The basic installation for GaNS production

Each GaNS production setup consists of the following components:

  1. A plate of a simple metal that decides which GaNS will be produced
  2. A nano plated copper plate (Cu-np)
  3. A nano plated copper wire that connects the two metal plates
  4. Distilled or demineralized water with salt in a concentration of 3.5 to 10%.
  5. The GaNS will settle at the bottom of the container

The simple metal plate (A) will decide which GaNS will be produced. For the 4 basic GaNS these are:

  • a zinc plate (Zn) for the production of GaNS-CO2 and GaNS-ZnO
  • a galvanized iron plate (Fe-galv) for the production of GaNS-CH3
  • <a copper plate (Cu) for the production of GaNS-CuO

The quality of the material

It is very important to wash the freshly nano-coated plates in distilled water before using them to make GaNS – to avoid caustic in the production of GaNS.

The environment of the GaNS production

It is very important to observe the environment of GaNS production. Each substance or entity represents a plasma field that will interact with GaNS production. We use this fact to create specific GaNS, by exposing the production of GaNS-CO2 to supplements, nutrients or drugs.

But the same effect can also “contaminate” our production. For example, we want to produce GaNS-CuO. The proximity of a GaNS-ZnO bottle will introduce the fields of this GaNS into production with the effect that the GaNS-CuO will be less pure. So it is a good idea, not to do the 4 GaNS in the same place – a distance of 3m (9ft) between individual containers is recommended; and to check the presence of unwanted fields.

The role of intention in relation to GaNS production

The same applies to our emotional state or intention that accompanies the production of GaNS; our thoughts, emotions and intentions are also plasma fields that interact with the production of GaNS. It is therefore important to cultivate a good intention before starting and to keep a quiet, peaceful and positive mind during production. Here is an example of a very powerful intention:

The power of an intention is determined by the degree of its integration into the Universal Principle:

Recovering amino acids

After the formation of GaNS, an oily layer forms on the surface of the production container. This layer are amino acids, the basic elements of all life forms on this planet. Each GaNS produces an amino acid of a quality specific to it.

The amino acids are recovered and placed in a glass container with a lid. To remove the amino acids we use a small broom which we make as follows:

  • Get a dish washing brush; the filaments are arranged in packages
  • Tear off a bundle of filaments
  • Get a drinking straw. Put some hot glue in one end of the straw
  • Insert the package of filaments into the glue and crush the end that the glue keeps the filaments in a fan shape

Rinsing the GaNS

After producing GaNS, the GaNS salt should be washed once.

  1. Remove the plates from the installation
  2. Remove the amino acids with a brush made for this purpose (as shown above).
  3. Let the liquid rest for 12-24 hours
  4. Remove as much clear liquid as possible from the GaNS
  5. Fill the container once again with distilled or demineralized water

It is possible to wash the GaNS several times if the GaNS water will be ingested afterwards – to remove the taste of the salt.