The Orgonite-Plasma Pyramid

By Ibryldrm

Plasma and Orgone energy meet in the orgonite pyramid.

How do we do that?

  1. You need a mould to make the pyramid.
  2. Place 4 Health Antennas inside, in the corners of the pyramid.
  3. Fill the tip of the pyramid with crystals taken in epoxy
  4. Place a triscelion, a GaNS-CO2 ball and a crystal ring (also resin).
  5. Fix the whole with a resin casting
  6. Add a ring (clear tube) with GaNS-CO2 and fix it with an extra layer of resin.
  7. Add 4 small bottles with the 4 basic GaNS and 2 rings: the smallest with GaNS-CO2+ZnO and the largest with GaNS-CO2.
  8. Fill the whole with resin.





Chemtrail Buster + Plasma

By/par Plasma-Laurentides

We have an Orgonite Chemtrail Blaster in our garden. It is grounded into the water of the lake. A few days ago I have added 4 Liquid Plasma Reactors with concentration differential to it : 100%+GaNS particles – 50% LP – 25% LP – 12% LP. The GaNS used the the mix we use to make liquid plasma magravs. We have also added the idea of Truong Cong Duc, a Reiki configuration of nano-coated infinity symbols made of copper wire. All components are mounted on a clear acyrlic plate.