Universal Health Unit – Reactors

By Janozh

There are 6 reactors; each of them can be controlled independently :

  1. CO2+ZnO

  2. CO2+ZnO

  3. CO2+ZnO

  4. ZnO

  5. CO2+Au

  6. CH3+Au

The distance between the reactors is 90cm; the top reactor is about 25cm higher than the one above the head. Each reactor has a drop of the other reactors to make the link.

The whole device is made of 2 tetrahedrons; the lower one of them inversed. The reactors turn at a speed of about 700 to 800 rpm. We have seen that the device can operate with much lower speeds, though.

The intend is to check the teachings of M.Keshe by practical building in creating a device able to act upon the human body. The highest reactor is meant to pull in higher energies in order to nourish/elevate the soul. The head of the sitting person will be in the middle between the vertical reactors; his spinal column in-line with the vertical axes of the device. The side reactors (2,3) are in the hight of the heart.

The device is meant to act directly on the chakras of the human body. The re-alignment of the chakras will subsequently re-balance the body’s physical energies. The GaNS-Au is used to supply rejuvenating and regenerating energy to the body. The ZnO is to balance the emotional center and the CO2 for the physical body. All the reactors contain the GaNSes with their respective amino acids.

1. person (throat pain and coughs). He sits down focusing his intention of the part of the body that he wanted to have treated. He felt immediately the fields created by the reactors. The coughing disappeared immediately.

2. person (chakras measurement and re-alignment); after 15 minutes the chakras alignment changed from 90% to 91%; the energy of the person has been raised from 86% to 96%.