Checking plasma fields

Plasma fields are invisible; how can they be verified? Water and ice can be used to make plasma fields and rays visible.

These experiences are as simple as anyone can reproduce them at home.

Make a clear plastic pipe ring, fill it with LP-CO2

Place it on a plastic wrap (saran wrap) that covers a bowl of water.

The whole thing is then placed in the freezer.

When the water freezes, we see the force lines and fields have frozen as ‘white’ ice, while the space where there are no force lines, the frozen water is transparent. And you can see in the centre a hole where the water hasn’t frozen. This means that the field forces are too strong for the ice to form. Remember that water freezes from the periphery towards the inside.

The same kind of experiment can be done with all plasma tools such as antennas, patches, plates, capacitors, Magravs…