Conventionally our cars run on fossil fuels (gasoline or diesel) or electric motors; there is a 3rd source of energy: plasma. If plasma is made available in a car, conventional energy sources are helped by this inexhaustible new energy source.

What’s more, a magrav in the car will quietly nanocoat the whole car. This nanoplating will reduce or even reverse corrosion (rust); even scratches may disappear.
Then the magrav in the car will interact with the inertia of the planet earth; it will create a distance between the two; what will position the car differently in relation to the gravitational fields of the earth; which will make the car “lighter”; it will also reduce friction on the tire and thus requires less energy to drive.

Note concerning electric/hybrid cars: install the magrav after the inverter.

Car magrav with LP

By Mosfaq

The UC member from Bangladesh shared his observation to enhancing the power of the car magrav unit by the application of LP in different concentrations in the back and the front of the car:

The differential in concentration of the LP containers will create a dynamic field surrounding the MaGrav unit, as the stronger field will feed the weaker one. The MaGrav inside the field can pick up on this enhanced energy field and work more efficiently.



Battery conditioner

18 coils wound counter-clockwise on pole (+); 18 coils wound clockwise on pole (-); both coils are dipped in GaNS-CO2 + CuO. (Evelyn Lerden)

Condition engine oil

Add 15ml of GaNS-CO2 (Evelyn Lerden)


Conditioning gasoline

20ml GaNS-composite with GaNS-wolfram (Evelyn Lerden)


Ball on fan filled with GaNS-Pb + CH3; 2x capacitors (magnetic coil turned clockwise on pole (-); other turned counterclockwise on pole (+); connected to cigarette lighter. (Evelyn Lerden).
When the ball rotates, the GaNS migrates towards the walls of the ball; followed by the water; in the center a vacuum is created which is filled with a very powerful plasma.
5 GaNS balls: CH3, CuO, ZnO, Au with Pb in the middle; the balls are attached under the roof. (Evelyn Lerden)


  • Clear hose, ID 1/4”, OD 3/8”, 11-3/4” length
  • Connector hose, ID 3/8”, OD 1/2”, 1” length
  • Fill the ring with 5ml Eau-de-GaNS + 4.5ml Eau-de-GaNS-CH3
  • Make the coils around a 9.6mm rod, 30 turns, 0.40m length



Magrav 1ÉR

Gino Di Serio version.
The magnetic coil has 162 turns while the gravitational coil has 81 turns.
A capacitor is installed on the output of the magnetic coil. Concerning the connection: the plus of the capacitor on the (+) of the battery and the minus (input of the gravitational coil) on the mass of the motor block.

Jacky version
It uses 3 stages of magravs with 3 GaNS (CO2, CuO and CH3).the connection must be made: the (+) from the magrav to the (+) from the battery and the (-) from the magrav to the engine so that the plasma passes through the engine before it finds the (-) from the battery.

The efficiency of a car magrav increases considerably if the antenna is nano-plaaked. It only works with the telescopic antenna and not with the one embedded in plastic.

Single capacitor

Make a capacitor (or health antenna) that is inserted into a cigarette lighter socket. Especially the “Friedl” capacitor is reputed to accelerate the nano plating process.


Carburetor Conditioner

According to Douglas. Insert 6x nano plated copper sponges into the housing before the air filter into the engine. Dollarama sponges can even be used as these are made of copper plated steel.

Attach with 9x neodyne adhesive tape to the tubes that conduct air.

That gave 45 miles more on a gas tank fill.

Windshield washer conditioner

add PL-CO2 (Evelyn Lerden)


It was observed that cars with magrav are better during the full moon and when they drive next to a stronger car. It happens because magrav is the interface between ambient energy and us. The front part of the car is gravitational while the moon is magnetic.

How you nano-coat the system and how you GaNS the system has a big influence on the fuel economy rate. The driver’s intention has a great influence on performance as well.

You can install a magrav to save gas – you can also install it mainly to create a peaceful community – by driving!