Anti-nuke reactor

By Céline Wang

I don’t know if you found out, but two days ago it seems that it have been an accident at a nuclear power plant in Russia. Anyway at this moment on this Planet, there is no area without radiation. In this article I tell you how to make a reactor at home in order to neutralize the radiation levels. This simple reactor is not to produce GaNS or to be used for medical applications.

  1. Buy one small bottle with the most alkaline water that you can find in the market.
  2. Put the water in another clean container and without heat, dilute 1/4 teaspoon of sea salt, iod free.
  3. Cut the top of the bottle below where the diameter gets narrow, so you can use it as recipient for the elements we are going to put in. Keep the upper part of the bottle to close the bottle later.
  4. Make a coil from copper wire AWG14 or AWG12 and nano coat it.
  5. Salvage the zinc housing of a C or D size 1.5V battery and punch two holes in the upper part of the zinc plate as we will insert through that holes the end of nano copper wire + coil
  6. Insert the assembly in the bottle container; the connecting wire between the zinc plate and the coil remains above the water level.
  7. Put the salt water in the container.
  8. Put a fern leave or a fern plant near the reactor (or other plants that help neutralize radiation)
  9. Close the container with the top part of the bottle which was cut.

Keep one of these reactors in each of your rooms, working place, office, etc. Your intention that you put into this reactor is very important especially at the moment when you pour the liquid in – that’s the moment it gets activated – meditate, contemplate few moments on your intention.