proposé par ingrimchs

Ingredients for the power cells from alekz egbaran
you can use any ganses, just these examples are shown from alekz egbaran.

1. washed and dryed composite gans from brass (made of nano coated brass + uncoated brass as electrodes in your gans production cells with the salt water)
2. unwashed and dryed tio2 nano gans (made of tio2 powder mixed with NaOH powder and boiling water poured into it. After several hours you can just let it dry in the sun or under a lamp)
3. sugar
4. a bit of NaOH powder (for constantly getting moisture from the environment and ceep your ganses dynamic letting them move in a wet environment. be careful not to use to much of NaOH powder otherwise your mixture will react and getting hot, bubbling and steaming from its own)

mix the four ingredients for some minutes and it becomes a wet paste ready to use in the power cells.

Further parts needed for the power cells

5. tissue
6. aluminium foil
7. zinc sheet / foil
8. nano coated copper wire