Deep cut

By Fernando RenDon

After 6 days application of Liquid Plasma CuO2 / CO2 /ZnO; even the stitches have not yet been removed.




Skin Fungus (mold)

By Cynthia Chen

I used the Liquid Plasma of CO2 and CuO to treat a fungus (mold) infected skin on the big toe. In the process the infection swell and then the whole infection came off.






Plasma Scalp

Shared by Atsuko Takashi

In the past, I used to older than my age when I had a big bald ditch in the middle of my hair. I went to find out more on the Keshe Technology online and I found to spray LP-CO2 on the bald parts. It turns out that all my hair has grown back now.



Bump on Throat

By Lai Yin Stenqvist

A person with a bump on the throat was afraid to go to the hospital as she had bad experience with a former operation and she was afraid to get diagnosed the bump as cancer. So I made 2 health pads for her; one is 100% LP-CO2 and the other diluted to 50%. After 2 days, the bump diminished in size and after 2 weeks, it was gone.


Testimony Cup of Life

I had back pain when I lay down and arm pain with a great limitation in my movements. I had no improvement despite physiotherapy treatments for 6 months (without results) and osteotherapy for 1 month (which found the source but could not solve the problem completely).

With God’s help and by using the Cup of Life with personal GaNS, I experienced a great improvement already after 48 hours. The pain when lying down has also disappeared!

After 6 days the pain has completely disappeared and my arm has regained its flexibility to 85% and: complete recovery is coming…

Thank you! Diana

Injuries, Infections in animals

Carolina De Roose Keshe

This protocol is for pets that have been bitten, have an infected wound or have contacted Parvo virus or other parasites.


  1. Wash the wound with LP-CuO.

  2. Make a mixture of 39% LP-CO2, 60% LP-ZnO and 1% LP-CuO. Add 10 drops of lavender essential oil and 10 drops of chamomile. Put everything in a blender for about 40 seconds, then let it settle.

  3. Take only the upper layer of the liquid from this mixture. Once the bottle is half empty, fill it with demineralized water and mix it again in the blender. So you have an endless supply for all emergencies.

Parvo Virus

  1. Spray the same mixture into the animal’s mouth. Once the animal stops vomiting, add PL-CH3 to support the animal with energy.

  2. Add 30% PL-CuO to a bucket of water and wash the blankets and places where the animal urinates, as well as the place where it sleeps.

  3. Keep the animal away from other animals. Always wash your hands. Parvovirus is highly contagious.

Plasma Superfood Testimonial

By Jean-Marc from France

Hello aviram a few weeks ago I ordered from the FabShop the GaNS of Plasma Superfood. I have done the indicated protocol and I can tell you that it is radical! I who ate at the 3 meals morning, noon and evening plus the 4 o’clock break, I only eat 2 meals and no more the 4 o’clock break…

Just last night I put on and sleep with two patches 100% in the back and 30% both in the stomach. This morning I was pleasantly surprised to see that the 100 percent plasma food patch had grey spots inside while there was nothing last night… so I guess I have to destroy this patch and make another one.
jean marc

Feedback on Cup of Life

By Hulya Ozel Heeney

Before I use Cup of Life each time I clean the energy of the room by meditating and praying as it is suggested by Mr Aviram. I put my intention and drink it slowly. Sometimes, i listen to chakra healing frequencies. In my case it is mostly about the heart chakra as i have allergic asthma. I drank the plasma and breath the plasma air for about 40minutes 2 times a day.
At the beginning, almost 2 weeks, I burst into tears while i am breathing the plasma. I cried a lot. All the time breathing plasma for 2 weeks i did emotionally detox via tears.
When I meditate after doing
the Cup of Life, memories came back. I was shown old memories and new memories that created helplessness and anger.
I was so surprised to see how much I bottled up and needed healing so much…
I started Cup of Life out of
curiosity, honestly, but it took me to the healing process. Help is in every corner if you let it without judgment. Creation is a mystery.
Well, needles to say i have been feeling great since then and it is been more then 7 months now i started and still I am using it. I am not crying anymore but there is something in it i can not explain that makes me feel protected and cared. Much love to all in process of healing and to whom working so hard to deliver this unconditional love to humanity. 

Testimony Glaucoma

By Hulya Ozel Heeney

Hi sisters and brothers, I like to give some feedback on Plasma-View-S, that I used a month for Glaucoma on my right eye.
I started with 4 drops each eye. But it gave me headache and felt very heavy in the eye and head. It was too strong for me. I reduced it to 2 drops each that was fine. 2 weeks later i increased to 4 drops each eye.

After I finished the bottle I felt a slight weakness on my eyesight especially when I am reading. I am 57 by the way. I was already using reading glasses. So, after couple of months of the treatment I had to go to Turkey. First thing, I wanted to check what was going on with the glaucoma. And… the doctor said there was no sign of glaucoma on my both eyes anymore!
I said, no way! (Being a human, still part of me just can not believe the amazingness of the plasma!). I asked to check again because i was diagnosed a couple months ago and i was about to have a surgery? Doctor said no problem and checked again. The result was the same!
Well, I don’t know why my eyesight diminished a little, perhaps i had to continue using little longer. I am not sure. However, glaucoma is over guys!

One year of use of Food GaNS

by Franck Palomares

  • August 2018
    Creation of the Food GaNS with the NaOH method, according to information from the Keshe Foundation with my intuitions and intentions.
  • October 2018
    Hermetic 30 ml test tube with LP+ Gans-food, its amino acids to inform a 0.8l jar of water. On the first sip a call for energy, I drank the jar in two times just long enough to breathe in between! Hunger only arrived in the evening at mealtime. Breakfast is very light: a glass of water and six fine rice cakes
    Dinner: a glass of PL-food
    Dinner: normal meal
    During the first two weeks of this month I lost five kilos and then stabilized.
  • November 2018
    Breakfast: a glass of water
    Dinner: a glass of LP-food
    Dinner: small drop with six chocolate pancakes
  • December 2018 to March 2019
    The winter period being difficult I continue the same diet by adding one to three pizzas per week.
  • April 2019
    Same diet a little less pizza.
  • May, June 2019
    I have a loss in the desire to drink (precision since about two years I don’t drink anything but water) So I only inform a glass of water at lunch and taste it.
  • July, August 2019
    Despite the heat I don’t drink much anymore even after spending an hour in the sun at 40ºC.

Now I think we can talk about transmutation… with the Food GaNS and my intentions. My body is incredibly more alive, dynamic, present, available because digestion is reduced to its extreme so no unnecessary consumption of energy to digest solid matter! Thus no more digestive problems. Finally my stomach is always supple and light, I am even more attentive to my body, I am more at peace with myself.

Today I respect so much more the animals, fruits, vegetables and all the souls I used to eat that it is impossible for me to go back. I think that in the near future solid food will disappear from my diet, it is also a wish. Because even if it is organic there are inevitably pollutants from the emissions of our industry. From my point of view the Food GaNS may be the last step before breatharianism….

Many thanks Mr Keshe for this evolution in daily health!

But beyond my physical, energetic, emotional and plasma bodies, I had an extraordinary awareness of the time saved over a whole day for buying food, cooking… so a tremendous reduction in financial expenditure, but especially 95% less household waste! Imagine the impact on the environment, our planet Earth.

No GaNS and Nano materials touching the body

From 1N1P1R4World Peace #49

Please do not use nano coated copper or GANS filled tubes as jewelry. Carolina explains: “Don’t place them on your bodies, please. That’s too close for the body to absorb the fields, they don’t do you any good. When we hang nano coated material on a branch of a tree, it literally dies off because the field-strength is too high. Then you can imagine what it does when you put them on your skin and close to your body, it is way too strong.”

I remember a Korean lady who asked Mr Keshe why a nano coated copper belt she had been wearing for weeks made her feel so good. He said to not wear it all the time because any major organ in the body near the nano coated wire would become lazy and lose their normal functioning, and that that would create bigger problems. Nano coated and GANS jewelry is not safe, even if you cover them with plastic, wood or anything. Because the matter state is irrelevant; the field goes beyond the material limitations.

Mosquito bites

By Hadil

He treated a mosquito bite with LP+GaNS-CO2-COHN; he applied the LP on a cotton pad which was held in place by a medical tape.

After a few minutes the itching subsided and one hour later everything was gone.

Note: the medical department of the Keshe Foundation strongly advises not to let the skin come in direct contact with GaNS; you may repeat this experiment putting the inoculated cotton swab in a small, closed plastic bag, make it a patch.

Another possibility suggested by Jalal: you can put a bottle with distilled water in the container with LP+GaNS-CO2-COHN; in this way you charge the water with the plasmatic fields only and after there is no problem to put the swab directly on the skin.

In the same line of thought you could charge a dry swab between two containers with different concentrations of LP+GaNS-CO2-COHN, thus charging the swab with fields only.

Wasp bites

By Herbert Bloder

I just stepped on a wasp and she had stung me, of course. = painful. Then I sprayed CO2 on it. After 15 minutes the pain was completely gone.

Pain from titan brace

By Frédérique

Jane, 60, has been operated for a hernia; by mistake a titanium brace has been installed to support the vertebral column. This device caused her so much pain that she was obliged to take morphine painkillers.

The challenge was to find a efficient way to tackle the pain without provoking the tissue to repair itself and in the wake reject the brace. Here’s what she found:

  1. She mixed LP+GaNS-CO2+ZnO adding xanthan gum for jellification, lithotame as a supplier for calcium (Lithothamnium calcareum algae) and nettle powder.
  2. She made 2 patches with a 100% and 20% concentration for each foot
  3. The 2x patches were placed inside the socks while Jane had her afternoon nap.

After 1 month of treatment, Jane is off the painkillers!

Broken Bone plasma repair

By Tommy Gunn

This shows the miraculous ability of the body to re-heal such a huge fracture of a main bone structure. The hip of a woman was broken close to side of column. The doctors gave her 12 months to live. The hip healed together with other severe damages to the body and the brain.

The power of plasma technology saved this souls life, it gave the body a normal growing/healing condition. Doctors said this would not be possible. Cost of treatment, a few dollars. It was done with Co2, CH3 CuO2 patches. The patches take away the tension and pain from the muscle; so the muscle relaxes to its normal condition, allowing the bone to move into its original position. Additionally this allows the right transfer of calcium, so the body does not consider it a fracture anymore.

Canine Parvo disease healed

This is a testimony of Carolina who saved a dog from a very advanced infection by the parvo virus.

The canine parvovirus is a very serious, highly contagious disease that is too often fatal. In pets that acquire parvo, survival can depend on how quickly the virus is diagnosed and treated. Symptoms of canine parvovirus include bloody diarrhea (often severe), fever, lethargy, loss of appetite, malaise (discomfort associated with illness), rapid weight loss and vomiting. When a dog develops parvo, treatment can be very expensive, and the dog may die despite aggressive treatment; infected dogs need to be quarantined to prevent the spread of infection.

Her main technique was love! Besides that she washed the dog daily with PL-CO2 and gave him the plasma water to drink.

Tunnel vision

By Jalal

Retinitis pigmentosa H355B has been diagnosed in 2016. Retinitis pigmentosa (RP or tunnel vision) is a group of rare, genetic disorders that involve a breakdown and loss of cells in the retina—which is the light sensitive tissue that lines the back of the eye. Common symptoms include difficulty seeing at night and a loss of side (peripheral) vision (from National Health Institute).

On the pictures you see the black spots of broken down retina cells. This condition has been processed with Plasma eye drops during one year with liquid plasma CO2 and one more year with plasma eye drops. Normally this condition cannot be improved. However, the values were 0.3 at the beginning and 4.0 after treatment which is a 130% improvement. The patient suffered also from frequent migraines from straining the eyes when reading etc. The migraine has disappeared first.

There were also dramatic improvements to her life – especially on the emotional side; now she has taken up her studies, she can again out during the night.

Health Antenna, JLC

By Jean Louis Crobon

This pen gives very good results by applying it on the head (sinusitis, torticollite, headache and others). it does people a lot of good, etc… I tested it 6 months in a retirement home and I am proud to have designed it for all of you… It’s o.k. to use it on the head because there is no nano-coated copper used.

  1. Crystal tip

  2. LP+GaNS-gold

  3. Transparent tube filled with LP+GaNS-CO2

  4. Tight rubber joint

  5. LP+GaNS-CH3+gold

  6. Test tube, glass 16x160mm

Losing weight

by Flint

In the last years he gained 50lbs by consecrating his time to the work with the KF and getting no exercise… He has been given a GaNS-station, a 6 liter container filled with distilled water and surrounded by vials with LP+GaNS.

On his birthday he decided to replace all his drinking water by this plasma water wishing that this may help him loosing weight. Within 14 weeks his weight dropped from 110kg to 86kg.

In the same time, his eating habits changed: he went off fast food towards more healthy food; he eats about half of the quantity he ate before. He feels more happy overall.


Patch-de-GaNS :

2x Patch with the same concentration: 40%PL-CO2 + 40%PL-ZnO + 20%PL-CH3
2x Patch with 2:1 differential of the same mixture
2x Patch with 3:1 differential of the same mixture
2x Patch with differential 4:1 : 40%PL-CO2 + 40%PL-ZnO + 10%PL-CH3 + 1%PL-CuO+1 drop PL-S+1 drop PL-P
Because the femur has been removed, the patient must use it permanently, as they replace the function lost by surgery. Patches should be replaced every 3 to 4 months.
For the lack of lipid acids, we give 50gr of butter at night.


by Vasile

An 82-year-old childhood friend, who is essentially like a father to me, he uses health patches with CO2-ZnO-CH3 from June 2016. Her problem is the wear and tear on her hips. He could only move very short distances because of the pain. After about a week when we met, he told me that so many things could not walk for several years, and now he can walk and just feel a little pain, and that the pain is bearable. I asked him how long these packages are used, telling me that he almost never leaves them. For about two months, it consumes CO2-ZnO Gans plasma water, it is full of vigor and enjoys great mobility, long distances on foot, can enjoy the old age and free time he has !

Bronchitis Plasma Remedy

By aviram

A few days ago I got quite a bad bronchitis : lot’s of coughing white stuff up. The white stuff are white blood cells that got killed in fighting the disease. The bronchitis did not develop out of a viral flue; it just came on it’s own – so thought it’s a bacterial infection. In this case LP-CuO does not help very much, because it’s made to fight virus. So I made a mix of LP-CO2+N with a little bit of LP-CuO. The LP-N, I fabricated with a natural N source : little globes on the roots of beans; these are where the beans store the N they sequester from the air. I squeezed the little globes and added this N rich substance to a normal CO2 production. The final product can be found here: N-globulesplants.

Once finished i washed the GaNS and put the LP into a vaporizer bottle : i sprayed the liquid in my open mouth while deeply inhaling – so the spray could get into the bronchae. The result was immediate – only one cough in the first night and the phlegm subsided within a few days.

Burn, 3rd DEGREE

By Cary Kirastar Ellis
A young friend was terribly burned on his face and all over his body when a butane bottle exploded (even blowing from a door that had a steel bar across it). He was in the burn unit and was sent home so they could do skin grafts in 30 days. I asked my friends to use a C02 & Zn0 LP spray with a little Cu0 & a little CH3. For a week, they have been spraying plasma water on his bandages and he is adding to his drinking water. Doctors now see that he heals so quickly – they won’t need skin transplants!!!


by Vasile

An accident suffered by my wife, when she burned her left hand with boiling water at her work, where her colleagues exclaimed that the 2-3 degree burn will not heal better in a month. I brought her home from work and, with tears in my eyes, I read the suffering she endured. I had already read how we can quickly make a unit of plasma that quickly relieves pain, a unit we now call health patches. I quickly took gloves and gauze from a first aid kit, searched a bag with a zipper, then dipped the gauze in a little Gans and CO2-ZnO Gans water, and gave it to put on the fire. It was a shock not only for my wife but also for me, seeing the red and swollen hand full of blisters formed by the burn, as the pain dissipated in 5-7 minutes. Later, being busy in the room, I heard the water running from the kitchen tap, and I quickly went to see what was happening. My wife was washing dishes with hot water. When I asked her how to do this, it calmed me down by saying that she feels no pain and that the dishes have to be washed anyway. I checked his hand and I saw that all the redness affected have disappeared, basically the skin has the same color as in other parts of the body, the inflammation has disappeared, there remain only the blisters formed filled with liquid. In the days that followed, I saw in less than a week, his hand was healed without having to miss his work.

Cancer treatment

By Kerry Kirastar Ellis

A woman with multiple cancers has been abandoned as incurable by conventional medicine. A friends gave her LP-seawater for everything : drinking, cooking, washing, laundry, dish-washing, house cleaning… after 5 weeks the signs of cancer were gone.

Cancer, prostate

by Vasile

A 72-year-old person, and I quote from the poster on the Keshe Studies Group Romania: Testimony! It was with deep emotion, almost in tears, that I received news today. A very sick 72-year-old male with late stage prostate cancer. He could not move alone, he had to be helped to go to the outhouse, he lives in a rural area. Almost unbearable pain. I don’t know if you know the phrase “Can you take him home, we have nothing more to do, give him morphine 3 times a day…. he only lives about 3 months” (I don’t want to comment on that part). His granddaughter received from me three health patches with CO2-ZnO Gans (one), ZnO (second), and the third had the composition of CO2-ZnO-CH3 (I didn’t want to use CuO2, exactly because for the genital area it is not recommended). She went to her uncle and with her minimal knowledge, she practically explained to her uncle (as she could) what it was. You realize when you’re in this state, hopeless, what Uncle’s reaction was! He started using both ZnO-CH3- CO2 and CO2 plates (I tried to make it as pure as possible). After about 10 days, I received this information: The man walks alone to the toilet, he has appetite, even desires sometimes. The pain has been reduced, he is practically another man, he has the joy of life, listens to music, watches television and explains to everyone how good his granddaughter has done with these patches!

by Roger

I was diagnosed 6 months ago with aggressive prostate cancer, it was after a blood test that my HSP revealed an abnormally high level. The oncologist having advised me chemo ect… I hastened to refuse despite his prediction of a certain death if I did not follow his advice. I told him that given what I knew about the issue, I preferred to try natural alternatives.
So I asked Aviram to make me a cup of life specific to my case. Plus he made me a coil to remove the energy from my testosterone. At the same time I took Amygdalin mother tincture which is a bitter apricot kernel extract 3 times a day 1 ml.

After 3 months the doctor made me take a blood sample, my PSH level had returned to normal, I thank Aviram and Mr. Keshe for having taken me out of the clutches of medicine that recommends treatments that do not cure but that kill the patient in the long run and I regret that this medicine does not consider the possibilities of alternative medicine that it sometimes succeeds in curing.

Cancer, breast

by Dr. Rodriguez edited by aviram

  1. The first thing to address is emotionality.
    If we do not, even if we can cure this episode of the disease, it can easily return (often in the next cycle of 7 years – cycle of cell renewal of the body) because the emotional problem is not solved
  2. Then we look at the organ that is affected.
    In our example it is the left breast. The breast is not only an infant (left breast) and a source of pleasure for the lover (right breast); in plasma medicine the breast is a’probe, a motion detector’; especially movement or the connection between mother and child.
  3. Then blood tests are done on the metals.
    Like every cancer becomes a’black hole’ that syphons all the body’s energy; that means it is a huge gravitational field. To create this field there is a metal involved, a metal that is over-represented in the blood. It can be found either in the blood or in a hair. Once you know the specific metal, you can make a GaNS of that metal. In this case we found calcium out of proportion.

So we made GaNS-Ca out of chicken bones:

  1. cut a bone into pieces
  2. dip the pieces in vinegar and bring to a boil; you obtain a jelly.
  3. remove the pieces of bone and mix the jelly with NaOH and boiling distilled water
  4. leave to work for 6 days
  5. wash with distilled water for 10 times
  6. add PL-CO2 and leave on for 24 hours

After PL-Ca can be used to make patches. In this case he made 2 different force patches to create an interaction. The strongest patch inside the breast and the weakest on the outside. In the plasma world, plasmas of the same structure but of different forces try to balance – the stronger will always feed the weaker. This creates an interaction (symbol of infinity), a dynamic plasma field surrounding the cancer. Inside this field the breast will take what it needs and remove what it no longer needs. In this case, the body will reject the cancer cells altogether. An analysis of the rejected tissues showed a high amount of calcium; therefore the body also rejected the excess of this metal. The consequence is that the lack of this metal no longer allows the production of a strong gravitational field;)

This patient was patient and very brave. She was followed by an oncologist who was not aware of the plasma approach; she agreed to the plasma approach and courageously went through all the steps towards her recovery!

After only 2 weeks of treatment with the patches, we see that the breast volume reached has already decreased significantly.
Then the cancer cells inside the breast began to die and the body began to reject these dead cells outside.

At the end of the treatment, a biopsy revealed that there were no more cancer cells. After one year, the scar tissue will be flexible enough to allow plastic surgery that would restore the shape of the healthy breast;)

Colic intestines, Dog

By Klaus & Gabi Müller, Dillingen, Germany

Âllo Avi, here is our testimony of the Patch-de-GaNS application. Last week, our dog Haku (Swiss Shepherd) had colic and vomited. The vet gave us medicine to control vomiting and advised us to eat a diet. Back home, Haku couldn’t sleep all day; he would bend all the time while lying down. In the night he couldn’t calm down either, he prowled around crying all the time. Our attempts to calm him by stroking him and talking to him were ineffective. Even zazen meditation, to which he usually reacts very well, was not successful.

That’s when I remembered the Patch-de-GaNS. Once he went to bed, I quickly placed one patch under his body in the stomach area and the other patch over it. And immediately he adjusted his position so that the Patch would no longer fall.

After a few minutes, his panting calmed down and he fell asleep. We were very relieved to see that he had no more pain. And we repeated the procedure the next day when he fell asleep again quickly.

For us it was a good confirmation of the effectiveness of Plasma and our intention – and that makes me really happy or dog!


by Jean-Louis Crobon

I had to pass on this little note to you as a testimony to the use of the gloves that one of my sisters was kind enough to give me for Christmas. But what a miraculous gift!!!!!!

Indeed before the use of these patches, I found myself in a very melancholic psychological situation, which frightened a lot my entourage and myself (black ideas, plus the taste for nothing and where the daily tasks became inaccessible).

I’ve been using the patches for a month now, and today I can affirm a rebirth in me. I’ve regained a taste for life, I no longer have any dark ideas, I want to eat life to the fullest, and I have lots of projects.

So, Jean Louis, how do you thank?

I hope that this small testimony will make you happy and know that I speak about Gans to my entourage.

Diabetes 1

par Sousanna Lachtchouk

Here is an article on the plasma treatment of diabetes. The work started a year ago. The grey line shows the sugar in the morning on an empty stomach. The green and yellow curve shows the recovery rate; it has stabilized around 0.91, which is normal. Health status is between the orange and blue line (80-100)

The most interesting are relapses of the disease for very short periods that transposed the recovery rate to a higher level. These’explosions’ indicate that the body is in a phase of destructuring and reorganisation.

The treatment consisted of doses of plasma water, conditioned by 24 health antennas for 24+ hours. In July we switched to PL-ZnO+CO2 doses.

After a significant improvement at the beginning, the rest of the healing process was still long. We hope that complete health will be established for the New Year.

Diabetes 2

Published in the Plasma Times, october 2018 issue.

You find the general description, psychosomatic infos and the details of the Plasma Protocol in this article.

Case study

Since 15 years this 53 year old patient was diagnosed with diabetes mellitus with high blood pressure (230/190mm Hg). As secondary effects he had developed:

  • a diabetic foot syndrome: loss of feeling, numbness or tingling sensation, blisters or other wounds without pain, skin discoloration, skin temperature changes, red streaks, painful tingling.

  • oculomotor nerve palsy: Oculomotor nerve palsy or third nerve palsy is an eye condition resulting from damage to the thirdcranial nerve or a branch thereof. The oculomotor nerve supplies the majority of the muscles controlling eye movements.

Plasma treatment

Applying GaNS water externally and internally restores the pancreas and brings the whole body back into balance. The person has been treated with the diabetes protocol; you find it in this article.

  1. Week of processing:
    Morning: 30ml LP-CH3 + 3min pause + 30ml LP-CO2 + 3min pause + 30ml LP-ZnO
    Lunchtime: 30ml LP-CH3 + 3min pause + 30ml LP-CO2 + 3min pause + 30ml LP-ZnO
    Evening: 30ml LP-CH3 + 3min pause + 30ml LP-CO2 + 3min pause + 60ml LP-ZnO

  2. Subsequent weeks:
    Morning: 30ml LP-CH3 + 3min pause + 30ml LP-CO2
    Lunchtime: 30ml LP-CO2
    Evening: 30ml LP-CO2 + 3min pause + 60ml LP-ZnO

Spraying of the eye and pancreas areas was done several times a day.


  • Blood sugar level dropped

  • Patient did not take diabetes medication any more; he takes the GaNS waters and needs to control his consumption of carbohydrates (especially alcohol).

  • The diabetic foot has improved significantly (see photo 6 weeks after beginning of processing)

  • The eye palsy has disappeared also after 6 weeks of treatment. Due to the long periods that the eye had been closed, the optical nerves had degenerated; after only 5 minutes treatment with patches the visual clarity increased from 70% to 95%.

Eye drops

By Laura Trimm

I’ve been using Keshe inspired (Seawater) CO2 GANS plasma water as eye drops for a while now and it turns the whites of my eyes very clear and white.

Health Antenna, freezer test

Evelyn Lerden installed a Health Antenna in a glass cylinder filled with distilled water. Then she put the whole thing in the freezer. We can see very well the lines of force of the plasma fields emitted by the antenna.

Health Antenna

by Eichan Koo

Very surprising things are happening. I felt a very strong pain on my back midnight three days ago. The pain did not diminish the next morning. The left arm could not be lifted. I thought about using a pain pen I made 2 years ago. I held the pen with my right hand and touched the point with a pain point in my back. It was a momentary touch of almost 2 to 3 seconds, but the pain disappeared completely. It was almost like a magic wand. It was as if my body had relocated to another dimension. It was truly a magical experience. After that the back pain has disappeared and the left arm is moving freely. Before that pen did not do much. I do not know why but the pen surely is increasing its power. It may be related to launch experiment of the star formation in support of the space ship tests in China of the other day. Plasma is alive. I am deeply grateful to Mr Keshe and Carolina. Thank you very much.

Heart attack

by Dr.Rodrigo

Male 72, 2 years ago he started having cardiac arrest and pulmonary edema; 3 years ago right hip replacement, 1 year ago 2nd right hip replacement. Diagnosis: Amyloidosis( immature protein produced in the bone marrow and deposited in any organ, this one later becomes dysfunctional).

Cardiac arrest is often a sign of anger and frustration, fear of making decisions, feelings of shame; a tendency to fight to control, suppress or dominate the environment.

Respiratory tube 50% PL+GaNS-CO2 + 50% PL+GaNS-ZnO+ amino acids)
Patch with a 2:1 differential of 49%PL-CO2 + 48%PL-Zno + 1%PL-Mn + 1%PL-Mg + 1%PL-K + blood drops.

Macular degeneration

Simon suffers from macular degeneration (progressive degeneration of the macula, the central part of the retina) caused by his long-standing diabetes. He took eye drops and follows the protocol for diabetes: “Hello Aviram, following his diabetes protocol start on March 7th and his eye drops since last month, he went to his eye specialist this week for his injections into schedulated eyes every two months for a year. His specialist told him this week that the pressure in his eyes was very nice and that he decided to postpone his next appointment until four months later instead of two. Simon needs to see his doctor by the end of this month to find out more about his current blood sugar level. To be continued…”

Patches for better sleep pattern

From KF-Plasma-Times, September 2018

When I was older I had my pain in the back, in the hip. And I have seen that the older you get it’s quite normal that you have to go up one time in the night to go to the toilet.

So, then you can’t sleep anymore the whole night. Your sleep is interrupted, you have to get up. And then I used GaNS patches; one in front (30%) and one in the back (100%) of my lower belly – the next morning I realized that I did not go to the toilet in the night anymore. Then later I forgot, so for one year i didn’t need to do anything, but towards the end I felt that it was coming back a little bit. So, again, once in the night i had to go up… But after I put these GaNS patches on again, I realized again that i can sleep the whole night without getting up.


I’m new to these things: someone I know just gave me a Health Antenna. I know nothing about it, the only thing I know: I approach the antenna towards my elbow, which gave me pains for years, and there the pains disappeared! It’s over forever. I am an art teacher in a school; and I tried the antenna on a few students who had pain in their shoulders or backs – and they were instantly healed. Now I have to send them back and say: “Be careful, my students, I am here to teach; I am not a healer”, but there is nothing to do… I understand nothing but art – nor mathematics, let alone physics. I don’t even want to understand or discuss it – the only thing I know: it really works with me and I’m happy!

I am new about this thing, i just knew a person who gave me this pain pen. I dont know nothing and i understand nothing, i know only this monkey thing: i put the pen close to my elbow wich is giving me pain for years and it is immediatly healed, forever. I teach art in an institute, i tryed this on students, some with pain on shoulder, some on the back etc. and they are all instantly healed. Now i have to hunt them away: “guys i am here to teach, not to be an healer”, but there is nothing to do, it is a procession and i repeat that all are healed immediatly. I do not understand nothing but the art and nothing else. Nor mathematics and even less about phisics, i dont want understand nothing nor dispute about anything, i know just that, at least with me, it works great and i feel very happy about it.

A friend after a work accident (not recognized) has terrible back and spine pain and like me they give him lots of chemical painkillers with temporary effect etc. In short, he tested the patch for 2 minutes and a big smile lit up his face he assured me he finally felt better..voila merci AU PLASMA DE MR KESHE

Food GaNS

(by Evelyn Lerden)

My testimony with the gans (comes 31.11.2016). My attempts at keshe technology began in October 2015; since then my life has completely changed.
I have been drinking glove water ch3-Zno-Co2 cuo2 plus amino acids for 8 months. I mix in a pitcher of 1 l in equal parts the gloves of ch3-C02 Cuo2 Zno, amino acids (10 ml) with plenty of water (PH 8.5), and I drink the water on top. I am therefore fully emotionally compensated, sleep very well now, am full of energy and no longer suffer from back pain. I sleep on a pillow with co2 zno glove water, My 3 chihuahua dogs drink the same thing as me and we are not really hungry, I no longer eat because of the taste. My dogs eat only a third or sometimes half of what they used to eat.
At my water pipe in the house, I have a small nano coil coated on the copper pipe, a nano coated coil of 18 turns. All my water pipes in my house have a ph of 8.5 to 9.0.
The rainwater in my garden already tested twice, on different days, has a ph of 7.5. In the garden, I have a star training gecoateten with three glass balls filled with ch3, znoco2, aminos cuo2 and run.
In the house there is a reactor that runs on a (PC) fan with aluminum and iodine +b12 gloves in operation. In addition, in the house there are still 2 stars in the exploitation of information. Plant growth has doubled this year. I have already built well and experimented and everything has worked. I still take more food from Moringa, gans, borax, mumijo dmso, with me. I thank Mr. Keshe for this wonderful gift of plasma to our planet around the world and that it is accessible to all.
Kisses to all beings in the universe
Lerden Evelyn, Keshe Foundation Österreich

Endocrine glands (Kirlian photography)

By John Rissotto

He gave one person 12 drops of PL-CH3 and 5 drops of PL-CO2/ZnO with a little honey and apple cider vinegar. On the Kirlian photos, taken 45 minutes later, we can see the increase in energy of the body in general, but especially at the level of the endocrine glands.


Imagining yourself healing, a shock treatment!

By Xavier Bazin

Dear friend of Health, in 1971, Dr. Carl Simonton received a 61-year-old man with throat cancer[1]. The disease is very advanced: man could hardly swallow anything. He weighed only 100 pounds. His doctors gave him a maximum 5% chance of survival, even with radiation therapy.
So Dr. Simonton thought we should try “something else”.
He asked his patient to “visualize” the cancer cells, to make as clear an image as possible in his mind. Then, he asked her to visualize the white blood cells of her immune system attack and destroy cancer cells… to leave only healthy cells.
The man faithfully followed these “strange” instructions. Several times a day, he did these visualization exercises. He imagined his immune cells as a “tornado of white particles”, falling on the tumor as snow covers a rock.
And it worked, beyond Dr. Simonton’s expectations. Little by little, his patient’s tumor shrinks. After only two months, her cancer was completely gone.
The patient was so convinced by this technique that he used it to try to cure his osteoarthritis of the knee. And as extraordinary as it may seem, it also worked: in a few weeks, he totally freed himself from the osteoarthritis that deprived him of his favorite hobbies.
Is this a unique case, out of the ordinary?
No: Other patients have experienced steel healings with this method.


by Peter

Two days ago, I had a conference. When I sowed the Healthpatch and asked if anyone was suffering from pain, a man said he had terrible headaches, he thought it was coming from his spine. I gave him the one I brought with me and told him that it is now his personal pain relief patch, that he should not give it to others.
He had it on his neck for about 10 minutes, then suddenly he got up and said, “That’s incredible, all my pain is gone!
After that, I could also observe that the whole atmosphere of the room changed. Very good experience.


by Dr. Rodrigo

Male example, 59, tremor started in the right hand (9 years ago) and invaded the whole body; incontinence (sphincter), stopped driving 7 years ago.

Therapy :

UUS-tubular for 1 hour per day
20ml PL-CH3 + 20ml PL-CO2 + 20ml PL-ZnO2
Breathing tube (50% CO2 + 50% ZnO)
after 2 months the incontinence had disappeared; he starts driving again; 80% reduction in tremors – the most important: he found the joy of living!

Skin, Growth

by Lai Yin Stenqvist

A person with a throat bump was afraid to go to the hospital because she had had a bad experience with a previous operation and was afraid of being diagnosed with cancer. So I made 2 sanitary towels for her and they were made with half CO2 GANS and half CO2 GANS water. After 2 days, we noticed that the bump was smaller and after 2 weeks, it had disappeared.

Skin, Birthmarks

By Richard on Cancer Solution #2@1:50:00

He sprayed the stain with PL-CO2+ZnO and massaged the liquid a little into the skin. After 3 days the spot began to lose its dark colour and elevation.

Kidneys, protection

Patch with 2:1 differential of 40%PL-CO2 + 40%PL-ZnO + 20%PL-CH3

Results: After 4 weeks of treatment, she is much less at the end of her breath, less medication and improved quality of life.+

Recovery, Dog

Tito, the dog was found in an alley; he was in a deplorable condition. We bathed him and gave him PL C02 to drink. We didn’t go to the vet. After only 2 months, Tito was a new dog: all his fur was restored, became more and more beautiful and he was full of energy again: 100% recovered! see the picture!


by Vasile

Another particular case, seen from a particular angle, is that of a 62-year-old woman who uses health patches for about two months, two at a time, one with CO2-ZnO-CH3 and a few drops of CuO2 (CuO2 Gans plasma water) this is because in the patches appear mold and CuO2 cultures do not let this occur under these conditions in the patches, and the second patch containing CO2 Gans plasma water. I would like to say that in these patches I add about 1 ml of the other Ganses besides CuO2. Due to rheumatic pain in the lower limbs, the woman was forced to use a cane to walk even short distances. The problem is that due to financial problems, she was forced to work in Germany, taking care of some elderly people. After starting to use these packages, which we have built in an interesting way, I use towels like those used for the dishwasher, they have a thickness of about 8-10 mm and are porous, for which I imagined they remain wet inside with plasma water and very few Gans, they have more power than those used before when we used a cotton gauze absorbent material. After about a month, the lady returned to the country, and her son remained speechless when he saw his mother go up to the 4th floor in a short time and without using the cane, although he was very skeptical when his mother said that he had received a gift from me, and this had an effect from the first use.
Today, about three months after her first encounter with plasma, she helps elderly people who use plasma water.


His accident history and the extent of the trauma are here.

By Giovanni

We must reproduce the same conditions during the creation of the GaNS that prevailed during the creation of the first human brain. Then we have to consider the following points:

The Elements

All human cells have the same composition from the very beginning: water, salt and other minerals. Salt and trace elements account for 8% of the amount of water in the human body. So the saline solution to do the GaNS must be 8%.

The Temperature

The temperature during the creation of life was 44ºC; the body always uses this temperature (increased cellular activity) to defend itself in case of general infections.


The Schumann frequency 7.75Hz is the heartbeat of the Earth; it is equal to the brain wave frequencies during meditation. Another frequency to consider is that which produce lightnings which generate an ionization of the atmosphere (between 7 and 45 Hz). Human cells are healthy at a voltage of -20mV which corresponds to a pH of 7.35.
The brain produces 2 to 3V per mm³; with a total brain volume between 1100 to 1300 mm³, it produces between 22 to 39V.
The brain consumes between 20W and 100W; at 39V this gives us 0.51A/20W and 2.56A/100w.

He used a voltage of 39V and alternated the current between 0.51A and 2.56A every 3 hours.

The Rhythm

The rhythm between day/night is marked by the fluctuation of the strength of the sun compared to that of the earth. During the fall (when the sun’s field is weaker), the body becomes more acidic thanks to the release of iones + H; this moment produces the highest voltage (+mV). During the rise there is a flow of electrons to the cells that balance them. The rate of the hydrogen tide determines the use of electricity during GaNS production (3-hour rate).


In the plasma interaction between the sun and the earth, N(14) is created in the atmosphere. The radioactive decay of N results in addition (residues) and subtraction which create the other amino acid elements: C, O and H.

The recipes

GaNS-CO2 : 3 liter distilled water with 8% salt and 245g caustic soda; manufactured at 44ºC with a current applied according to the hydrogen tide and a fan to simulate the wind.
GaNS-ZnO : 8 liters of distilled water with 8% salt (old mined salt); temperature 40-42ºC; fan; 1 Zn-np plate (16cm x 16cm) 1 Zn-sp plate (16cm x 16cm)
GaNS-CH3 : 8 liters distilled water, 8% salt, 1 Cu-np plate (16cm x 16cm), 1 Zn-mat plate (16cm x 16cm), 1 piece of steel; 1.3V/0.03A
We see that GaNS is deposited in layers that resemble the stratification of the brain (white matter and grey matter).

Treatment by a patch helmet.

Calculates amounts of GaNS relative to Naomi’s brain: She has a brain mass of 1000g which is 2% of her total body weight 50kg.

PL-CO2+ZnO corresponds to 75% water in the brain = 750ml

GaNS = 250ml (1000ml -750ml) = 150ml GaNS-CO2 (corresponds to 60% white matter) and 100ml GaNS-ZnO (corresponds to 40% grey matter).

PL-CH3 = 100ml

The helmet is made of patch (cushions); they leave in the following way :

each temporal lobe: 795ml
Each parietal lobe: 795ml
the occipital lobe: 795ml
frontal lobe: 405ml

Patches (temporal, parietal, occipital) contain :

600ml PL-CO2+ZnO
60ml PL-CH3
80ml GaNS-CO2 (pH 10.06 mV +96)
55ml GaNS-ZnO (pH 6.34 mV -230)
Front lobe contains:

300ml PL-CO2+ZnO
40ml PL-CH3
40ml GaNS-CO2 (pH 10.06 Mv +96)
25ml GaNS-ZnO (pH 6.34 Mv -230)
It is important that the whole brain is covered without spaces between them; they must be in direct contact with the scalp.

Application :

1st day: 2 hours, 4.5 hours off; 1 hour application

Day 2: 5 hours application

Effects :

After weeks of no sleep, Noémie was back to a deep sleep.
The rate of heartbeat decreased from 120 to 100 to 90
Post traumatic muscle mass in the neck was shrinking.
Involuntary movements (pain) have decreased
The MRI clearly shows Naomi’s brain recovery.
Mineral obstruction in the tibia and foot

Patch to dissolve this crystallization:

One 261g patch under the foot; another 511g patch over the foot.

Composition :

50% urine (380g); urine is the liquid that comes from the mechanisms to balance minerals/crystals in the body
50% PL-CO2 (380g) with a small amount of GaNS-CO2 (11g)
Size 12cm x 20cm
important to evacuate all the air from the patch before closing them if not there is the danger of fermentation (urine)
minimum application 48 hours
Effect :

The pain and immobility disappeared already in 24 hours; after one week all the crystallization was dissolved.

Connecting the brain to the muscle system

Naomi has lost her strength and alignment. These are long-term side effects of coma. To restore it, the muscles behind the limbs had to be strengthened and the nervous system realigned.

Therapy :

Pull the toes/ankles

the patient lies on his back with a support under his neck and knees. Starting with the little toe on the left, take the toe and pull it hard towards you; you will hear a’click’; continue with the next toe…
Start with the left ankle. Place your left hand under your ankle and your right hand on the big toe. Raise the leg, move it and rock it for a few seconds. Then pull the whole leg towards you, gently but firmly all at once.
Both exercises are done 1x/week for the 1st week and 3x/week after the 1st week.

GaNS for muscles

GaNS for muscles: CuO2 (orange tomato soup)

2308g distilled water in a pyrex container, 185g salt (8%); 35ºC; 2.5V/1.81A pulsed at 4 hours.

Patch for vocal cords

80% GaNS-ZnO (16cc)

15% GaNS-CO2 (3cc)

5% Saliva (1cc)

He made a patch 3gr and the other 4 gr

Application 2 hours/day; the day after the first application she starts talking (she says A for amore!)

Brain damage – coma

A coma can be caused by an emotional shock or excessive physical pain. In these cases the brain is no longer able to manage the avalanche of inputs and it closes. This situation has impacts on the physical brain: in the MRI we see Naomi’s brain immediately after the attack on 20 July 2016 (2) which had lost much of its structure, it became almost amorphous. Image (1) shows a healthy person’s brain. Image (3) shows Naomi’s brain on April 24, 2017, after 9 months of treatment.

Double Cover Treatment (Pain Drain)

The double cover acts as a drain for pain. Two pain blankets are used as different concentration patches. This reduces the flow of pain signals and the brain has time to heal the body again.

Giovanni took two air mattresses to make the pain blankets.

For a total of 2 litres, a proportion of 75%PL+25%GaNS of the GaNS 50% CO2, 40%ZnO and 10%CH3 is required; this gives in quantity of liquid for a total of 2 litres :

1oooml PL-CO2 + 50ml GaNS (50%)
800ml PL-ZnO + 25ml GaNS (40%)ml PL-CH3 (10%)

Physical treatment
Omega3 – 1000mg/day
Folic Acid – 10mg/day
Potassium – 400mg/day (to relax parts of the body; controls the interface between the brain and muscles, controls muscle contractions; K+Na creates the electrical activity of neurons)
Calcium – 500mg/day (rebuild brain cells)
Magnesium – 500mg/day (to relax parts of the body; also for good nerve pulse flow)
Zinc – 42mg/day (essential for physical neuron formation)
All doses are normal daily doses except omega3. The first 2 days the doses were double (if the patient’s response is favourable, this high dose can be prolonged. Ca, Mg and Zn are mixed and administered together. Compared to K : if the patient has diarrhoea, the dose can be reduced.