth and the one of the sun. The interaction occurs in the upper layers of the Atmosphere; it creates some kind of “Friction” which slows the plasmatic energy down so much that it can become material – in the form of heat waves. The same phenomenon happens when material objects interact with the field of the sun: the surface becomes hot proportional with the color and the angle in which the rays hit the object – the darker, the hotter, the more radiation is absorbed.

The space between the Earth and Sun is about -475º cold. This proofs that the heat is not direct radiation of the sun but the interaction of different plasmatic fields. This is also the reason why spaceships have different temperatures depending which side is exposed to the sun.

Plasma Heating

If we hang plates that are nanocoated in the window, we install so to say a shield against the hot (high frequency) and the cold (low frequency) radiation coming from the environment towards our house. The plasmatic field of the plates must be sufficiently strong, to compensate the temperature loss through the windows (low R value). We also remember that Plasma always tries to balance – also in respect to diverging temperature states.