BOOSTER BAR Star Formation

Par Evelyn Lerden

  1. 2x Booster Bars

    1. Copper pipe 1/2’’ID, 9cm long; inside chemically nano-coated

    2. Coil, AWG14, 36 windings ccw, chemically nano-coated. Paint coil with dried GaNS in distilled water CO2+ZnO+CuO+TiO, Amino acids and let dry.

    3. Fill a nano-coated plastic tube (3/8OD) with dried GaNS-CH3 and sugar-GaNS (pH=3); close with hot glue; place inside the nano-coated copper pipe

    4. Connect the booster bars to electricity using self-bonding tape, not screw terminals

  2. top ball (nano-coated glass) filled with H-GaNS;

  3. lower balls filled with GaNS-CO2+ZnO+CuO+CH3

  4. the stones are crystals

The Booster Star-Formation generates a very strong field.