How to create an Oasis?

An Oasis in the sense of Plasma Science is a Magrav device that creates a protected area, for example your house. The protection includes safety against natural disasters but also feeding, taking care of your health, warmth, energy- all that we need to be physically well.

In a private conversation with Carolina, M.Keshe told her that to create an Oasis is very simple: you just have to make sure that everything is in balance. A good example for that is the Oasis that Tom Salas has created with his mother on the island of Dominica during the hurricane Maria.

Out of that conversation, Carolina had the splendid idea to make a wish to create the Oasis for the whole planet Earth; in parallel with the Oasis Project proposed by M.Keshe (it’s a MaGrav system). Including the establishment of the portals to become closer to the Universal Community. Including also the motivation to serve and not to be served; which is the integration of the wish into the Universal Principle (the Good of All).

Remember the Oasis structure is not meddling with what’s happening naturally on the planet – we don’t want to prevent hurricanes, volcanic eruptions, etc – because they are happening for a reason. We only create a plasmatic environment with which the hurricane cannot interact – so we stay out of it.