Plasma and Health

“We do not cure any disease, we use plasma tools to modify the body’s plasma environment that allows the body to regain its balance. ” Mr. Keshe

We are more than the body, we live simultaneously on several levels:

  • The soul at the spiritual level
    It is located in the centre of our brain. She is divine and shines eternally out of unconditional love like the sun. She is immutable, she cannot get sick or have an accident.
  • The emotional centre or mind at the energetic level
    The emotional centre is like a sphere around the soul. It acts as a filter that decides whether our body is healthy or sick.
  • The physical body on the material plane
    Another sphere that surrounds the mind; the body is in fact the field where conflicts between the soul and the mind/ego manifest themselves in illness or accidents.

All healing is self-healing

You don’t need to be a doctor to treat your illness by yourself – you can trust that your soul can do all the work for you, that your soul can show you the solution. The Plasma health tools available are intended to facilitate the self-healing process.

To help us imagine what happens in the event of illness and healing, you can follow this image: in a surge of love and co-creation the souls of our parents created our soul on an immaterial level. Then our new soul decided to incarnate in the material level; and the father’s sperm melted into the mother’s egg to initiate cell multiplication. So we have two ‘bodies’: a spiritual body that remains in the soul, invisible, immutable. He cannot change, not have an accent, illness, old age or death. Then we have the material copy of the celestial body, the embryo that develops according to what we know about biology and medicine.

If there were only the soul and the body with a mind without freedom of decision, our physical body (the copy of the celestial body) would always be perfectly adapted to its environment in order to provide the pleasure of life to our soul – its one and only purpose. But we have freedom of choice and so what happens to our body is determined by the judgment of our mind.

This is simple: if we have thoughts that do not serve us, our soul sends us an alarm signal via negative emotions. If we listen to the message, we will seek pleasant thoughts and the emotion will change immediately. If, on the other hand, we do not listen to the soul’s message, it will be forced to speak louder, and it will produce symptoms of illness, an accident or signs of old age. At that time we can change our thoughts to pleasant thoughts and the symptoms will disappear. Often our skepticism does not allow it – so we have to use intermediaries,

An intermediary is the image of both bodies: in an illness or after an accident, the material copy, the physical body is no longer the same as the original. Then both bodies establish a communication channel.

Through this channel, all the cells in our body know exactly their condition as well as the condition of our entire body. As soon as an imbalance is detected, the cells ask the invisible energies of the Universe (Plasma) to come and re-balance their state, i.e. to make the material copy once again identical to its original. This communication channel is greatly facilitated by Plasma tools.

Plasma Tools

It is important to understand how Plasma tools work so as not to fall into the trap that has been set by the pharmaceutical industry: Plasma is not a pill that you take without understanding anything and hoping to be able to live with the symptoms.

Plasma treatment gives us the opportunity to understand how our body-mind system works; and from this knowledge it would be possible to completely re-balance the part of our body that is unbalanced.

All our diseases are PSYCHOSOMATIC; they have at the same time a physical side (Greek soma) and a psychological side. Given the importance of the mind that “manages” our physical state, it is important to accompany any physical treatment with psychological treatment at the same time. The tools to do this are the Life Cup and the Breathing Tube (RespirÔplasma). One of these tools should always accompany the other plasma tools that work on the physical side.

Above all, it is a good idea to Meditate regularly