Disasters are really created by us!

If we want to use the metaphor of God or the Creator, we can say that the Creator has created Humanity so he could confirm his ability to love. Love is the strongest feeling that we know; it it closest to the Soul. Therefore we can say that the physical experience of love confirms the emotional experience of love (mind, soul of physicality). And the emotional experience of love confirms the existence of the Soul.

We remember that, what we call ‘me’ is only one point on a continuum that starts with the soul of a proton, to the collective soul of an atom, through the collective souls of the cells, organs, body, humanity, planet, galaxy, universe, omniverse… so we as the humanity are part of the soul of the planet earth. We also remember that all the souls are thriving within the Universal Principle:

By following the Common Good, we achieve our individual well-being.

Now every time we do something that is harming the environment around us by pollution, killing etc, we create a field that is not in harmony with the fields of the planet. That is to say, trough our egoistic behaviour we create a field which is in misalignment with the Whole; Mother Earth in this case. This creates a perceived distance between us and our Planet. And this distances makes that we are feeling disconnected, and are generally unaware of Mother Earth. This distance and ignorance creates a certain numbness that buffers us from feeling what we are doing to our Mother. This numbness also enables us to continue our egoistic ways which harms the Earth.

But not indefinitely! Because at the same time the Universal Principle has been firmly established in the current Zeitgeist which means that the consequences of our actions will be more and more visible: all that is in alignment with the Universal Principle will be flourishing like never before and all that resists or hurts the Universal Principle will hurt or even destroy the trespasser! And we remember that these are mere consequences not punishments. We understand now that the so-called natural disasters are actually man-made: it is our misalignment with the Universal Principle that interacts with the fields of the Earth in an environment of great inertia. These interactions can be very violent. We can see these interactions as a ‘reaction’ of the Earth in response to our carelessness. What took 6 years to annihilate 60 million people 80 years ago, may take only 6 seconds today… But it’s not only the pollution but also the careless exploitation of the natural resources that count here; one of the most obvious is the draining of huge amounts of subterranean oil fields: we could see this as draining the blood of the Earth. By taking the blood we also take other fields like the emotions and so on from the Earth. Now the Earth will participate in all that happens to our physical life, too.

The pending disaster may hit one nation in particular and we may think that there will be many ‘innocent’ people dying with it… however, they elected their government, they supported it and therefore they will have their share of the consequences.

Again, this is not a punishment, it is a consequence of the decision to separate ourselves from the Whole. So before entering into the Universal Community, we have to clean up our act, we have to remove the skeletons in our closets.

Here’s what Anastasia (Anastasia, Book 5, p. 4,5) has to contribute to this topic:

“It will happen very simply now, Vladimir. Man’s thought is capable of materializing and changing the shape of objects, predetermining events, creating the future. So it works out that any opponents who try to argue for the frailty of Man’s existence only end up destroying themselves, for they will bring about their own decease by their very thoughts.
Those who are able to comprehend their purpose and the meaning of infinity will start to live a happy life, eternally re-embodying themselves, for they themselves will produce with their thoughts their own infinity of happiness.”

M.Keshe compares this coming event to the extinction of the dinosaurs. Once the dinosaurs ruled the Earth exactly like us today: they devoured anything without bothering. They were entities that constantly created imbalance on the planet; so the Soul of the Planet decided to take them out. M.Keshe advises the members of the Keshe Foundation, the UC and the EC and all members in the outer circles to remember when the crises hits, that is time to move on – without looking back.

And it is no coincidence that this week’s wish of the Universal Council took this form: We, Humanity, conduct ourselves through consciousness, with conscience, in a peaceful manner.

This means, that we are already the Masters of this time because we have the correct conduct, because we are in alignment with the Universal Principle.

We know also that the temptation to be egoistic doesn’t come from the Soul but it comes from the physicality; more precisely it comes from the mind addicted to the physicality. When the mind depends solely on the confirmation of it’s existence in the physicality, all goes wrong. Simply because the confirmation of the existence in the physicality is impossible at the long run because the physicality is only the last point of the manifestations of the Plasma, it is the last state of the Plasma. And as such it is the most impermanent of all. Now we see how fragile this dependence on the matter state is: how can we base our security on the most impermanent?

Now we understand where egoism comes from: when we base our security on the most impermanent and insecure state, we have to constantly build scaffolds and artificial supports to create the illusion of security where there is none. And it is this fear which creates egoism; egoism is just the other side of fear of one and the same coin.

On the other side, our wish for World Peace together with all the Plasma devices we have created with our good intention, has put us on the director’s chair of evolution, we have already changed the ways of humanity: now the Soul of Humanity is moving inside the Universal principle, we have become one, we move as a school of birds – all in perfect synchronicity.

And Anastasia puts it this way: “Let what is negative be pressed into service on behalf of the good.” (Anastasia, Book 5, p.15)

But the majority doesn’t even know of this, they are completely unaware of the Universal Principle – so how can we be so powerful as a minority?

The vibrational Universe doesn’t go by numbers, it goes by intensity and alignment: one person with a strong intention has infinitely more power to influence and the decide the Zeitgeist than the material sum of all the people counted together.

So we go on working for World Peace regardless of what should happen in the manifest world. We cannot enforce help on others – as the proverb goes:

The holographic universe 1

Excerpt from Wikipedia: The holographic principle is a property of quantum gravity theories which resolves the black hole information paradox within string theory. First proposed by Gerard ‘t Hooft, it was given a precise string-theory interpretation by Leonard Susskind.
The principle states that the description of a volume of space should be thought of as encoded on a boundary to the region
(surface), preferably a light-like boundary like a gravitational horizon.
For a black hole, the principle states that the description of all the objects which will ever fall in is entirely contained in surface fluctuations of the event horizon.
In a larger and more speculative sense, the theory suggests that the entire universe can be seen as a two-dimensional information structure “painted” on the cosmological horizon, so that the three dimensions we observe are only an effective description at low energies.

The Holographic Theory claims that the universe is flat and reflections of it appear as solar systems, galaxies and universes in a 3D space. This suggests that the reality of the universe is two-dimensional; the three dimensions are only a projection. Correspondingly when we look at the sun, we don’t see a sphere but a circular shape; the same happens when we look from the moon to the earth, we only see a flat surface. However, we can walk around the earth and we can dig into it etc. So our immediate physical experience tells us that we are living really in a 3D world.

It is true, that the earth and the universe, all is flat seen trough our eyes. If we look at how our eyes mechanically work, we see that the light rays, reflected by an object, enter our eyes by the Iris, pupil and lens, they are focused and inverted before they are projected on the retina. The letter being a surface. Then later in the brain we synthesize these 2D data to create a 3D image or 3D environment so we can orient ourselves and walk and act inside the physical 3D environment.

The flat-universe theory came up because men could not tolerate the eternal existence of black holes: they keep on gobbling up everything… so what is going to happen to us?! The science up to now has been believing that the black hole would only consist of monstrous gravitational fields – but in reality there are always magnetic fields of equal force. So also a black hole has a magnetic field and even an atmosphere! As much as it pulls in, it created shimmers of light by the interaction with it’s magnetic fields. In fact a black hole is just the same as any other entity in the universe: like planets, suns or stars they have gravitational and magnetic fields. As described in a former article, black holes are giant recycling factories serving the evolution of the universe.

Black holes can also be seen as wormholes, portals through which we can travel with a speed millions of times faster than the speed of light, through different dimensions without encountering any solar systems, debris or galaxies that we would have to navigate trough.

Now remember the soul is an ‘empty spot’ inside the brain structure filled with Plasma energy. Does it dawn on you?… yes, the soul of the man is a black hole that projects out a sun which becomes the body of the man. So the same black hole/soul could also be the wormhole though which we can travel wherever we want!?

And the same black hole/soul can also absorb any of the free plasma fields filling the universe to get what it needs: food, energy or a certain appearance of the body adapted to the environment where we are going to, etc. This is like going to the supermarket, where we see chicken breast, broccoli, french dressing, rice, onions… we choose from that immense offer by our liking (emotions) what we need so our body can extract the nutrients that it needs. In the supermarket we do it on the material plane, in space we will do the same on the plasma or energy plane.

Now let’s look at magnets: when we put opposite poles next to each other, two things happen:

  1. the magnetic field of the first magnet enters the second magnet as a gravitational field; then it exits again as a magnetic field the second magnet to enter as a gravitational field the first one (thin blue arrows).
  2. We know that to each field there is an equal and opposing field at the same time (big red and blue arrow).

Each of the rays creates it’s own magnetosphere, which interact with the magnetospheres of the other ones. This interactions creates a ray of light along which we can travel.

A good side effect of the flat universe theory is that the ones believing in it do a lot of work to create a mapping of the universe by satellites. That will be very useful for us, because, based on the satellite mapping, we can make magnetic gravitational field map of the universe, which will help us navigate the universe: remember, if you know the magnetic gravitational strength or structure of a certain place, you can get there in no time.

The same technology can also be applied to map the human body: we can direct interventions as precise as the cellular level, or pinpointing individual viruses.

Mining will change, too; it will be done in the same way we deplete a cancer from it’s energy by placing it in between 2 patches of different field strengths. In the same way we can put two reactors which have the structure of the material we want to extract into satellites on opposite sides of a planet. And we will extract the material on a plasma level very rapidly.
We can also use the new technology to simplify conventional mining: if we know where the gold is that we want to extract, we simply drill a hole and place a reactor below the spot where the gold minerals are; and the other reactor opposite towards us. No more need to dig or to drill.

If we take this technology one step further, we know that the gold is constantly created by the interaction of the fields of the sun with those of the earth in a given mineral environment. Knowing this we can create the field strength of gold and have it produced constantly wherever we want.

This is on the material plane, but the same procedure in essence can be applied on the plasma plane in generating any material or environment from frequencies of the Universe directly.

The Holographic Universe 2

The Flat or Holographic Universe theory is often corroborated by mathematical equations which gives it a lot of it’s credibility. They also help to explore the universe. For example the existence of Neptune has been first deducted from regular irregularities in the orbits of it’s neighbouring planets Pluto and Uranus. So astronomers could calculate the orbit of Neptune and then go find it visually with a telescope.

Mathematical systems are based on or can lead to assumptions; one of which is the existence of ‘Dark Matter’. As astronomy could not explain how all the parts of the universe are held together just by the gravitational fields of all the celestial bodies, they postulated another force which we cannot see, Dark Matter. However, no one has been able up to now to confirm the existence of Dark Energy or Dark Matter. It looks like that Dark Matter has become something magic as the ‘Big Bang’: something coming out of nothing.

On the other hand mathematics should help to safeguard us against magic or make-belief often propagated by religions1. Another good way to comprehend why we believe certain things are semantics: words are symbols of our world, when we change the meaning of words – what happens throughout history – we change the world we live in and we change our ways to navigate this world.

Sometimes Science is not able to answer the question but came up with a whole bunch of new words for entities. For example they found inside the nucleus entities which have fancy names, like quarks etc. While Plasma Science tells that in reality the world inside a atomic nucleus is like a solar system: a soul or a sun which interacts and all the other particles are planets and moons. So what conventional science calls ‘up quark’ for example is the earth; the ‘down quark’ would be Jupiter; and the ‘funny quark’ is Saturn.

How atoms are created?

In the beginning there were neutrons and protons. The neutrons interact with the protons and this interaction creates an electron which completes the atomic structure. On the following step of evolution, there are 2 neutrons and 2 protons which create the electrons in the same way. But the molecular structure is bigger now, because the space gaps grow because more forces have to find the balance in their position in respect to each other. Further on in the evolution of matter, not only protons, neutrons and electrons, but the atoms need to find it’s balanced position with the other atoms inside the molecules. And of course each molecule with the other molecules. And all these interactions go on continuously – that’s why we call them ‘dynamic’.

When we look at the protons, neutrons and electrons in different material elements, we see that they do not vary very much in size. They are all of the same size within a tolerance of 10-15%. That brings up the question:

Why are all the electrons, neutrons and protons more or less

the same size, mass and force?

And the next question that builds up on this one:

What dictates the size, the mass, the amount of energy

and the speed of all these particles?


Why are there only three?

And yet another question: iI a neutron decays into a proton and an electron – then

Where does the neutron come from?

o.k. let’s go towards answering these questions. We start with two bits of knowledge that we know already:

  • A black whole is an entity that pulls in everything around it
  • Between 2 Plasmas of similar force, the stronger one will feed the weaker one in order to bring it up to it’s level

Isthe black hole is absorbing everything solely because of it’s enormous gravitational field forces – or is it fed by another, bigger black hole?

The process of absorption happens in this way: the Black Hole is a plasmatic structure like a sun; it has different layers of different strengths. These layers are plasmatic, they function in the same way was the nano-layers on a copper wire. The gaps between each nano-particle are the pathways through which ambient radiation travels. The nano-layers appear black because 99.9% of all radiation that moves towards it, is absorbed. Only 0.1% is reflected; that happens where the radiation actually hits a physical nano-particle.

Now everything and anything that moves towards it (A), becomes trapped into the layers of a Black Hole, trying to find it’s balanced position. Any matter particle will find itself inside a layer with corresponding force. In interaction with the fields of the layer, the particle will find it’s balanced state in respect to the field force of the layer it is in (B). At this moment it turns into a plasma itself (C), loosing it’s materiality and adding its force to the field force of this particular layer (D); thus reinforcing or growing the power of the Black Hole.

The Black Holes are connected to the centre of the Universe, where resides the SOUL; they are so to say the pathways of communication between the SOUL and all the other Souls as well as the material planes. We know that Black Holes absorb all kinds of radiations and matters; but they emit in just the same ‘quantity’ new energy packs. Black Holes are giant recycling factories.

We can imagine these energy packs having the same ‘size’ but different forces. Each energy pack (E) can become one of the 3 atomic components (F). It’s their difference in strength which determines the element that is created. For example a weak energy pack will create a proton and electron of hydrogen and a strong pack will create zinc.

But the strength alone will not do that; Plasma Energy packages will not push their way to become a zinc atom. It needs a second component to determine the element. And this second component is the environment within which the interaction takes place (-Zn). We remember that each plasmatic interaction requires two components of similar strength. If there is no corresponding strength in the given environment, no interaction, no creation of matter. What we call the strength of the environment could be in the form of a purpose or a need. In other words, a particular element is created when there is a need for it (PZn).

All these interactions can be compared to the interaction between the sun and the earth; they can be imagined as loops or infinity symbols. Now we have to remember that in the realm beyond matter, there is no space nor time. This means that all these interactions happen non-locally; and our SOUL – being part of the non-material or vibrational realm – can therefore be imagined to be right at the crossing of the interaction. In other words, we can be in the very centre of universal interactions, right at the spot, where the purpose comes in. That is why we do have the possibility to actually create what we are wishing.

1Watch the BBC Documentary on the History of Mathematics to learn more about the subject.

Black holes

Keshe Plasma Times December 2018

Black holes are recycling points of the universe; they absorb matter to eventually release it back into celestial bodies in a changed form. They appear black because they are created from the collision of very strong passive magnetic fields which do not interact enough to form light. The high rotation of the attracted matters creates principal matter thus forming principal stars. Principle stars are the sources of new matters, like the soul is the source of new bodies or life forms.

Eventually the gravitational force weakens and magnetic rays and other plasmic particles are released. The appearance of temporary black spots on the surface of the sun are a similar phenomenon.

All entities in the universe are created with a definite amount of matter and energy, so they can only recycle what they have come with. That is why galaxies recycle matter to create new stars and planets and most importantly new matters that are needed for new steps in the evolution of a galaxy or a universe. This process can be likened to the collision of tectonic plates on earth, who in their wake form new continents. More precisely when two continental plates of different mass collide, then the weaker will float under the bigger, temporarily disappearing from view. Later it’s material may emerge again via volcanoes and the rising of mountains. The matters absorbed into black holes also disappear temporarily before they emerge again as new bodies or materials in the galaxy or universe. Black holes are simply created when 2 ore more passive magnetic fields or matters are interacting by chance. As they grow bigger, their gravitational force can become so huge that it can absorb whole stars. They rotate at high speeds, growing their gravitational pull and weakening their magnetic force; their magnetic interaction is so weak so that their forces may cancel each other out – that’s why they don’t produce light. And their super gravitational force absorbs light from their environment, which makes them appear even more dark.

They do actually remind us of nano particles which create dark layers because they absorb anything from their environment.

Black holes actually behave like plasmas, that we picture as rotating spirals. Their force is highest in the center and becomes weaker towards the periphery. That is why any black hole constantly absorbs and releases fields and particles. It is like any plasma consists of a magnetic force moving from the center towards the periphery and an equal gravitational force moving in the opposite direction. Consequently what we see depends on our vintage point: a giant devourer of matter or a giant producer of new materials, plasmas and bodies.

Remembering the example of the sun spots: here huge magnetic fields collide or are forced into each other; but as their forces are too equal, they cancel each other out and no light is created – thus making us see dark spots. Sun spots can subsequently be absorbed back into the sun or be ejected out as sun flares.

Our perception of Black Holes is a little bit problematic because we see with our amino-acid based eyes only the things that have the same field strength. So probably the biggest parts of the Black Holes are hidden to us. The doughnut that we see is only the atmosphere of the Black Hole. What we don’t see in the Black Hole is not because it’s not existing, it’s because our amino-acid based eyes don’t see it.

New understanding of volcanoes

The earth is gradually diminishing the distance to the sun. it’s only some millimeters, but nevertheless this is a change in position of the earth in respect to the sun. The magnetic fields of the sun have become stronger, so the earth has to find its new position in respect to the sun. The earth has entered into a new orbit. In the case of being pulled in a little bit more towards the sun, the earth has to release more magnetic fields from it’s core to find balance. These fields are released through the softest sections of the cearth’s crust which are the the spots of volcanic activity. We could call them earth flares because the are of essentially the same nature as sun flares – magnetic field eruptions.

In the same process new materials are appearing on the planet because the interaction between the sun’s magrav field and the earth’s has changed; these new materials are called ‘rare earths’.