Measuring the MaGravs

How useful our measurements of the efficiency of the MaGrav are, everyone has to decide for himself. In any case our measurements suggest a seemingly objective reality, independent from us! In the light of newer or quantum physics, this assumption does not hold true! Therefore we could also use measuring instruments as a mirror for our (current) state of consciousness. Let me explain:

The result of a measurement, especially when it is important to us, will trigger strong emotional reactions such as disappointment, doubt, joy, etc. and, if we follow it can lead us to a deeper perception of ourselves.

I myself have been able to read the direct effects of my state of mind on the meter several times! The more I focus on the results I expect or wish to achieve (perhaps I want to unconsciously prove something to myself or someone else), the lower the differences – unfortunately also called “gains” – become!

Just pretending that we don’t have these expectations and just pushing them deeper into the subconscious is not very helpful! Working with tPlasma it is just our chance to bring the 99% subconscious reality back into our active everyday consciousness, – to get back into our creative power!

In the last 1.5 years I have been involved in a lot of things that triggered the measuring! And yes, I have measured partly strong differences!

With my 1st device I had almost no result and therefore the strongest emotional reactions, – with other devices up to 20% difference directly connected to the MaGrav. On my son’s device, connected to his gaming P, we continuously measure more than 50%, -but the MaGrav is in resonance with him and not with me… 😉

Find more thoughts about this following this link

Love you all, Virko

Visualization of Plasma Field Forces

Testimony by Cary Ellis

She froze different liquid plasma from her water station and they all turned out to have a sphere in the centre of the block of ice. She supposes that’s because of the torus shaped energy fields emanating from the LP.

The LP takes a long time to freeze; for example a bucket full of this LP took about 5 days! She used a bucket, because with growing the containers in size she hoped to be able to see the whole range of the plasma rays – but even in the bucket she couldn’t see the limits of the fields.

She also showed the comparison of a squash bought in the area (upper image) where she lives, Mexico, with the same kind of squash grown with the plasma technology (lower image): in this case liquid plasma in containers suspended in a star formation. The images speak for themselves.

Neutrons and light

When creating neutrons, we are faced with our old problem, that we cannot see it with our eyes, smell it with the nose or touch it with the hands… but there is help on the horizon:

Each of the component, for example, will emit their own light spectrum; that’s why you see the hemoglobin as red and the CO2-GaNS as white and the neutron not at all. These light spectrum are the aura of the substances; in the same way as our aura is created by the interaction of our soul with the planet.

When we see a certain color in the material state, our personal perception of it will differ from the perception of others. On the plasma level, however, all perceptions are clear and there is no personal variation or interpretation – the light of the sun is constant, always the same. The light emission on the plasma level indicates the corresponding gravitational-magnetic field. You may be able to see such an aura when you look at your reactors in a dark room.

The color of our eyes are representing our soul because the eyes are the windows to the soul; in fact the colors of the eyes come from the interaction of the brain with the soul, the color of the eyes is the reflection of the soul. If you observe the color of the eyes in schizophrenic people (‘beautiful souls’) – you will be able to detect who is speaking, which of all the soul is present in this moment.

Mesurer et vérifier les outils de plasma

viet-gans-effect2Par température (Vietnam)

Pour mesurer l’efficacité du PL, il y a une méthode traditionnelle du Vietnam: utilisant un thermomètre pour bébés (thermomètre à distance) et mesurer la température à 12 points d’acuponcture (voir image). Le mesures se prennent avant et après le traitement par le GaNS sur les points des doigts et/ou orteils.

Voici la table d’évaluation pour les résultats des mesures; les % marquent la différence entre la mesure avant et celle d’après le traitement avec le PL.:

150% = très bien
150-200% = normal200-250%= faible
>250%= malade