What is Plasma?

Simply put, it is pure energy. It’s for the user to translate and/or transmute this energy and use it in the desired way.

Is this energy renewable?

Remember that energy is neither created nor destroyed, it can only be converted from one form to another. That’s all we do. With Magrav plasma technology, you no longer have to worry about running out of energy or leaving the lights on and consuming too much energy.

How can one source meet all needs?

A word – Consciousness. Plasma energy is conscious in nature and provides what you need when you need it. That’s why Magravs plasma technology is so versatile. From powering a small LED to creating a large spaceship, which can be used for every conceivable application, and much more. And: we need to be as conscious and versatile as the plasma to make it work: we have to bring our thoughts and vibrations up to the level of what we desire! The minimum requirement for this is to not entertain opposing thoughts – about what we don’t want!

Is it dangerous?

If that were the case, none of us would be here. Magravs’ plasma energy is the most powerful and abundant energy; it takes part of all creation – from the smallest atom to the largest universe. It is therefore the responsibility of Magravs plasma users to determine what they want to do with it and to follow their goal diligently.

Why do we produce so many different Plasmas?

I would like a clarification on something that seems contradictory to me. If I understand Plasma well, it is at the origin of everything and using plasma can bring absolutely everything to man (associated with the right wish of course). What is the point of manufacturing a multitude of PL and plasma of all kinds to provide the virtues of such a plant, such a medicine, such a food supplement while plasma provides everything that man needs? Wouldn’t it be enough to be open to receiving from plasma everything that is useful to us for perfect health (for example) and plasma would know better than we do what elements we need to achieve this wish?

Yes we could only work with Free Plasma whose strength we determine by our mind… or one step more: yes we could only work with intention without going through any material, thing, magic show… but are we ready? For example, any disease is ONLY an indicator that we have thoughts that do not serve us… so we think about what we want and hopp! the disease is no longer…
Perhaps some of us still need matter, stuff or magic show, because we have cultivated the habit of only watching the material manifestation for only 8,000 years… So, as long as we are not ready to only live on the level of the soul, we need to follow a gradual path on which we will use all kinds of interventions, useful stuff, magic shows, even necessary…


The personal PL+GaNS that comes with the Personal Life Cup. What should I do with it?

The custom GaNS can be multiplied as PL+GaNS; you can use it as PL-CO2.

What dosages apply for PL per day?

All PL except PL-ZnO are taken in the morning and at noon 30-60ml. PL-ZnO in the same dosage before bedtime.

Can I take both (or three) at the same time?


For practical reasons, it is difficult for me to take the contents of the cup of life more than 2 times a day: morning and evening, and not 3 times as recommended . Will two times be enough?

Yes, the frequency is not important but your attention/intention

Is it possible to use Respir-O-Plasma while meditating, reading or even watching TV?

Yes of course

Is there an average duration for protocoles? Is it several weeks, several months?

That depends on your intention. You can do the protocol for 21 days and stop for at least 1 week – depending on your intention, the symptoms may already be gone!

Liquid Plasma

Concerning Liquid Plasmas (PL), can they be multiplied? Same for the PL + GaNS?

PL without GaNS cannot be multiplied – it takes GaNS. PL+GaNS is multiplied with distilled water. Instructions for the multiplication of Liquid Plasma (PL) + GaNS can be found here.