The Plasma Disc Generator 1

Now this new knowledge of Plasma Disc Technology opens a new avenue in creating a grid independent, autonomous Magrav – a generator.

On the left image, the magrav plugged into the grid supplies the controlling plasma current to the discs. On the right image the connection into the grid is replaced by a pick-up which is located in the field generated by the double disc installation; this pick-up is connected to the entry of the Magrav.

In the past Magravs have to be connected to the grid to be able to pick up the frequency of the current (50-60Hz) in order to build up the plasma field. Now it is possible to make the MaGrav independent and to initiate the plasma build up of the MaGrav by creating a feed back between the field generated by the discs and the Magrav.

The Plasma Disc Generator 2

By Plasma-Laurentides

We show you here how we build the new MaGrav system on the way to the generator according to our understanding. The want to name the new Plasma Disc Magrav ‘Space Age MaGrav’; the suffix -LP indicates that this is a LP MaGrav.

  1. Space-age MaGrav-LP
    we have fabricated the MaGrav according to the new suggestion to inverse the magnetic and gravitational coils : now the exterior coils are considered gravitational and the interior coils are considered magnetic. We have put our understanding in the following schematic.
    The 3 stacks of coils have been mounted on dvd discs with threaded rods on polyethylene. We have connected a nano-coated wire to each exit of each stack of coils; these pick-ups are connected to 1 pair of 3 discs. We have then placed the system in a container with liquid Plasma (50% dilution of All-GaNS); in the center of the stacks is a test tube filled with 30% LP. Around each double coil we placed a nano-coated clear tube filled with LP+GaNS-all (100%). The 3 concentrations of LP will create a plasma flow from the clear outside tubing towards the center test tube; this plasma current will feed the coils.
    The little GaNS ball on the top of the test tube wanted to be there; it is filled with LP+GaNS-CH3;)

    Les disques
    We fabricated 7 discs of the size of Cds (12cm Ø) and mounted them on threaded rod in polyethylene on a steel structure. All parts of the structure have been nano-coated.
    The discs 1,2,3 have the same size and conditioning as the other pair of discs (5,6,7) but they are not connected to anything. The disc 4 is placed in the field generated by the double pair of discs; it serves as a feedback connected to the entry of the MaGrav. The disc 5 is connected to the 1.stack, disc 6 to the 2. and disc 7 to the 3.stack.

  2. The system is connected to a plug which goes into the wall outlet (we measured the output when the system was not plugged into the wall (=stand alone) and it didn’s show any voltage. At the output we put a small colorchanging LED as indicator light.


The Plasma Disc Generator 3

By Plasma-Laurentides

We continued working on the MaGrav Disc Generator applying the information gathered from the recent KSW.

As shown before, we had made discs in copper, cut to 12cm Ø.

Now we left one disc at the original size and diminished the diameter of the other two : disc 2 = 6cm Øand disc 3 = 3cm Ø.

We divided each disc in 3 sections and painted multiple layers of GaNS-all. We used acrylic colors to easily discern the different fields of painted GaNS : the yellow field has 2 painted layers; the blue field has 4 painted layers and the red field has 8 painted layers.

Then we mounted the discs on the stand we had done before. One set of 3 discs are unconnected; the other set of 3 discs has each disconnected to a stack of the Magrav.

The disc in between the two sets is the feedback disc connected to the entrance of the Magrav.