Use of GaNS

 As you can see, there are two parts of the content in a GaNS ja: the GaNS which is sedimented at the bottom of the container and the Liquid Plasma (LP) which is the clear liquid above the GaNS. For health applications, we only use the LP – never the GaNS itself.
To collect the LP, you can use a syringe. Then fill the container again with distilled water and stir it vigorously to thoroughly mix the distilled water with the GaNS. Before taking the new LP, the GaNS must settle; wait 12-24 hours for this. The LP contains the magrav fields of the GaNS.
In order to transfer the qualities of GaNS into water we use the memory of water. This has been described in the works of the Japanese scientist Masaru Emoto.
Wikipedia on Emoto:

Masaru Emoto, an author, researcher, photographer and entrepreneur, who claimed that human consciousness has an effect on the molecular structure of water.
Emoto’s experience with water crystals consisted in exposing water in a glass to different words, images or music; then this water was frozen. Then the water formed crystals that showed aesthetic properties that he took a picture of. Emoto claimed that water that was exposed to positive words or intentions produced pretty and pleasant crystals; while water exposed to negative energies produced either ugly crystals or no crystals at all.

 The water memory can be explained by an object (like bottle) and the mould we can make from it. The bottle represents any substance that is introduced into the water. The mould are the water molecules grafted around the substance. Once the mould is finished, the bottle can be removed without losing its shape or structure. The same happens when the substance is removed from the water by filtration: the ‘mould’ formed by the water molecules remains intact. They keep the form, structure or information of the substance in ‘memory’. This phenomenon is caused by electromagnetic forces in the water

Multiplication of GaNS

If you have GaNS, you can multiply the Liquid Plasma to infinity.

  1. Introduce 50 to 100ml of GaNS into a 1 litre glass jar with a lid
  2. Fill the jar with distilled or demineralized water
  3. Stir well and allow to settle for 12-24 hours.
  4. Collect the clear liquid only (PL) using a large syringe (100 or 200 ml)

The characteristics of GaNS


  • C= connection + O=gravitational
  • Connects the body and emotion, balances health in general, relieves pain
  • Balances certain extreme energy states (viruses and cancers)
  • Can be used in all health tools as well as in agriculture


  • Cu=muscle tissue, red blood + O=gravitational
  • Connection to the lymphatic system
  • Interact with muscle tissue and the nervous system
  • Used for disinfection (equipment, water and body)
  • Gives energy to Magravs systems


  • C=connexion + H=energy
  • Blood (emotional transporter), energy and emotional related
  • CH3 is a base sugar that creates energy through H
  • Also used in agriculture


  • Zn=emotion + O=gravitational
  • To be used in all health applications, because emotions (mental) control what happens in the body
  • Also used in agriculture

Note on dry GaNS

You can dry GaNS in ambient air. Dry GaNS is not used for medical applications. The original liquid GaNS are flexible and can be re-positioned. Dry GaNS particles no longer dissolve in water; they become inflexible. Dry GaNS is only used in energy applications, such as Magravs and Capacitors.